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Wm Leddon Studios: I photograph Architectural Interiors & Exteriors, Fine Art Landscapes, and Environmental Portraits. I own a Canon 5D11 that does only an acceptable job for what I do. I passed on the 5D111 and will be passing on the new 5DS & 5DS R they do not address my needs.

There was an article posted by Nic Granleese's Blog headlined with the question is the Canon DDS R architectural photographers have been waiting for? Well not for me. I always find myself in precarious positions in order to get the prospective I want. One never photographs landscape or portrait compositions from a full standing position. Almost on every shoot I'm on, the camera is in a position where I can't see the LCD screen. The defiance to incorporate a fully articulating rear LCD screen on any professional camera is irresponsible.

Would love to see this camera mirrorless, converters made available for prime major brand lenses, a no AA filter option, w. Sony-Like dynamic range & low light performance AT MINIMUM.

That would be nice. Why not a 1DX with a 17mm and 24mm TS lens? Or an Alpa (mortgages available)? http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2458339852/phase-one-and-alpa-release-official-details-and-pricing-of-a-series-medium-format-cameras

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Like it. Looks like a professional camera which means that if it doesn't play video games the whiners will be here in droves. The styling is a bit reminiscent of the 6x7 (look it up). It will be interesting to see how it compares to the new Canon 5Ds which is already in production.

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ozturert: It will sell like hot cakes. Some people who say "DR is bad" have no idea what DR is. In a normal print or on a regular IPS monitor, it's extremely difficult if not impossible to see the difference in DR between 5DMarkIII and D800. You need to apply +3EV or more to both RAWs or brighten shadows a lot to see the difference.
Canon's 5DMarkIII, 7D MII and 1D's are very intuitive and simple to use. Menus are logical, buttons are well placed, operation is smooth, bodies are solid, AF systems are one of the best, just like D810 and D4s are.
Get 5DsR, some primes, 11-24mm f4, 24-70mm f2.8LII, 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II, and you wil get excellent 50MP files and this set is much more mobile than medium formats. Now try to find an equivalent set in medium format. Although Hasselblad would give you better files, the difference would not be huge when you attach an Otus to 5DsR. Or mount a Sigma 50mm f1.4 A and be done.
Before jumping and screaming, note that I say "medium format files would be better".

Spot on! Couldn't have said it better myself (see my previous post). Honestly, I feel sometimes I've walked into a frat party here and had a beer spilled on my head when my intention was to attend a social gathering of adults. The consistent and robust performance of my steady but aging 1Ds MK II's and III's are a testament to this camera line's reliability and flexibility.

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If you're not used to working with controlled studio lighting or shooting with a tripod/studio stand you will never "get" this camera. It's not for phtoto journalism, sports or nature; that's what the 1DX is for.This is a professional tool to be used by capable photographers.

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JIMIX PHOTO: On a more serious note though, this clearly shows us what today's world is all about: marketing, hype, brand, re-brand and ultimately - as usual - money, and all that powered by sheer greed. Ever wandered about the origins of the financial crisis? The numerous wars, terrorism, hunger, unemployment, degrading natural environment, arms race, greenhouse effect, pollution justified by progress, crumbling economies, all nations going bankrupt? Well, it's always been because of greed, and the photo industry is no different in any respect.

Conspicuous consumption and narcissistic excess have always found their place when things have gone to hell.

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I guess that's what a head on collision between a camera and a tree looks like.

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Finally! Neiman Marcus can now sell cameras unabashedly. I would display it right next to the Beatles White Album and photo of john Lennon's all white room. Ob-La_Di, Ob-La-Da! Or maybe just Oy.

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On article A GoPro Hero's journey into a dishwasher (167 comments in total)

Would have been much better with some really dirty dishes in there - some flying food chunks and all.

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rondhamalam: Bullsh*t !!!
Certified??? big LoL


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On Connect post Vertu Signature Touch comes with Hasselblad-certified camera (103 comments in total)

Can I have Victor's voice on my message?

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MarcusGR: A very complicated way to obtain a rather miserable result ... connecting a large, horizontal circle of cameras all around an action-scene would have provided a much more interesting result ... OK, it would have been more costly as well. But at least worth the effort !

Hope their professor gave them a decent grade for the effort.

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Terrific! A truly nauseating perspective here on Earth for a fraction of the cost of actual going into outer space.

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On article Canon USA brings white EOS Rebel SL1 to America (119 comments in total)

John Lennon would have loved this camera.

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On article Did Amazon just patent the seamless background setup? (133 comments in total)

So the method of image or for that matter audio capture/recording is patentable? What a joke! I really had to check the date on my calendar to see that it wasn't April 1st; this story is right up there with some of NPR's April Fool's Day news parodies like exploding maple trees.
Oh gee, was my avatar photographed on a white background? I'll cease and desist!

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2255 comments in total)

Panache Bauhaus minimalist, yes. But who wants to shell out that amount of cash for something that's going to be obsolete in 5 years? It's a digital camera.
No doubt it will be the up front window dressing in the Dubai mall camera shop soon enough.

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Jack Simpson: wow, I can just imagine attaching a long 645 lens to my Q7 :o

I have some old view camera lenses here you can have. Along with some cardboard tubes, black spray paint and duct tape may give you similar results.

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On article Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z (161 comments in total)

I need some help understanding the sensor size and lens line up offered: If in fact these lenses are designed to cover the original 6X4.5 cm film area then they would be designed around a larger image circle and therefor be less than optimal? The sensor size seems to be about 73% of the 6X4.5 cm area making the lenses have a comparable magnification factor of about 1.4?
If someone makes an 80mm TS lens for this, I'm all in.

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smafdy: As usual, Pentax offers the highest quality and feature set in a camera format, at a comparably affordable price, and . . .

. . . some people have an immediate sh!t hemorrhage over it.

Everybody knows that it would have been much easier to just make this pocket-sized, with a mount that would accept any lens ever made, a pop-up 72" Octobox w/1600 WS internal flash, red-eye reduction, noise-free ISO 50 - 102400, high speed (2,000 fps) video capture, waterproof to 3,000 meters, and a few more essential features like a screw driver, bottle opener, scissors, a compartment to hold emergency gear (firestarter, fish hook and line, at minimum), and a secret message decoder.

Pentax just can't get it right.

You forgot to mention GPS.

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Monochrom: Remember when no one could believe the price for the RED ONE to be true?
Five years later and you get about the same specs for a quarter of that money.
A shame that the lens you'll need will still cost you at least 10K...

You're referring (I'm assuming) to cine lenses?

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SithTracy: There is a BFH in the shot... is that the tool?

Hammer, vise grips and duct tape - you need anything else?

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