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Returning to photography after 30 year hiatus.
To learn the finer points of digital photography.

To capture the precious moments of my grandsons' formative years with the marvelous new tool, the digital camera.


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The images I capture with my D5100 and D800 is fine just the way it is. The most I do is crop or straighten the image. While I am very good with computer using sophisticated and specialized engineering programs, I do not want to waste my time doctoring the images I capture in the memory disks. The image may not be perfect for everyone but it is good enough for me and seem to please everyone who see those photos.

I have not even bothered loading in my computer the original NX Capture that came with my D200. Nikon View NX2 more than meets my needs.

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On AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer news story (170 comments in total)

Other than cropping, straightening, and adjusting exposure intensity (dark or light), I do not alter my photos. I have the full-blown PhotoShop, a gift from a friend, but I refuse to use it to alter the photos I take.

I do NOT blame anyone who use PhotoShop or any post-processing computer software. To each his own

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On Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 news story (349 comments in total)

Asking the readers to vote for the best camera is absurd! I assume DPReview expects readers to evaluate the cameras from reading your published specification, reviews, and your reviewers personal opinion. I think a MEANINGFUL survey / question is: "Which ONE DSLR body would you pick if you won a contest ..." I limit the question to the body since lenses are application specific.

My current DSLR are Nikon D5100 and D800. Have had D90 and D600. I have held the D7200, D5300 and D610 and if given the choice for a free NIKON DSLR, I would pick the D5300 over the D800, D610, and D7200. While the least expensive of the and certainly not the best of the four, the D5300 has everything I want and need. Moreover, I will not vote Nikon D800, D4, D610, D7200 nor D5300 as the best DSLR simply because I have not tried and therefore clueless of the other brands.

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On Nikon D5300 preview (278 comments in total)

Show of hands: Do you own the camera you are making comments on? Are you sure you know how to use that camera you own? How much do you know about optics and photography?

I am NOT a professional photographer, at least, not anymore, but I believe I have a fair knowledge of OPTICS, cameras, and photography. In the mid-1960s, I used to contribute to LIFE magazine. I was then a low level supervisor for Polaroid. Having married and started family, my focused shifted to providing the best for my family. While I enjoyed photography, I realized it IS a hobby, that has to be in the back-burner. Back in 1958~59, I built a working camera and microscope while in high school. I ground and polished my own lenses. I built my darkroom and used it extensively and became my source of income, that I refused allowance from my parents.

Now retired (Professional Engineer), I dusted off my Nikon F2 and pre-AI lenses, bought D90, D5100, D600 and D800 plus several DX and FX lenses. Smiling!!!

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On Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD review preview (4 comments in total)

This Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 seem a cheaper and better alternative to Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8. I'll stop by a local dealer to try it on my D800

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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)

Not that I like everything about this camera. That said, I feel safer having this camera around my neck because the "classic look" gives the impression of a cheap old-style film camera not worth stealing.

One slight problem, which of my current DSLR shall I give up for this Df body? The D800, D600, D5100?

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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)
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MikeFairbanks: What some folks call retro others call classic. I never liked the design when the original rebels came out and, like golf clubs, the trend was to make them as big and plasticy as possible. A solid 35mm camera didn't need to look pretty. The features should evolve first, and form can follow if needed.

Any serious photographer is going to pick function over form any day. The 80s saw a bad trend, in my opinion, toward plastic and poofy. Just like golf clubs.

Some things aren't retro, but classic and eternal, like hardwood floors, granite, wood and steel, and a solid, metal, 35mm camera.
That said, however, I won't pay more for it based on a classic look. I'll pay for function at the best price.

But that's just me.

@MikeFairbanks - 100% with you. I buy appliances, tools, cars to meet a need, hence, based on function. My next decision point is reliability, durability, ease of use, and serviceability. Aesthetic is the last decision point ... assuming I have the money to pay for the product.

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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)

While I have been a Nikon user as early as 1958 while still in HS, I am frustrated with what I consider haphazard model numbering system the last 20 years. I hope Nikon return to the systematic model designation they used in the film F series SLR. Nikon, please, no more jumping numbers. If you intent to introduce upgrades to this Df model, then simply affix ordinal sequence, i.e. Df-1, Df-2, Df-3 . . .
It drives me crazy to have different multiple battery (model???) Why not use existing batteries such as those used in the D600, D800. Perhaps a larger body might be required to do that. If so, how about using the designation DfL-1, DfL-2, DfL-3 ... for these larger body

I look forward to using my pre-historic (pre-AI) lenses with this Df body.

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On Nikon D5300 preview (278 comments in total)

After almost I year away from DPReview, it seems that I just return in time to catch the "news" on Nikon D610 and now D5300. Two day ago, I passed on a D800 for $2,100 with just 125 shutter activation ... for 3 reasons: 1_ Wi-Fi connectivity, 2_GPS & 3_the CF card. Back track to December 2012 when I return the D600 because of the sensor contamination now indirectly admitted by Nikon with the release of the D610. While the D800 is technically a superior camera, it is an over kill for me. The features and capabilities of the D600 is just what I need. I am gung-ho on buying the improved D610, despite the lack of built-in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity because I have the Wua. NOW, the D5300 has me thinking ... Since the D610 is a stop-gap solution to the D600 issues, it is possible that D620 is somewhere in the horizon with: 1_32+ mpix sensor, 2_built-in W-Fi and 3_ GPS. Am I nuts ???

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I hate the expression "Don't get me wrong"! It is meaningless, cop-out, an excuse. Feel free to disagree with my comment. Feel free to agree if you wish. All I ask is for you to be objective and abstain from labeling or name calling.

I find the Klamar photographs not up to par. The backgrounds seem to be patched-up of wrinkled bedsheets. I find the lighting somewhat offensive. It Klamar's intention is to present his interpretation of ARTS, then I simply have different preference of Arts. If I were his client, that would be the last assignment he would get from me. I would refuse to give him referrals.

While supporting myself towards my engineering degree 50 years ago, portrait photography was my specialty. During my time as a professional photographer, I REFUSE on the spot assignment rather than compromise the quality of my work. I gave up being a "professional photographer after earning my engineering degrees.

I am troubled by the personal attacked on Klamar.

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Sam Carriere: Reprehensible that Apple once again ignores the FujiFilm X-Pro 1.

Darn it! What happen to taking picture that tells a story? Looks like photography has moved to pixel fixing.

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On Nikon D3200 preview (181 comments in total)
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jscat1: Does anyone know if the wireless adapter requires a wireless network? or does it function ad-hoc? sorry for the double post

I'm not sure of what you mean by "wireless adapter". I have a wireless (remote) shutter release. It is about the size of a computer thumb drive. It works on D80, D90, D200, D300, D3100, D5000, D5100, D7000, D700, D800. . . and perhaps other Nikor DSLR D series. If my response is not helpful, go to the Nikon website.

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On Nikon D3200 preview (181 comments in total)

I am not a pixel peeper and my eyes is not as sharp as it was 40 or 50 years ago. But I do not understand why the comparison sample photos are of different magnification and resolution (pixel) setting, and lighting. I understand the difficulty in comparing two different SYSTEMS (i.e. Nikon v. Canon v. Sony), however, what is so difficult in comparing a D3100 v. D3200 using the exact PRIME lens (not similar) on the two bodies, using a jig to ensure exact distance and FOCUS, and identical resolution (pixel) setting, while balance, lighting and other camera settings. For the D3200, add shots at the higher PIXEL setting not available in the D3100. IMHO, the comparison methodology used here is acceptable for a high school science class.

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On Nikon D3200 preview (181 comments in total)
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Marcelobtp: Man, there is something wrong with ISO 200...
Just saying...
Dpreview ISO 400 seems better than the 200 raw or jpeg.

and what is wrong with the ISO 200? ISO 400 better than 200 in what way?

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On Nikon D3200 preview (181 comments in total)
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grafli: Wow, the old Canon EOS 600D is as good with 18 MP!

Post your comment on the Canon forum.

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On Nikon D3200 preview (181 comments in total)
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MiLei: I did not see its crop factor.

Sensor is APS but 1.2 or 1.5 or what. I know it now, but it should have in the preview, shouldn't it?

It is 1.5. same as Focal Length multiplier.

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Uwe Skrzypczak: Now it's zero o'clock in Germany! Thanks to all for the big interest on my book wildlife photography.

If anybody has post a link to share the book with others on sites like rapidshare, please accept the rights of the publisher and close or delete the link now.

If you have additional questions to the book, wildlife photography or safari tours, feel free and use the contact button on my website
Except i'm not in the bush, you get a quick answer.

Thanks very much


I'm one of the lucky ones who saw and successfully use the Google link. I'll delete the file if you say my download was illegal.

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zharry: Could not get through to download. Any way to get book? zharry

Zhary - I was able to download. Unless you are a newbie, I would not recommend buying the book.

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Joseph - I don't know how the site was able to differentiate the location of the requesting computer with respect to timewindow, but the point is it was only for 12 hour duration for each specific geography. Your search engine was not the culprit. The site was simply overloaded.

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It was worth posting the difficulty I encountered. Others posted link to Google URL, which I used as source download. I don't know if it was legal. If and when DPReview declare such download as illegal, I'd gladly delete the file. I think the Wildlife Photo would be helpful for ammatures.

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