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Jim Evidon: Once again, DPReview show that it prefers to give a big splash to Sony products.

Don't get me wrong. My wife has an a6000 replacing her Sony DSLR and I agree that Sony is on the cutting edge for everything but their infernal menus.
The a6000 is a little wizard and a fine camera.

But certainly, DPReview can consider giving a little more space for some of Sony's competitors. I'm certain that if we were to review DPR's featured cameras over the last six months we would find they are heavily weighted for Sony. If DPReview is to provide a service to it's readers it should review more than a Big Box store's large camera company's sales leaders, even if it is owned by Amazon.

Take Leica for instance. They make excellent cameras; some within the price range of high end Sony's and yet DPR's last review of a Leica camera was back in '09. Sure they have given preview space for new Leica models since then, but no actual reviews. The same can be said of Sigma cameras last reviewed in 2012.

I own Sony mirrorless cameras too, and I'm even tired of the Sony coverage. I preferred this site when Phil Askey was running it. He stuck to reviews and actually shot decent enough sample photos that were at least compositionally interesting.

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Nice jewelry piece. This will look good next to my ultimate player's edition Playstation 4.

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Cjar: I refuse to look at or share any photos where the photographer was not given consent to be in the location.
This arrogance that "fences are for others" is quite distasteful.

I guess some people always needs their Mommy's permission. Grow a pair.

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These photos are a lot better than the hacks on here shooting with the latest and greatest equipment.

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Sony and other camera makers take note, this is how to do firmware updates!

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Awesome camera for all the cat photographers and people who adapt $50 manual focus lenses on a $3000 USD body!

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On article Meet Milvus: Hands-on with Zeiss's Milvus lenses (254 comments in total)

These lenses look like they fit in with Samyang's plastic lenses. I much prefer the older design.

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Setups like this is why Micro Four Thirds is the best mirrorless system hands down. Most exciting camera of the year.

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (675 comments in total)

Best camera release this year. Makes me think the other brands are lagging.

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Honestly I don't see too many mirrorless shooters out in the real world. I'm guessing most of them spend their free time on the internet preaching how DSLRs are dinosaurs and dissing anything Canon/Nikon instead of actually taking photos! Lol

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Jonathan F/2: A lot of haters on here. I don't see other manufacturers churning out the amount of new glass like Nikon. If Nikon does one thing right it's lenses. The fact that I can mount 100s if not thousands of lenses spanning several decades is a testament to the bedrock of the F mount.

What crap? Name another camera company that has a fully fleshed out 1.8 prime lens line-up or a 200-500 VR for $1300 or an ultra compact 300 f/4 PF VR or offers a 5 year lens warranty in the USA or still offers free pro repair and lending services to real professional photographers and not weekend warriors who think they're pro because they paid membership dues to the cheesy @$$ NPPA? Go keep drinking that internet kool-aid, kid.

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On article Under the hood: A closer look at the Sony a7R II (598 comments in total)
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MustyMarie: The real test: Just saw a F1 broadcast, many cams seen - zero A7RII's, all users using a VF, can a fast pan be done easily via EVF or LCD?

But the real test will be at the next Olympics and other Huge major sports events, will it/they still be Canon/Nikon events (massive #'s at the Olympics) or will there be oodles of A7RII's and Zony lens users ??

What will professionals resort to, cam or more complete lens systems or ?

PS: Prophecy- Sony had better start a massive Zony lens lending program for qualified pros at the huge events to succeed.

It will never happen. I love mirrorless cameras, but there's no way they can handle breakneck action at high fps rates and large volume shooting. They'd probably freeze in the middle of an important shot and you'd see a pro photog throwing their camera straight into the pavement out of frustration! lol

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A lot of haters on here. I don't see other manufacturers churning out the amount of new glass like Nikon. If Nikon does one thing right it's lenses. The fact that I can mount 100s if not thousands of lenses spanning several decades is a testament to the bedrock of the F mount.

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I think my E-M5II pictures look better in 40mp mode with better micro contrast and acuity over the A7RII.

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Operator: Nice, so Nikon is still working on there budget line primes. So far they have now a ...

AF-S 1,8 20mm
AF-S 1,8 24mm
AF-S 1,8 28mm
AF-S 1,8 35mm
AF-S 1,8 50mm
AF-S 1,8 85mm

All of them in a fresh redesign for high res sensors, light and inexpensive. The Sigma Art series is doing the 1,4 job;-) Fine and good times for prime shooter.

Please Nikon give us next a inexpensive AF-S 2,8 (or 4) 14mm so that I can sell my Samyang and couldn't be more happy.

Nikon's 1.8 line is just another reason why Sony's mirrorless FF cameras just can't compete. Sony can't make a lens without Zeiss holding their hand and then rubber stamping the lenses in addition to their vanity tax!

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Retzius: on another note... Nikon going to very large front elements and 'E' models with electronic aperture motors is an obvious attempt to do everything they can to innovate without changing the F mount.

they would be better off creating a new mount like Canon did with a larger throat and more contacts. it would give them more versatility as they migrated to the inevitable mirrorless models

The F mount is the most robust and backwards compatible lens mount in the history of photography. With Nikon innovating lens design, shrinking their optics and using lighter materials for their DSLRs, FF mirrorless isn't going to be dethroning DSLRs anytime soon.

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"At least for the first few years of its production, the older 24-70mm F2.8 was notorious for cracking rubber around the zoom ring, and for the zoom barrel jamming."

That's the first time I've ever heard of those issues. Sounds like hyperbole.

Direct link | Posted on Aug 4, 2015 at 04:22 UTC as 105th comment | 13 replies

Too bad expensive name brand lenses don't make better photographers. I'd rather buy Sigma Art glass over something outrageous like the Zeiss Otus.

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Bob 1: I read the text and I'm immediately excited... expecting to see what $4,500(+) worth of new, top-end, photographic equipment can really do. You (DPR) really know how to burst my balloon. I'm a photo hobbyist and an active equipment consumer. These snaps only tell me that my Canon M, yes my $400 close-out w/22mm kit lens, can take snaps which, IMO, look as good as these on-line samples. Personally, I don't want to see photos like I might take.... I want to see sample galleries taken by professionals who know how to bring the best out of top-end equipment and without PP, color or otherwise... Amazon, are you listening?

I have read DPR reviews and forums for many years, prior to actually signing up. Overall, the reviews are usually very informative.... and I love the forum discussions. I just wish a little more planing could be put into new equipment sample galleries :)..... like the videos with DPR staff and a pro showing how the sample photos were made.... GREAT!! HAGD, Bob

Check out Korean camera/electronics review site:

They probably do the best review sample images that I've seen of any camera site.

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On article Analysis: Sony a7R II and RX100 IV autofocus systems (752 comments in total)

Why are all the shots focused on the nose? Seems a bit gimmicky to me.

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