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  • By god, Bob, he's got this one right. It's too bad you didn't talk to him before you took the shot. :-) I think the top shot is just as good. It just serves a different purpose.
  • Replied in Leave it alone
    I don't believe he was trying to show a proper crop. He was just exemplifying the improper crop suggested by the critic. I believe the darkness was what the photographer was trying to convey. I ...
  • So you're critiquing the chap's image because it's not the same as a painting you have in mind?This, despite the fact that the entire idea of the painting is entirely different from that of JT26's ...
  • By cropping the bottom as you suggest, you lose several things: First, the reflected light in the lower left is either cut out, which is unfortunate, or cut in half, which is silly. Second, the ...
  • He appears to have found the object in the top right-hand corner to have been distracting.
  • Yes, although this isn't what the OP had in mind, using the cloning and healing tools for very fine, detailed boundaries is indeed a legitimate reason to process at 100%. Likewise for refining ...
  • The WB is actually workable. I've made a minor adjustment based on the clouds (not always a good basis, but doesn't seem too bad here) and a number of other adjustments to feed an otherwise ...
  • Replied in Why Start?
    In other words, you've learned absolutely nothing from pixel peeping that you could not have learned just as well, if not better, by not pixel peeping. Just as I thought. Not by pixel peeping.
  • Replied in Why Start?
    And does the pixel peeping give you a definitive answer? any answer whatsoever? Those who seem to know about lens testing say otherwise. Look, for example, at the lensrentals post on lens testing, ...
  • Hey Ron, just as a matter of interest, did you learn to write using IBM punch cards?
  • Replied in Why Start?
    As a matter of curiosity, just what exactly is it that you have learned (you specifically, and actually learned) from pixel peeping that you couldn't have learned without pixel peeping? Please ...
  • . . . when to start?
  • One of my favorites is a comment I heard from a radio preacher who supported segregation with the analogy of an ice-cube tray: without the inserted cubical dividers you could only with great ...
  • These are not equivalent specifications. The "size" of a resistor is its physical dimension and is not a meaningful measure of its power rating. I have, say, 10K ohm 5-watt resistors of different ...
  • I believe it was you who introduced Occam's Razor into this discussion. But what you're doing here is introducing an unnecessary (and completely dubious) complexity. It's a nice hope, but a vain ...
  • Dish acts similarly to the parasitic elements of a yagi. The presence of the reflectors in a yagi does not allow the antenna to "generate" more electrical signal. The energy going into the driven ...
  • Listen to this guy. He knows of what he speaks. :-O
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