Lives in Netherlands breda, Netherlands
Works as a manager (sort of)
Has a website at http://www.pbase.com/jl2
Joined on Jan 31, 2005
About me:

35mm and Manual:
Oly Stylus II
M 135/3.5
K 135/2.5
K 45-125/4
A*200/4 Macro
Pentax 2xTC (L)
Pentax 1.4 x TX (L)

3rd party
Zenitar K 16mm/2.8
Voigtländer SL 125/2.5 APO Macro lanthar
Vivitar Series 1 105/2.5 macro (Kiron made)
Panagor 2x Teleconverter (M)
Soligor extension tube set

Digital bodies:

Optio WR33 (for in my pocket)
*istDs (2x)

Third party AF lenses:
Tamron 28-75/2.8 Xr Di and more letters I forget
Tamron 70-300
Tamron 18-250
Sigma 10-20
Sigma 18-125
Soligor AF 1.7 converter
Tamron AF 1.4 converter

Pentax AF glass:
DA 10-17
DA 18-55

FA 31/1.8 limited
FA 43/1.9 limted
FA 77/1.8 limited
DA 40/2.8 limited


Big plan:

- Find a nice female model for happy times.... err.. I mean
to try model shooting.
- Get more tape

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  • And if not burnt properly it may clog  the chimney...
  • Oh dear.... the original Magic Mushroom....
  • Created discussions Iford Imaging in bankruptcy
    So  no more Ilford printing paper... :-( http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2013/12/02/financial-troubles-once-more-for-ilford-imaging-switzerland
  • My first advice would be to get the 18-135 WR and keep it on al all time, no swapping of lenses "in the field". But then I remebered I spent a long period in West Côte d'Ivoire, near the Liberian ...
  • The first thing I noticed when I opened the link was that the site had a bit that old Penatx webiste look we saw on some Pentax sites.. now that leads me to believe....
  • Fantastic, love the heat blurr in the first picture. That said, you gotta love the Royal Netherlands Air Force paint department (F16 and Apache).
  • FA80-200 or FA*80-200? The latter one is  not really cheap ( would not allow you to buy a tripod)  but excellent, like "the limted among zooms"quality. (Although I must say I have tried 2, both  ...
  • Replied in Cost???
    Cost of lens, cost of lens.... I know these are  hard times but  if you compare for example the pricetags  of the FA31/1.8 Ltd with the also very good and more or less same FL and speed FA35/2.0 ...
  • Horrible, probably overexposed and much brighter than the scene was in real life... :-D The increased number of pixels  seems to make for a much finer noise pattern. Far more pleasing. than the ...
  • :-|
  • I missed the wink, I just thought you were  not completely agreeing with him. ;-).
  • Those can be reason to go FF  but for the vast majority there is no need for a better lens selection,  they dont need  the higher resolution and DR is sufficient too and above all,  DOF control is ...
  • Yes but a while back Pentax would not have gotten such exposure at all....  And if there were more "while not exactly negative we feel we have to point out that...." remarks would have gotten into ...
  • Replied in K-3 Noise.
    I have no idea.. Problem is that when it comes down to comparing noise the tendncy is to state that you have to adjust something like resolution or something in the K-3 image to be able to compare ...
  • More work  picking the keepers,  so much  easier if you can discard a huge number out of the camera
  • Replied in Manual
    My guess is that, unlike most of us, they start with reading the manual... So it may take a while before they will actually shoot.
  • They are also "gone"on the dutch ricoh imaging shop site... alas also the  old fashioned limiteds and the 60-250, 10-17 and 12-24 Still featuring the  17-70 and the FA35/3.0 (the last one at a ...
  • But a good ending has a better impact than all those "fanboy-like" opnly positive posts. One is always tended to discard those as  fanboyreviews, while negative reviews have a more thorough impact. ...
  • http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52308195 And think about  that..
  • Replied in yikes
    An eery feeling came over me when I read the name of the photograper. My name is Kobayashi. I work for Keyser Soze. http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0002077/quotes
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