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On Nikon D3300 Review preview (160 comments in total)

Wondering what lens did they use for studio image quality test, it doesn't show.
However it seems so badly out of focus, ie. same 24MP without AA filter Nikon D7100 does produce wayyy much sharper picture (RAW).

1 CrossType PDAF? I suppose they should use same lenses across Nikon crop model with LiveView AF shouldn't they?

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On Canon develops world's largest CMOS sensor news story (1 comment in total)


ummm, where is it now?

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (396 comments in total)
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munro harrap: In the UK its list price is £800 roughly. For £880 you get the Sony RX10. You get , similar sensor size, 24-200mm f2.8 Zeiss zoom.

But right now for £730 with £100 casnback from Nikon you get the Nikon D7100 body. Hmmmm 24MP APS-C. For about £100 you can pick up an 18-70mm f3.5-4.5 Nikkor (AFS metal mount.)

That's a 105mm f4.5 lens on an APS-C sensor, which means folks, as good a zoom as 200mm f2.8 on a crummy little digicam sensor (both a very noisy at base ISO- check out imaging-resources tests and compare)

The RX10 is infinitely superior to the Canon and does good video. But neither competes with APS-C. Noise degrades these smaller sensors images-however good, the noise is greater than the detail- so all textures, skin, wood, cloth, metal, LOOK THE SAME. Only the graphic and your brain says otherwise.

The Nikon shutter lag is easily good enough.

But a 300D 6MP Canon will give better pictures than this. Cost now with a lens? Less than £100.

all of these would eventually lead into goodness for consumers, ie. lower price :)

Anyone still remember that D70 + 18-70 lens brand new?

Cost about the same as RX10 or D7100, it is called "Price Segmentation".

however, as nerdy and geeky, I'd say that D70 (or it's brothers & sisters, ie. D40, D50, D70s; 's' for sister) still having the edge against any of today dslr for photography.
Capability to use external manual flash at 1/8000s (or 1/16000s on D1 series & no expensive HSS) has yet never been available today.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (423 comments in total)

hmmm, I think we got some misfocus here.
comparing RAW image quality against Sony NEX-6 @ ISO 100 & 125, I see softer images on RX10's sample vs NEX-6.
However when you increase to ISO 200 (RX10 refocus), you can clearly see that the RX10 cropped picture sharpness is wayyy much better, comparable to those of NEX-6 (apart from the noise performance).

Could DPReview update the studio test shot for RAW @ ISO 100 & 125 for the RX10?

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On Windows XP is dead. Long live Windows XP 'Bliss' news story (114 comments in total)

Still use WinXP on my Thinkpad R52 (Pentium m 1.8Ghz + 2GB DDR2), mainly because I can't get proper drivers for its display adapter in Win7.

And then some,

I use WinXP SP3 32bit for my desktop PC (AMD X2 3Ghz w/ 4GB of RAM) too.
Indeed I lost about half gigabyte of RAM.

Why is that?

Well, I do love simple UI and it simply works for me, to make or change file association, file search features, drivers, etc.
Currently most of the time the machine would run Photoshop CS6 with latest compatible ACR & DNG converter. I have no problem (yet) with latest DSLR Raw files.

Then some office stuff & web browser (Firefox), media player classic, and... that's it I think my main use of PC.

Dunno if in the future they would force people to use Photoshop CC or Lightroom 5 in order to open latest future RAW files, then I might upgrade to Win 8.1

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well, just in case, probably, if such battery tech would exist in the future; then I suppose we'd find such "Commercial Battery Charging Station" just like today's gas station.

10 cent per-30second-charging @ 5VDC/200amps :D
you could even pay using your phone credit, plus insured against battery explosion, injuries, death and gadget caught fire.

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On Nikon 1 J4 sports new sensor, improved AF system, and Wi-Fi news story (207 comments in total)

to be competitive, i wonder, any of nikon 1 systems that support external flash sync speed up to 1/16000 a'la D1 series? or any early nikon's electronic shutter 6MP dslr (D70, D70s, D50, D40).

Really longing for such features, none of current dslr crop support anything higher than 1/320s sync speed (unless you buy hss support flash, and that can be quite costly and none available with monolight).

I love to use my 50/1.4 wide open in the bright daylight for that bokeh, yet not want wasting battery on my flash with ND filter.
Heck, even using my old cheap manual flash, i could control it from D1x, just set SS to 1/8000 - 1/16000 for FEC :D

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (423 comments in total)

I suppose the advantage of DSLR is the capability of using different specialized lenses; ie. :

macro/supermacro w/ bellows or microscope lenses
UWA (sigma 8-16, or Nikon 14-24 FF lens,)
fisheye (Canon 8-16 FE comes to mind)
Tilt-Shift (Canon) or PC (Nikon) lens for super DOF focus
superfast/superbright (f/1.4, f/1.2, f/0.95, f/0.75, etc. or Nikon 200mm f/2)
fast & bright super tele (albeit very heavy 600mm f/4 or 800mm f/5.6)
telescope mounting/astrophotography
infrared imaging (need to modify the thing though)
veryfast PDAF (though sometimes not 100% accurate, useful for news PJ)

Other than that (one might add some more), I suppose Sony's RX10 is good enough for most of the time as above DSLR companion lenses system.

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SuperCCD anyone?

24MP or 36MP FX SuperCCD sensor would (supposedly) yield a very good image at least 12MP/18MP.
Plus with modern tech advancement, one could get expanded dynamic range in Video!

I'd love to see those D800E sensor being halved to produce 18MP image with better noise performance (S = standard larger & more sensitive pixel) and combined with another 18MP image with better highlight (R = Reduced pixel to handle those extra 2 or 3 stops more highlight).

Get (or develop) faster processor, and you might get away with that process in Video (1080, 60p).

Hopefully we could get 16-stops of DR at 8 or 9 stops above middle gray :D
(15-stops DR would be good enough as long as we could get those "film look" highlight shoulder).

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On Phase One announces IQ250 50MP CMOS medium format back news story (197 comments in total)
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jtan163: Is the video 60p?

Does it support 4K or 2K video? Progressive or interlaced? fps?

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On Nikon unveils D3300 with new sensor, processor and kit lens news story (200 comments in total)
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nicolaiecostel: First of all, this is a great entry level camera. Imagine the IQ you can get with that Sony 24 MP with no low pass. Incredible ..
Also, 5 FPS at 24 MP in a 500$ camera ? Jeez ! My D700 does 5.5 at 12 MP and the standard battery. This really puts things into perspective.
Stop requesting higher end features like dedicated ISO buttons, focus motors (what screw driven lenses you would need nowadays anyway ?!), there are higher end bodies for that ..
This is a camera dedicated to soccer moms everywhere, and newbies, and for that purpose, it will be great value.
I have owned the D3100 and while it might not be the greatest camera ever, coupled with the 50 1.4G it gave me some stunning images. Whenever your picture suck, take into consideration the following:
1. Personal skill
2. Light and lighting
3. Lens used
4. Digital processing
Yeah, I also saw that guy dismissing this because the 1Dx, ridiculous stuff people say on the internet !!

Well, but it is good for people to "feel" that they "may" need those 24 megapixels :D
And for sure you can find resources from "trusted sources" that 24mp without AA would indeed sharper than one with lowpass filter :p ; now, how can this be a bad thing? you can get 2TB HDD for 100 bucks, and most PC now have gigs of RAMs & multiple CPUs and don't forget those high speed internet too.

Hence, 24MP taken with Kit Lens and bad techniques would be just another JPEGs filling one's limitless HDD viewed at 2MP at most common Full HD monitor consumer display.

Indeed, 24 MP would also drive the sales of those 4K & 8K displays, otherwise who'd buy them?? :)

As for professional use of 24MP?
can we expect those 22MP digital backs to come down in price, considering now it has been "outgunned" in Megapixel race by a cheap entry level DSLR ? :p


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As I read this, I got in my hand a 6000+ US$ DSLR (Body Only) from the beginning of Millennium (guess what, Nikon D1x).
Today, functional Nikon D1x would cost around 100US$, still quite good though, you get metering with Ai lenses, vertical grip, 1/16000s shutter speed, flash sync at any speed.
Modify it to use Lithium Ion Battery and you're good to go.

Wonder what would people think in the next decade (2024?) when they're holding their 8000+ US$ Nikon D3x :)

Prolly medium format would drop in price, while we have 54MP full frame sensor in the market.

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On In photos: Flowing fins of Siamese fighting fish news story (28 comments in total)

Naturally Siamese fighting Fish (a.k.a. "Cupang") already having gorgeous colors, especially when they're ready for mating (male).
Mine one having almost like "oversaturated" look color.

For me, simply clean the side glass of the aquarium, remember any single spot will be noticeable.
I'd put some simple manual flash (YN-460II), set to proper power & simple slave, lay it on top of the glass cover shooting downward.
Then DSLR (Nikon D70s w/ built-in flash use for trigger only, so minimum power; had no problem with reflection as long as angled properly) coupled with 50/1.8D + Raynox DCR-250.

last but not least, lots of patient but mostly they're quite calm and the flash shooting directly at them seems like doesn't startled them at all.


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On Samyang announces 10mm F2.8 manual focus wide-angle prime news story (133 comments in total)

Anyway, the hot potato is rolling now, which 3rd party manufacturer can provide a "good enough or better" lenses with reasonable price against DSLR OEM.

Forget yesterday standard of what is a "good lens" from 3rd party manufacturer (ie. old sigma was quite a notorious "low quality" 3rd party lens in the old day).

Today we want it better than OEM, cheaper than OEM, and more unique from OEM lens.
Tamron 70-300 VC : Regarded as as good or better than Nikon equivalent version
Sigma 35/1.4 : better than any other manufacturer could produce
Sigma 8-16 : Wider (rectilinear) than anyone else
Sigma 18-35 : better and unique FL/Aperture than any other

This will either forcing DSLR manufacturer to reduce their price while trying to remains competitive (somehow I imagine, it was a bad move of Nikon with their "expensive" 18-140mm new lens, not to mention 58mm/1.4 too).

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On Samyang announces 10mm F2.8 manual focus wide-angle prime news story (133 comments in total)
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turbsy: Why the price increase for nikon?

For canon users, get a nikon version then buy proper "Chipped lens adapter", you get confirmation beep on EOS body.
Still, semi AE though in A mode with stop down metering.

{which is still better, compared with fully manual lens on cheap Nikon body ie. Ai/Ai-S on D5300}.

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On Billboards offer tourists a glimpse of smog-free Hong Kong news story (113 comments in total)

Kinda reminds me of Imaging-Resouce's test shot of picture of a house. :D

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On Lens reviews update: test data for the Zeiss Otus 1.4/55 news story (74 comments in total)

now, focusing issue, which to choose? using your eyes (and probably a very good focusing screen) or built-in phase detect AF sensor or zoomed 100% Live View?

Thing is, you can't use all 3 at the same time; at most PDAF and your eyes or Live view & your eyes.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (564 comments in total)

Nice 70D, sounds similarly as revolution in IQ as my old D70 :D

Anyway, not really excited with DSLR (canon especially), the only thing keeps me using canon were Magic Lantern does support canon DSLR only.

Now, can Canon makes a rival for likely say Sony RX10 or Oly Stylus 1? :)

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learning photography from 0, I mean zero of anything photography related (camera phone, webcam, etc.)
Really had no idea what aperture, ISO, shutter, etc. was.

Still remember the time around April 2011, bought my 1st camera ever, Fuji HS20. Thought it was so great (got lots of hope).

2.5 years later after tens of thousands of exposures of various digital cameras and thousands of pages of photography literature (electronic & paper), yet I am still learning.

Nikon does provide great imaging tools, but Canon that really helped me learning manual mode easily & quickly, maybe it's like "user friendly apple machines" vs "oh so useful-powerful PC".

Currently honing the very basic skill of exposure like "Sunny 16 rule", be confident & trust ur eyes for manual focus, 10 different POV of a subject, etc.

Indeed, in photography you gotta have ur brain up & running all the time (even) with (smart) DSLR in ur hand, it's the process of learning that counts (and fun), not the full auto snapshot.

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learning photography from 0

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