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On Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms article (613 comments in total)
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sephir: LOL


that pimped Nexus looks reel cool imo. But when i see those Leica and Hassy prices I can't stop thinking of the thousands of children starving to death each day across the world

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Bilal Fotos: Sorry, I am not convinced the approach of Leica authorities about the designing of a new Leica M. The designing chance of Leica M is given to the new comers’ in the field rather than "Sir Jonathan Ive" but design must be accepted only according to the strict high level designing parameters. Basically I am a Graphic Designer but I have a trained eye regarding all the relevant fields of designing; unfortunately I have not got any chance in my life to express my creative abilities because I born in most ignorant part of the world ......! In short where world topmost designers end their design exercise I start thinking from there......! If Leica’s gives me a chance to design their new Leica M rangefinder, I assured that I will perform my duty with best of my competitive spirit, creative abilities, knowledge and believe.

I'm pretty much convinced you'd come up with a better design, but ofc Leica wouldn't know about that. I guess Leica's idea about this one of a kind camera is to cooperate with a famous (atm) designer so that they could sell it on auction for an obscene amount of cash. (my guess is about 100k at minimum) So, try to get hugely famous in the 1st place ;)

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dmytty: Can someone explain why you would spend $7000 on a 560mm f/5.6 when you can get a Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 for $9000? And that Nikkor lens would actually let you buy a full frame to go along with it.

I'm a Pentax K30 owner with about $2500 in lenses to go along with that. That's been a good investment and offers a great value. However, if I really needed a long telephoto, I'd find the extra couple thousand to buy the Nikkon, or just rent a setup.

Am I missing something here? I actually suspect that Pentax might never actually deliver a single lens of this type...this is just their way of 'living down' a promised product from their roadmap which they know is not competitive at all. In other words, this is their 'we'll put a price so high that nobody will ever try buy this vaporware'.

You don't make sense: Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 on a full frame gets you (guess what?) 400mm! If you want long reach you should put it on an DX body, not FX. So, using 560mm on a K- body lets you go way further than 400mm on FX sensor. But I might be wrong ;)

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Barb Matheson: OK you learned Pentaxians, I welcome some advice. I have a K10D and am ready to upgrade. I am really looking forward to a better AF and would love a higher ISO than 1600.
I was interested in the K30, but do you think the K-5 11 is worth the extra cash? I can't find much comparison to the K10!
Video is not a big deal for me.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Hi, Barb! I'd say it's time for you to upgrade. K5 is a true gem, if you want to go on with Pentax, and K5II can only be better. You'll get yourself a true HI-ISO performer and some extra pixels. I wouldn't look for K30, the price gap between them is really no big deal. As a K5 owner, i'm glad you're not so interested in video: videos taken with K5 looks great, but as a downside you get a 1.2GB file for 2 minutes of fullHD footage.

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On DSC00092 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (3 comments in total)
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ashwins: Why ISO6400 and 1/800 sec? Why not shooting in the evening with the same ISO but at 1/40 sec? That would be a real world sample, or?

If you can't answer that question all by yourself... i'll try to do it :) 'coz the way they did it the sesult will not exhibit too much noise!

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On Leica M-Monochrom preview (451 comments in total)
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OXwing: So why it still needs a COLOR LCD SCREEN ????
I would go for a B&W LCD, and -$1000 on MSRP.

Guys, why do they need WB presets for? Am I crazy, or what?

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On Leica M-Monochrom preview (451 comments in total)

One can try this: download an original D800 (a cheap camera) jpeg, turn it b/w, resize it to this Leica resolution and compare. Still eager to buy one?

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Febs: Why are most of you guys so hostile in your comments? This is a tool for photography that nobody else dared to make.

...and fewer will dare to buy...

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peevee1: In M10, they will replace the shutter with a lens cap. One less button and dial to deal with. A sensor with ISO 1 should be easy to produce.

lol, keep it going, mate! nice comments! i'd also suggest using magnesium powder and potassium nitrate for flash powder !

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This is a clear victory of design over common sense

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On Leica M-Monochrom preview (451 comments in total)

White balance presets?! Wow! Sooo cool! 2,5 inches 230000 dots lcd? That's sad...

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On Leica M-Monochrom preview (451 comments in total)
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Richard Butler: If you are experiencing problems with the samples gallery, try refreshing your page. The gallery is 'public.'

Hi! What about that ISO320 thing all over?

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On Cathcing Fish in Tradisional Way in the Fast Movement shot challenge (13 comments in total)

That's not fishing, that's hunting! :D Great shot!

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