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On French newspaper publishes issue with no photos article (208 comments in total)
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WeddingEtCetera Com: The French photographers have a great responsibility in the closure of many news agencies in France. They have a State employee mentality. They want at the same time salary like an ordinary employee and copyrights. Sorry but you have to choose. Either you are independent with copyright, either one is employee and photos belong to the company. I saw French wedding photographers ask copyright on wedding photography for private clients. Amazing...

you obviously don't know what you're talking about: most if not all of French photojournalists are independant. They are not employed. Some are part of a press agency but even then are not employed.
Could you stop spreading wrong stuff about the situation, and remember this website is about photography?

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On French newspaper publishes issue with no photos article (208 comments in total)
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Younes B: I think many poster here ignore the sad news in France.
A young photo journalist at Libération was shot in their entrance hall by a gunman. I believe the young man is seriously wounded. This is probably the real trigger for the newspaper to issue this paper with no photos in order to honour him and show respect for photogs work.

If you follow the news, you will also learn that the lone shooter was arrested and his DNA testing found positive.

First of all, no one was hurt at the Société Générale.
Second, the decison by Liberation to print a photoless issue was taken before the shootings.
It takes some bad faith not to recognize that wether leftist or righistt, Liberation has always shown a great fondness for photography.
Were you concerned about (professional) photography, you would at least acknowledge this paper's effort for the cause of photojournalism.

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On Niki Feijen's haunting images of abandoned houses article (218 comments in total)

So sugary, videoclip-like, there is nothing here but unnecessary HDR.
"Haunting"? You must be kidding.

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On First Pictures by Joel Sternfeld article (35 comments in total)

I'm sorry to read some earlier comments.
Sternfeld's images combine humour, discovery of a land, of a country, of what mankind leaves after its pasage, poetry and an awesome mastery of the craft of photography.
Like AbrasiveReducer, I enjoy pretty much the picture with the baby, so cannily framed.

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