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Jim in Hudson: Surprised DPR didn't mention a rather unique feature of this camera -- variable or segmented white balance. For example, you have natural light in one are of the image and tungsten in another and the metering system adjusts the WB in each area individually. I'll wait to see some real sample of this working but it does sound interesting.

I believe they did .. and made the comment that Ricoh had used it in previous cameras with so, so results.
They wanted to see if the implementation in the production K3 was going to improve on previous efforts.

Posted on Oct 8, 2013 at 08:47 UTC
On Preview:pentax-k-3 (959 comments in total)
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Bjorn_L: Impressive specifications except for the battery capacity and the alluded to sub-par for class focus speed.

The problem I see is most of the features are designed to make for a more impressive specification sheet rather then a better DSLR.

I understand it is necessary to check certain boxes in your spec sheet to keep up with the Jones-es, but I have been more impressed with the blistering frames per second if the AF speed was equally fast. I am more concerned about getting 1 shot in perfect focus quickly then getting 8.3 shots in poor focus. If the AF module is not top-shelf, then such a fast burst rate is of not much use since tracking is not going to be faster then the AF unit.
500 shots per battery is really poor for a DSLR. Worse then entry level cameras let the alone the high competitors to the k3.

That said, I am happy Pentax continues to offer their take on what a useful camera looks like. I wish everyone would offer low price weather sealed lenses (for example)

It will be interesting to see if the production firmware will take better advantage of the seemingly better focus design. This is one area that can truly make or break Pentax's play for a serious share of the high end APS-C market.

Posted on Oct 8, 2013 at 08:29 UTC
On Preview:pentax-k-3 (959 comments in total)
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bilmenot: I don't agree Pentax is "doomed", it is a small company not only produce cameras but also a line of optics, binocular...etc., and it has root on photography like the "big two", it understands what a real camera should be like, Pentax did not bought things up from others and put it's stamp on it ! Pentax made very nice camera with specs exceeded other made at the same price range. What I worry about the K3 is the sensor shift motion blur thing, I dropped my K5 once onto hard concrete from couple feet up, and the SR is half dead and shift out of place, I spent $400 to replace it, this sounds silly but I don't want to invest on the MKII for just minor improvement. That was an extreme test on a camera, but I worry the sensor SR mechanism will eventually shift out of place after some normal bumps, sensor at that high resolution requires absolute precise alignment. And btw I hated the tilted LCD, it will make the camera looks cheap, and you won't see that on the flag ships of the big two.

Hi bilmonet, first of all, I wouldn't drop any SLR a couple of feet on concrete and expect it to function properly, SR sensor or not. I have a K20d with over 100,000 actuations ... no sensor issues at all. If you take care of your Pentax, it will take care of you.
BTW ... this will be my next body!!

Posted on Oct 8, 2013 at 08:21 UTC
On article Lightroom 4 Review (469 comments in total)

An excellent view of what LR4 has to offer. I've been using it for a few days now and have had very good results so far. After reading this, I have even a better understanding of some of the new controls and look forward to taking things a step further.
Thanks for the information and insight.

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As an avid LR3 user, I've found LR4 to be a pretty easy transition so far and I've liked the image results. I haven't played with the Book or Map modules yet, but look forward to doing so.

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