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agentul: men willing to risk their lives to do something great. this is why i doubt we will send astronauts to Mars: the western society is so risk-averse that they will demand 100% possibility of safe return. and no one will dare risk a mission failure.

so probably India or China will go there first.


My point was that we were just kids being kids, we survived and most of never got into any trouble or danger. I along with my friends had a blast playing soldier, cops & robbers etc. We knew it was play not real life.

Speaking for myself, siblings and best friends as kids, we all had parents who cared, worked hard to provide and loved us. But there was minimal of that parental paranoia.

Bad things did happen, such is life. Each of us as individuals must take stock in our ability to be safe enough to survive but in the end the future is not for us to see.

As kids, myself & those around me grew up, had time on our hands, had fun, were sad too, did silly things and got hurt at times. But we made it to adult life where there is real pitfalls and dangers to deal with and tread lightly around. Things that kids do not have to see and worry about.

FEAR AND PARANOIA IS A DISEASE IMO! A return to personal and societal common sense is what we all really need.

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agentul: men willing to risk their lives to do something great. this is why i doubt we will send astronauts to Mars: the western society is so risk-averse that they will demand 100% possibility of safe return. and no one will dare risk a mission failure.

so probably India or China will go there first.


People are increasingly paranoid & stupid today. I'm glad I am not growing up a kid today, between paranoid parents & budiniski society in general it's like being in some type of prison for kids today.

I grew up with siblings and friends, just as kids before me did We got dirty, fell and scraped our knees, got hurt playing casual sports. We played cops and robbers, soldier of war as we ran around with toy guns etc. we survived OK and carry fond memories of such.

Yes, some of us suffered injuries and even worse, such is life. But, I can to make a point here, remember notably one August weekend at my buddies house when they lived on a farm. We were 12. We played soldiers, dug a fox hole & set up his grand father's (modified not to work) Sten gun, imagined being in WWII. We slept in the fox hole in our sleeping bags staring at stars, talking about our dreams before falling asleep. We awoke to a pancake breakfast by his mother. GREAT TIMES THAT I'LL NEVER FORGET!

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Nukunukoo: China will land some men there by 2021, close to the landing sites, so let's see what new conspiracy will come out. NASA paying off the Chinese to claim the remnants of the equipment are still there?

What did we get? How about a acceleration in technology and especially in solid state electronics, new metalurgy, advances in manufacturing, research and design ideals etc. etc. The Space Race culminating with Apollo and the Moon probably advanced the life we all can lead and can enjoy by maybe 10 years or more.

And YES IT WAS A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT! Whole new things had to be invented and made safe. Whole new ways of thinking had to come about.

The Space Race in lock step with the then Cold War was as significant for our world afterwards as WWII was after it ended.

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Here is the thing for me. The Moon landing hoax fools and their ignorant opinions are an insult to the many people who built America's space programme and ultimately the Apollo Moon landings. From the astronauts, to all the engineers, scientists, astronomers, and the many, many, folks who built, transported and prepared all the gear and rockets to send men to the Moon. This hoax crap is so tiring as its all easily dispelled with even by most educated high school students. It must suck to know that if you are a Moon Landing hoaxer that you are considered to be more stupid on this topic than most educated high school students.

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ShoppingBoy: The gold foil on the pretend spacecraft is so phony looking.

How is gold foil suppose to look?

ugh :-(

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Quote by Pete Conrad, Apollo 12:

Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but it's a long one for me.


I always get a chuckle from Pete Conrad's quote.


Nov. 14 1969:

Apollo 12 was almost a tragedy as it was struck by lighting 36 seconds into its launch. Messed up the computers for a number of moments. Pete Conrad said he had his hand on the abort lever waiting to hear if they were to be told to abort and eject the command module of the rising powerful, Saturn V rocket. The computers all reset and came back on a'ok. and Apollo 12 " Yankee Clipper " with LM "Intrepid " in tow were on their way to The Ocean of Storms , on the Moon. :-)

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exapixel: We used to be so awesome.

What scares me, is something like 1 in 5 Americans polled no longer believe the Moon missions were real. It's 2015 and the USA is a first world, educated, power, yet 20% or so do not believe in the Moon Missions.... I SADLY SHAKE MY HEAD AND DO A FACE PALM!

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fatdeeman: Ok conspiracy theorists come at me, hit me with your best shot GO!

Why do the astronauts look brightly lit when they are in the shadow of the LM, There must have been a flash on the camera?

Um, again, NO! Any true photographer should know what I'm about to say.

ONE: The astronauts wore white suits, white will pick up any light that strikes it.

TWO: As a result of the SUN shining on the MOON, the MOON's own surface is a reflector and as such kicks light up from the ground to fill in shadows of the LM. The white space suits easily reflect this light kicking back off the Moon. The Moon is quite bright, hence why we can see it is bright not only at night but during its orbit of the Earth in day time even with the Sun's bright daylight striking Earth. At 250,000 miles away the Moon especially on a full moon at night reflects lots of light on Earth. So white suited astronauts in shadow on the Moon will be lit up by the reflected Moon's light.

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fatdeeman: Ok conspiracy theorists come at me, hit me with your best shot GO!

Why do shadows go different directions? Must be multiple photo lights.

Um, no and as any photographer should know, multiple lights would give multiple shadows. Shadows "appear" to go in different directions in some photos, one, because the Moon is NOT SMOOTH. Irregular surfaces will distort shadows appearances, two: lens focal length compression can add to this effect to make appearance of such shadows look more different.

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Francis Carver: Okay, so are these the photos taken on the Moon itself -- or the ones taken inside the "Apollo Television Studios" -- which I believe were two converted hangars on the fringe edges of Edwards Air Force Base (Edwards AFB) near Lancaster, California? Either way, they are-a-looking good.


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Smeggypants: " NASA funding issues may prevent the space agency from providing additional moon mission scans in the foreseeable future."

Oh please!!! The single most important historical event in history and "funding issues" *may* prevent release of most images. What a load of boll-ocks!!!

****Failed to post new comment because it contains swear words****

The Moon Landings were arguably the most significant event of science and exploration in the 20th. century

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Hannu108: They doubt nobody ever landed on the Moon. Even a photo of a waving flag seems to be a fake.

“On the moon, there's no air to breathe, no breezes to make the flags planted there by the Apollo missions flutter”


This nonsense about moon landing being a hoax, never ends.

As to the flag, noted above by Boriski, yes, the flag moves as the astronuats push, twist and yank on the pole to mount it into the Moons surface. Once finished the flag stops and hangs supported by a stiff wire to show of the Stars and stripes. There was a camera mounted on the LM that that took still frames in sequence I think something like 12 frames per minute. Once sent into motion you will see the astronauts moving about and around the flag pole, but the flag NEVER MOVES OR FLUTTERS!

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Mahmoud Mousef: It's really simple.
Social networking sites are a marketer's wet dream and a dream for central planners and profile-building global spying agencies.

You (and your kids) are the product. Make no mistake about it. You are exploitable to the maximum extent of the law. In case you haven't noticed, there is no law. EVERYTHING you do online is being recorded, including your phone calls and Skype calls.

Your details, pics and associations are shared with many companies in back-room deals; you have agreed to this. If you are OK with your associations and content being exploited by marketers and shared with government, insurance and god-knows-what-else, continue using these 'free' services.

If you're OK with these spies spying on you, that's fine. Just don't say anything critical of your so-called leaders or you may find yourself on the receiving end of a big stick real quick.

You are not in charge of your content. Your content and activities are there to be sold and exploited.


Trust me, you have and likely will and probably unknowingly commit a crime. There are laws on the books so outmoded, so outdated that they serve no relevance but are laws still on the books that you, I and most others probably have broken and will break.

This said, pavi1. if you have nothing to hide as you state then please answer me this? Would you allow the state to install closed circuit cameras and microphones throughout your house? After all you have nothing to hide right? So if you say " NO WAY!" what would be your reasoning then?

You see pavi1 most crime likely begins inside the four walls of a house and/or the four walls of a business office. It would be much easier for the authorities to have closed circuit cameras installed in peoples homes and/or offices. BUT! that does not equal good police work, nor any real added safety but will reduce you to living in an Orwellian police state.

Think about it pavi1.

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"Am I my brother's keeper?"

Modern thoughts are to turn it as "I am my brother's keeper." That is we as people are to look out for the better interests of others including those whom we may not know. Of course we all can't inform, look out, or come to the aid of all others all of the time, but we should if/where we can.

I use to feel if I believe I had important and pertinent info to share with others even those I may not know, that I should with clarity and passion share said info. If it helps then great.

Today I still share important info but sorry I do not bang my head against a proverbial wall anymore. I have found and still find that most people can't bother to really save themselves from little issues right up to major ones in life. Why should I bang my head against a wall and suffer for those who could not seem to care any less if their words/actions may give poor results in their lives?

Use things like FB at your own discretion is all I can really offer in the end.

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If you DON'T LIKE Leica's then understand nobody is forcing you to buy one.

Sheesh this incessant bellyaching about what Leica does and how much their cameras cost is pathetic.

Most whiners here have never shot a Leica in their whiny little lives!

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Those here who troll to bash Leica have likely never shot a Leica camera. Many probably do not know how to shoot photography other than "P" for perfect mode anyways. They likely will never be able to afford one as they fail to grasp the value of what decades of Leica quality and manufacturing have brought.

The bashers only see what Leica does not give you as compared to the more typical and often gimmick loaded DSLR's or other digital cameras. The absence of some of these things and gimmicks is what makes a Leica endearing to true photographic shooters.

These bashers have likely never shot a true rangefinder let alone a Leica be it a 35mm film body or a digital. They are folks that would not understand the value of prestige and what superlative manufacturing quality brings.

No I do not own a Leica never have shot one but if I had the disposable cash at hand to buy a Leica M series I would and both a film body as well as the digital one here.

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sye46: So Leica releases a $8,000 black and white camera and it gets praises while Sony releases a FF compact with Zeiss lens and people complain. LOL

Sorry I mean't Leica M7 or MP 35mm film cameras.

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sye46: So Leica releases a $8,000 black and white camera and it gets praises while Sony releases a FF compact with Zeiss lens and people complain. LOL


If you were given a Leica M9 I doubt you'd throw it away. You'd probably masturbate over having one to use.

The Sony will be ok, maybe a little too much coin. The Leica comes with swappable lenses and very good ones.

There is hardly a photographer here who would not love to enjoy and shoot a Leica 35mm film M8 or MP or a Digital M9.

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Lee Dolman: Where is the flags shadow? why is the Landers shadow not in the same direction as Buzz' or the rocks?...maybe lens distortion...but the Flag is tall and big and has obvious light on it but no shadow,

I'm not in either camp..but thats weird.

The topography of the Moon is hiding the thin pole and narrow plane of the flag in relation to the Sun shadows and as such from Armstrong's shooting position you can't see the pole and flag shadows. The LM shadow is being also twisted and such by the unevenness of the Moon's surface and is which it appears slightly off from Aldrin's shadow.

There is no hoax here. The Moon is not billiard table smooth. There is only one light source (the Sun) and is why each object only casts one shadow. Remember in basic lighting, multiple lights cast multiple shadows from any and all objects.

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Geopaf: I agree with what you say, I always wondered why the flag was moving in the vacum of space , maybe thats why Neil Armstrong became a recluse after his "lunar landing".


Then you are an ignorant photographer. None of the photos look fake. ONE MORE TIME! If multiple lights were used as you said then objects would cast multiple shadows. It's a basic fundamental of photography. In the thousands of photos taken from the Moon not one photo has such anomalies. The only illuminating light source is the Sun. The Moon's soil would act as a reflector though.

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