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  • Kind of like Walmart telling a supplier "if you don't like our terms go to another store."

  • You can use this software for getting detail back in highlights or shadows for a normal look as well as the psychedelic look you like.

  • Ha Ha, no I have the previous version and this one is not looking right at all. I emailed the developer and waiting for a reply. I take it you are not having this issue.

  • Oops somethings not right. Just installed and everything is washed out and super contrasty. Anybody else?

  • I will agree with people who suggest a Mac Mini and I would recommend getting the fastest processor you can afford, 16MB of RAM and a Fusion drive. SSD if you can afford it. For a monitor I have ...
  • Thanks for the reply although I am not sure where I stated anything about Pro usage.  My only concerns were about the difference between the new display and the previous version and whether that ...
  • Thanks, yes I have bought refurbs in the past and they are just like new.  Actually the last iMac we bought refurbished had the usb port in the back misaligned but Apple fixed it very quickly at ...
  • Thanks I appreciate the additional confirmation!
  • Thank you Miguel. Since posting the message here, I have done a bit more research and I have come to the decision that I should go for the new iMac too. Here's an article that helped influence me. ...
  • Created discussion thread New 5K iMac or previous version
    I am trying to decide between a new iMac or a previous version that is the same price but with a faster processor and bigger hard drive and more VRAM.  I would go for the older machine in a second ...
  • I would take a wild guess that landscape photographers shoot the majority of their scenes at f/8 or smaller.
  • I'd be interested in your take on the new 50mm f/1.8.  I have the previous version and I must have an exceptional copy because from f/5.6 it is as good or better than the Canon 1.4, the Zeiss 50mm ...
  • I'd be curious to know which lenses you might consider.  Hopefully not any mid zoom lenses because I can tell you his 50mm f/1.8 will outperform any zoom at 50mm. I will agree that there are a few ...
  • I think I am towing the line attached the the iphone with 15 stops of DR or more.  :-)
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    Thank you!
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    If you are a member of or just want to sign up for an introductory trial there is one course called "Photo Tools Weekly" by Jan Kabili where she gives a quick lesson in creating your own ...
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    I did as well.  I may also go for one of the other packages once I've learned a bit but this seemed like a good lower cost intro.
  • On a typical 3 image Lightroom export to Photomatix on my slow Mac, it will take over a minute for Lightroom to export the Tiffs and about 20 seconds for them to load in Photomatix.  Going ...
  • Unless I am reading it wrong, there are two steps involved.  First Lightroom's conversion of the RAW files to TIFFs and secondly the opening of the TIFFs in Photomatix.  Can you isolate the two ...
  • There's all sorts of things you can put on a hot shoe.  I have a Hoodman magnifier and a GPS module that fit on the hot shoe so it is nice to have the option of a PC cable.
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