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Calvin Chann: Sorry, but for me the colour of the thing is a serious point. I haven't bought any of the Oly lenses that are mentioned in this preview, because of the colour of the things. All my camera bodies are black (except a white G3 that I bought by mistake) and to me, a silver lens on a black body is not discrete enough.

Looks like Oly have lost me as a potential customer!

The silver wouldn't bother me on a silver body, but I hate the black grip on the silver. Make a silver grip or a black lens. Sorry, but I want visual consistency.

Direct link | Posted on May 25, 2012 at 21:32 UTC
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Aaron MC: To those hatin' on the lens, y'all be crazy. I'm totally happy to plunk down the cash on a lens like this. Olympus is finally giving me what I've been wanting for THREE YEARS. Good lenses FTW!

I am upset by the lack of a lens hood, though. That's pretty cheap on Olympus' part.

Agree, but give me a hood and a black version and I will buy.

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Mandeno Moments: Memo to Olympus: black versions of your lenses will please people who own black camera bodies and desire to have their equipment as inconspicuous as possible.

Even if it were similar to the silver 12-50mm... it has black focus and zoom rings and looks better. These solid silver jobs look like the old, cheap Kenko lenses for the early 2 and 3 megapixel OLY cameras. Just looks cheap, and sorry, but If I fork out $900 on a portrait lens I want it to look like a $900 portrait lens. If you make a grip with silver metal and black rubber to go with the silver body- fine, the silver lens works. But please try to make it all match up, visually. I detest those white Canon lenses on black bodies.. ugh! Take note, OLY.

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Looks like quality, but I want a black body OM-D with grip and that silver lens looks awful on the black body. Sorry, but my degree is in art and looks are almost as important as function in my book. Gotta make it in black before I will buy.

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Wow... I was set to get the OM-D and this lens this summer as my new portrait setup. This might be a deal breaker. They estimated $700-800 for this lens and I was willing to suffer, not without some griping, for 800... but that was the max. This will break it for me. I can go back to my D7000 and the 85mm 1.8 instead. Oh well... I really wanted to return to OLY. The 45mm won't cut it as I need 120 to 150 for my portraits.

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