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Very nice video. If anyone wants more on the Fuji X-T1 for fashion and portraits, have a look at www.prophotonut.com .

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I think it's a shame that they haven't added an option to disable the hardware ISO selector and put ISO selection onto any soft button.

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On A second glance: two takes on the Leica X article (397 comments in total)
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marc petzold: Just my thoughts, written before here on DPR for the Leica-X Type 113, into short: Buy the Sony A7 Body, together with the Loxia 35/2 lens - both cost close to 1150 EUR here into germany, so you still have over 50 Bucks left, compared to the Leica X 113 together with the VisioFlex Viewfinder.

You don't have the "Leica-Feeling" into JPEG mode, and no fancy red dot onto your Camera, also not the Leica brand name, and you loose a 1/3 stop speed, but you'll have a nice full frame interchangeable lens camera compared to a fixed lens APS-C sensor camera, and a way decent EVF, too...and then there's the Zeiss Loxia 35/2 lens, and better highISO perforance, too - in correlation to the Leica X-Type mentioned here.

I agree. I have the Sony A7 and use it with Leica R lenses which are mostly excellent and also with Miranda lenses from the 1960s and 70s to fill the gaps where I haven't a Leica R prime.

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On Google announces Nexus 9 8.9-inch tablet post (40 comments in total)
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Rod McD: I hate carrying a laptop, even a light one, on extended travels but until someone offers a tablet with real USB capabilities, I guess I'm stuck with it. And no SD slot?

I've got an Asus T100 running Windows 8.1. It has a keyboard dock with a USB3 port and the tablet when detached will run a full USB host via an OTG cable. I've got a 128 Gb micro SD plugged into it configured as an NTFS disk drive.

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)
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ManuelVilardeMacedo: Dear Ricoh people: please give the Pentax brand the mercy shot. The brand formerly known as Asahi Pentax, which gave us spot metering, does not deserve being subjected to so much ridicule. Just call every camera "Ricoh". It's OK. Ricoh has a nice reputation for great cameras too. I'd rather never see a Pentax-branded camera again than see gold point and shoots (and DSLRs with LED lights on the handgrip) with an once prestigious name on it.

Asahi Pentax never gave us spot metering. Spotmatic cameras had center-weighted metering. It was either Yashica or Miranda that introduced spot metering.

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On Sony plans March firmware update for Alpha 7 and 7R article (120 comments in total)
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TinyTempo: They did not fix the auto-ISO? Bummer.

Fujifilm introduced a user-selectable lowest shutter speed for auto-ISO after pressure from users (many of whom didn't understand the original method) and now some eminent reviewers are considering this a bad thing as it does not take account of the focal length of the mounted lens (which the original Fuji implementation did and I guess Sony's does also)

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photofan1986: "Tidbits"? Anyone else speaking French here? :D

They are genuinely TIDBITS. Look it up in the OED.

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Preview preview (454 comments in total)
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AlexRuiz: Honestly I don't agree with most comments here. A review of the X-E2 is not that necessary based on what we already know about this camera. It is almost exactly like the X-E1 with better focus, higher definition display, and wifi, couple with a few other minor changes. To me it does not offer a shooting experience very different from the X-E1. The priority for reviews should be with products that raise the bar. For example, I want a full review of the X-T1 first.

I have both X-E1 and X-E2 and the X-E2 is a much more photographer-friendly machine. Just one thing: with the X-E1 if you press the Fn button to change ISO you have to use the up and down buttons to do it and that's difficult to do while using the EVF. With the X-E2 you can use the command dial to select and click it to confirm without taking the camera away from the eye. The left hand should be supporting the lens and thus I'm amazed that Fuji put a locked ISO wheel on the left side of the X-T1 thus making changing ISO more difficult.

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On Fujifilm XQ1 Preview preview (163 comments in total)
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Wye Photography: I bought the XF-1

I love it. What I wanted was an in-your-pocket camera with good image quality for all sorts of shooting conditions. The selling points of the XF-1 was its gorgeous retro looks, the manual zoom, the manual pop-up flash, size and weight. After ten years of carrying around bulky and/or heavy digital gear I am just totally fed up of doing that.

I would have liked an XF-2 fitted with a X-Trans sensor.

Instead we have the XQ-1...

...a boring, bland, same-as-the-rest camera. Yawn!

No doubt the IQ will be better than the XF-1, shame about the looks!

I have an XF1 and I bought it because of the manual zoom. It's a really backward step for the XQ to have a zoom lever round the shutter button like everybody else

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On Pentax K-3 preview (959 comments in total)
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Al Valentino: Been a dedicated nikon shooter for about 10 years but in 2013 i sold all my Nikon gear for a Fuji XE1 with zero regrets. However, i have been watching pentax and if i ever decide to reinvest in a DSLR i suspect Pentax will be it. I like what they are doing and also think the body design is superior.

I sold all my Canon kit when I wound down my pro activities and bought into Fuji X but I also bought a Pentax K-30 to use with my Mamiya 645 lenses. The K-3 looks very desirable.

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On Fujifilm X-M1 real-world samples gallery article (101 comments in total)
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ijustloveshooting: Fuji X series use 16.2mp sony nex5N-5R-6 sensor right?

It's thought that the sensor in the X-Pro1 and X-E1 is made by Toshiba who acquired Fuji's sensor fabrication business.

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Harry S: It's hard to complain when they keep releasing genuinely useful/noticeable firmware upgrades, but surely minimum shutter speed in AutoISO is a very easy fix?!

It's easy to do with a fixed focal length or a limited zoom on a lightweight camera (like the X20) but it's a lot more difficult to do it properly for cameras that will have lenses from 10 mm to more than 200 mm. Currently the camera chooses a minimum shutter speed dependent on the maximum focal length of the lens attached (in the case of manual lenses this will be the user's entry). If this means the shutter speed is too low for you then use manual operation with auto-ISO (this is the reason Fuji allows it, which or manufacturers don't). The only thing I can see Fuji doing to to allow a "Safety" setting for auto-ISO that alters the algorithm to produce a higher shutter speed.

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Jefftan: Anyone know why pair with 16-50mm instead of 18-55mm kit lens
Is the 16-50mm worse than 18-55mm?

Sony has a 16-50

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On Fujifilm X20 Preview preview (201 comments in total)

I went into my local dealer yesterday (lucky to have one in the UK now) with the intention of buying an X20 because of the info in the OVF since I use manual mode quite a lot with my X10 and have to use its LCD. No stock and it seems that the only way to tell in the OVF if the shot is metered properly is if both parameters are in green rather than one or both in red. Truly retro. I can see why it is so but together with the fact that I would only get a trade-in of £150 for the X10 against the X20 at £500 my enthusiasm has waned.

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Eppoh66: It seems like a great update! What I also would have liked to see is a very simple thing imo; i would like to be able to change the naming if the files. I also own an X10 which names it's files exactly the same. I don't like that, it will get me into trouble sooner of later. I want to decide the naming myself!

If you buy an image importer such as FlashPipe you will have lots of options to change and add to the file name. I add a prefix of the short model name like [X-Pro1] to distinguish the files.

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I think Fuji has addressed exactly what most of us wanted to be fixed, especially the manual focusing. Of the three now most complained of omissions that of focus peaking is entirely subjective. I used the Sony implementation for a bit and found it not reliable, got in the way of composition and I ceased to use it. The new 3x magnification for precise focusing should enable anyone to focus manually. So I don't clamour for visual or audible confirmation of correct manual focus though I must admit that my old Pentax K100 Super does it well. And a minimum shutter speed at which the camera moves ISO up if set to Auto: well, the X100 only has one focal length so it is simpler to implement it there as Fuji has done. But it's not going to work properly with all zoom lenses and you would have to dive into the menu to change a parameter each time you changed prime lenses. In principle anyone ought to be able to hold the camera steady using Auto ISO with Fuji's formula.

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On Just posted: Fujifilm X10 in-depth review article (155 comments in total)

Because it represents exactly what I think about the camera, I found the review very fair! I think it's a 6 mp camera with great jpegs out of the box and no real video capability. It has excellent handling and is satisfying to use. I set it on medium resolution, auto ISO to 3200 and often use it in EXR automatic mode. With the filter adapter I can use a Panasonic 0.75 wide converter that turns it into a 21-84 mm camera that is just right for interiors where the extended dynamic range is very helpful. It was expensive to buy in October 2011 but I've just bought another one direct from Fuji UK for £319.

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On Novoflex creates adapters for Fujifilm X-Pro1 article (36 comments in total)
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Petka: I ordered the M39 adapter right away, for the terrific 15mm Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar I still have around. Zone focusing works fine with that, and landscapes should not be a problem without AF. Also a 75mm f:2.5 still somewhere...

I was getting odd results with the CV 15 mm on the X-Pro 1 until I set ISO to a fixed number between 200 and 3200, set DRO to 100% (i.e. off) and switched to center weighted metering. It's fine in that mode and the zoomed focus assist is excellent

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vahitism: I have 3 things to say.
1. I have been visiting (not contributing) dpreview forums and reviews for years and always have been irritated by those who turn arguments to personal discussions. I can't ask for this to stop, but wouldn't hurt me to hope everyone get along since we all share the same passion.
2.I own(ed) from large format to p&s all types of cameras and never loved a camera brand so much to be supporting them all the way. All companies have flaws mistakes. Fuji Japan made a mistake by answering to orb problem as it isn't, IS a mistake, in my opinion.
3. I own a Fuji x10. I am not bothered by the white orbs, but definitely will do a sensor swap if Fuji may do it in the future. A dead pixel would bother me as much. I expected the x10 to show a flaw. No one should settle with a mis-advertised product. x10 may be cheaper or more expensive than competitors. What matters to me is not the price I paid, but is the advertisement. x10 does everything else perfectly in most conditions.

Thanks for a bit of sanity! I've had the X10 since October 2011 and it hasn't let me down. I like the fairly useless optical viewfinder too. I haven't seen an "orb" but then I don't shoot in the conditions that produce them and if I did I would use another of my cameras. I do not think I will ask for a sensor swap but another firmware update would be welcome.

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On 2012: The Dust Blows Forward article (14 comments in total)
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NXism: Is this article supposed to be tongue in cheek? Going by how seriously the writer takes him/herself as a blogger, I'd guess no. This really is the most cynical and conceited thing I've read for a while that to say that on dpreview is quite something. The writer assumes that by slating absolutely everything in sight, s/he validates the opening assertion that the the writer can form an original opinion, free from being sullied by the opinion of the masses. However, the writer is so blinkered by a sense of superiority and alienation from the masses, that all that has come forth is an echo of every other cynical outburst that has ever been directed at the camera market. The writer is so self infatuated that s/he unfortunately misses every single positive aspect of what is currently happening in the marketplace. If the writer can somehow extricate his/her head out of his/her own backside, then she/he might be able to see this & actually enjoy the spoils of being a photographer of this age.

I think it's splendidly self-indulgent, amusing and perspicacious with a quintessentially British flavour.

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