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EmmanuelStarchild: I have a 35mm and 50mm prime lens. No need for this.

I only have the 35mm, so......I need this somewhat?

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ENicolas: Does it come with a piece of black tape to fix the light leak from the top LCD?

Sorry black tapes cannot be downloaded off the internet, silly

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Hugo808: Why don't manafacturers finish their cameras before selling them?

(sarcasm) Why don't photographers finish their pictures after shooting them? Why do they need to do post processing?

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soupnazi81: Remember when Nikon wasn't pushing the megapixel race and were praised?That's what Canon is doing now and they're getting bashed. Canon can't win.

Who's bashing Canon? I haven't heard of that many. In fact, I am happy Canon didn't go down Nikon's route (i.e. 36mp). That's obviously pure consumerism from Nikon's side. 22 is more than enough. I'm glad I won't have to switch systems now!

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Clint Dunn: To me this is almost the perfect's what the 5D2 should have been when it was originally released. I have to laugh though, all the Canon people complaining about this 'only' being 22mp are like the Nikon people who complained the D700 was 'only' 12mp....

Now Nikon releases the D800 and the Nikonistas complain that it is too many mp at 36, and lust after the 5D3....while the Canonistas who own 5D2's lust after the new D800...

I guess no one is ever happy!

Honestly, I am happy Canon didn't go down Nikon route. Now, this 5d3 is something to look forward upgrading to. Heck, it's expensive switching systems!

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ChrisMc73: I'm a current 5DMKII owner and I'm really on the edge about to tip over to the Nikon world here now, because of the D4 and D800 releases. Before I bought my 5DMKII over two years ago, I thought I would be a Nikon owner, so I've always loved their gear, some how I was swayed to buying Canon, don't regret it at all, love this past love of Nikon is now starting to take over.

What am I ever going to do...?


Wait for the 5DMKIII announcement. It's imminent.

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Reading through the comments, I don't notice any current 24-70 owner planning to upgrade to the mark II. I wonder how this lens will sell when it gets released...

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AbrasiveReducer: It's funny that when Nikon came out with their 16-35 VR all the "pros" said who needs IS/VR in a wide angle? I can hand hold for 20 seconds with no problem. I agree, it's a mystery why you wouldn't want it in a 24-70. I also wonder how much worse IS would be if it was in the body, which would address the size, cost and weight issues.

I can also handhold for 20 seconds, have no problem, have no usable picture either!

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Bill Dusterwald: IS on a wideangle? Maybe if you parkinsons disease. I hand hold 24 down to 1/10 a second with no problem.

IS on wide is more targeted to video people.

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On article Sony NEX-7 high-end APS-C mirrorless camera first look (355 comments in total)

TheCameraStore in Calgary has just posted a video of a pre production version of this camera. Check it out

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ezradja: Here's an idea for Nikon and Canon, why don't you just remove mirror on your already established DSLR design (with the old lens mount), shrink the camera and make it retro look, and BOOM, shock the photographic market and the stock market. :)

Not buying it, sorry.

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