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On Canon EOS 5DS R added to studio test scene comparison article (518 comments in total)
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BarnET: Have to admit.
For a 50mp sensor the ISO performance is pretty impressive!

Why you assume that more MP would mean worse iso performance?
when did this happen?

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Old Cameras: If it performs well (is sharp) wide open and has good focus mechanics it could be a bargain.

Its manual focus, what good focus mechanics can a manual focus lens have so it is a bargain?

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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off new EOS 5DS and 5DS R article (124 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: More resolution at the cost of image sharpness of everything over f8.0 due to diffraction. People will soon find out that the more megapixels doesn't automatically imply more sharpness and detail.

To start learning about physics and the laws of nature and why diffraction kicks in with this camera. Read this:

FYI. The Canon 5Ds sensor pixel density is 4.1uM.

There are no "LAWS of NATURE" that prohibit certain things, dont say things that are invalid. Especially there is no LAW of NATURE that says "PAST 50mp, in a FF camera, resolution drops".
The Laws of Nature, are fundamental laws, thermodynamics, gravity etc, week/strong nuclear forces. all other things considered, theoretically we could achieve sharpness... at plank level.
This old myth is persistent since 10 years ago, when we went from 2mp to 6 or 8mp. And keeps being disproved and disproved, again and again.
The exact same words that "you cant beat laws of nature" As if there is such a law. More like a hypothesis at some point.
More resolution is better, albeit we have diminishing returns, but... not worst in any case.

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On DxO releases FilmPack 4.5 article (36 comments in total)

I always wondered why EU prices are the same number of € vs $. GBP is correctly about 1/2 of $.
What about €€???

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On Magic Lantern enables Canon EOS 50D raw video output article (36 comments in total)

Great an option for my 1ds3 too, would be great!

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On ***** in the Norway challenge (16 comments in total)

It is a great place and spot and moment, but not a great photo. Colors are really suppressed, could be B/W almost, and information very limited.

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Ross Becker: I've never had IS on any lens so never miss it. And I almost always have the minimum shutter speed set to faster than the longest FL. I use 2 x 1D4s with a super wide on one (12-22mm) & an 80-200mmL on the other Both cameras set to Av & auto ISO. Perfect images every time. Who needs IS? Not me.

Ross, you have such beatifull bodies with the 80-200? It was good for its era, but nowhere near 70-200 (all versions)!

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