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udris: Smartphones excel at discreet street shooting............. cctv cameras do it better.

Comparing smartphones with technology that is no longer used is pretty dumb. Besides those DSLRs were used by a select few and were never items of popular culture.

I short this article is written by a photographer type come quasi educator who fails to understand that smartphones are about communication not photography

Very interesting test. For those of us who remembers film as "magical" it was good to see real world results, even if I understand that a different scanner could have produced less grainy results?

Another thing that struck me is how little quality changed between different canon models but perhaps their way of handling was improved from year to year, even more than in the speed department?

Maybe your next test will include a good P&S?

Once again thanks for a very interesting article.

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iconne: I am looking for a quick buy on a camera to take to Thanksgiving as our broke yesterday. Please give me your thoughts. Leica DLUX4 or Panasonic LX7?

I'm trying to keep the price point down and this will be a family camera.


The canon has a much slower lens, else its a terrific camera. I would go with the LX7.

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Very cool indeed. Thanks for sharing and an extra + for the behind the scenes pictures.

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People are making fun of Casios attempt, but it looks like a decent camera even if its just different version of the ZX-2. I personally love my Oly ZX-1 and would have bought the ZX-2 if it wasnt for its bigger size.

I love the pictures from the ZX-1 and waiting for Olympus (or another manufacturer) to use the same lens in a body that isnt bigger than the ZX-1 but with slightly better sensor and a few more direct controls.

Some pics taken with my ZX-1:

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peevee1: I don;t understand why would you prefer $1100 Nikon A or $800 Ricoh GR over, say, $200 GX1+$170 14/2.5 (you are getting the same IQ plus faster focusing plus touchscreen plus optional EVF plus ability to change lenses when needed plus ability to keep this 14mm for your next body vs just throwing out everything), or E-PL5+14mm (even better IQ, stabilization, tilting screen in addition to what GX1 gets you) or $600 RX100 (zoom, stabilization). Must be some irrational weirdo thing with getting less for more, like with Leicas.

Coz the GR or the A is actually pocketable. The GX1 + lens is thicker which makes it to big for my shirtpocket. I have the Olympus XZ-1 now and will upgrade to either the GR or the A.

For me it is important to be able to have it in my pocket.

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Dinovo: All DSLR "Should" have a battery Grip option! Without it I'm not buying.

There is usually thirdpart ones. At least for all previous Nikons.

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On Nikon D5200 Hands-on Preview preview (213 comments in total)

Thanks for another great "hands-on". I have used the D5100 for a while but dropped it a little while ago and now its broken :( Was thinking of buying a new one since they are so cheap in Sweden now but the D5200 seems interesting.

But what I missed most on the D5100 (apart from more direct buttons and a second wheel) is an electronic-level. Is there one in the new D5200?

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