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Only 4 new cameras in this update and still no support for the E-M10. Apple is terribly slow when it comes to adding support for new cameras.

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This camera received nothing but ridicule when it was announced. I can't believe they went through with it.

This is a black eye for Hasselblad and I think it hurts Leica as well. It sends a clear message that really expensive gear is more about the logo than the actual quality.

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A visit to their web site was frustrating; it is heavy on the art, light on information and difficult to navigate. I could not find any reference to a trial version, which is disappointing. I am interested in both the custom camera profiles and the film emulations. I could not find out if they have a single custom profile for each camera or if they have multiple custom profiles for each camera.

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cgarrard: @ Simon

"if you spent less time _________ maybe you could do more _________ (fill in your own blanks in either section from: writing reviews, adding pointless features, fixing the server, writing previews, talking about iphones, replying to comments)"

You know, I'd love to use this reply on a daily basis in the forums for those who'd love to insult for __________ reason rather than ________, if that's ok with you?

Btw, love it.

On topic, I think being the first camera from Canon in this segment, its obviously hitting the priority of the average consumer. Kinda cool even for enthusiasts wanting a smaller camera that enjoy what Canon offer.

For me, I'd like to see another model made with more advanced controls and possibly a built in EVF. Pretty sure Canon's got one on the drawing board.


Is Carl attempting a hostile takeover of DPR? He has no respect for those who run this site. Or himself. Or anyone else for that matter.

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limlh: I've a niggling suspicion the G5 sensor is the same as Oly EM-5.

That is highly unlikely.

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On Olympus issues OM-D E-M5 firmware v1.2 article (41 comments in total)

There is no mention of fixing the 20mm lens issue. That is disappointing. I won’t buy this camera if it doesn’t work with my favorite m4/3 lens.

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On Canon issues allergy warning for EOS 650D/Rebel T4i article (176 comments in total)

How many ways can one camera fail?

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On First Impressions: Using the Canon PowerShot S100 article (191 comments in total)

I bought an S100 and returned it because the lens was VERY soft. Maybe I should buy 10, keep the best one and return the rest. Even if I did buy 10, I probably would not get one as good as the one that will eventually be provided to DPR.

Where did DPR get the 3 samples tested so far? Where are you going to get the one that finally makes it in the review? I recommend that DPR go to the local camera store, buy another S100, and if the lens stinks, then report the truth. If DPR allows Canon to provide a special S100 that is better than we consumers can buy, then the review is worthless.

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