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aramgrg: Now these are the guys that should be included in the Red book. Smartphones rules!!! After Note 5, I am not gonna buy a fixed lens compact, the difference is not worth it. ILC is another story.

Aramgrg, luckily not everyone thinks the same as you, otherwise these great cameras would never appear in the market.

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On article 2015 Roundups: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras (213 comments in total)
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NWT: Only 5 in the category and 4 of them were recommended. What is the point to have it!

The point is: all cameras in this category are good. Every camera has its own advantages over the others and it all depends on what you need.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review (681 comments in total)
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ABracken: I'l wait for the hasselblad version!

And I can make a wooden grip for you if that's what you want :)

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Glen Barrington: No Viewfinder, No thanks. I can get the Olympus OMD E-M10 for that much money, and it comes with a viewfinder.

This illustrates the point I've been making for the last week or so. The future does NOT belong to Canon. Canon/Kodak sameo-sameo.

Not meant to be rude and no pun intended, as I am looking for an alterantive system, please suggest an OMD lens that has similar or better performance (aperture, sharpness, zoom range, etc) than G1X Mark II, and that the camera+lens price is not significantly higher.

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On Preview:canon-powershot-g1-x-mark-ii (451 comments in total)

I'm not a Canon user, but the paper spec. of G1X Mark II attracts a lot of my attention. The usual comments here are something like "The XXXX model has a viewfinder and has better this and better that than G1X Mark II". I did search for other cameras with similar features (including interchangable lens camera), but I still can't find another one that has similar spec to this camera including: 1.5 inch sensor (similar to 4/3); fast zoom lens 5x f2-f3.9; similar weight; similar (or cheaper) price. Sony RX100 II came close, but it has smaller sensor and slower lens. Please enlighten me.

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I'm starting to feel worried for DPR. K3 has gain so much popurlarity and hope for a highly-positive review, that if a gold award is not given by DPR, every Pentaxian and all those that have voted K3 as DSLR of the year, would start yelling, complaining and accusing DPR of biased towards the two big brands.

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ET2: Most of these online polls are bogus. If you google "dpr k-3 poll" you will see Pentax fanboys had orchestrated campaign on various Pentax forums (outside DPR website) about the poll. That kind of campaign would obviously have impact on the result.

Yeah, fanboys post to a zillion forums about the poll (outside DPR website) and that will obviously have an impact on the result.

Pretty meaning results, and pretty pathetic.

A poll is a poll, and it includes every factor that leads to the result, including what you mentioned "campagin". Unless you accuse DPR of acting unfairly, I don't see anything wrong with that. On the other hand, you may want to investigate why Canikon don't have die-hard fans that are eager to lauch "campaigns" to counteract the "campaign" of Pentax, if it ever exists.

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On Preview:pentax-k-3 (959 comments in total)

K3 looks great, but I still consider my K5 nearly perfect, so unless K3 shows marked improvement in IQ, autofocus, or overall "joy of usage", I'll stay with my K5.

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Alexis D: Why I would not go to many places in that region unless there is no choice, whatever their attractions are or however much money can be made. It is not just about scenic photos, but health. Dubious food ingredients, bad air, radiated food chain, unscrupulous and unregulated food industries.

Declaration: I am from Hong Kong.
Bad air: Yes, but the bad air is unlikely generated by Hong Kong since the region has no industrial sector.
Dubious food ingredient, radiated food chain: Disagree. Hong Kong has system to continously monitor food safety.
Unregulated food industries: did i mention that Hong Kong has no industries?

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On Fujifilm X100S Review (492 comments in total)
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lmtfa: Their are more "CONS" listed here than their are in Pelican Bay Prison. And it still gets an 81% + Gold Award. So it has been decided by those in charge, make a "Retro" looking camera and name it Fujifilm and bingo it's a world class winner. I wish I had my Brownie that I got from Kellogg's Corn Flakes box tops. It surely would garner a 83% and don't call me Shirley:-))

It is not a simple number counting game. Yes it got quite a number of "cons", but I looked at the pros, and it was those that really matters (image IQ, responsiveness, AF accuracy...)

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On Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-on (195 comments in total)

The android OS looks interesting and attracive to me first, until I looked at another review which says that it needs quite some time to load the OS when you switch on the camera. That's quite unacceptable for a camera in my opinion. Of course you can go to sleep mode (instead of switching it off) and this allows the camera to wake up instantly, but then it would drain up your battery...

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On article Lightroom 5 Public Beta: What's New (90 comments in total)

Why nobody here mentions inclusion of anti-blur function, which has attracted lots of rumors in PS, in LR5? That alone is worth the upgrade.

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