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Elandreth: This is a bit confusing. As others have noted, there's subject motion between the individual shots of each scene. The description says 30,000 photographs were taken for this video. Even if each scene is composed of 50 photographs, that would still be 600 scenes, which is far more than appear in this video. So were the cameras shooting bursts at each scene?

As part of the post work done here, it says the photographs had to be slowed down and stabilized. Umm... what? How do you slow down a photograph, or stabilize one that's already been taken? Were these phones shooting images or video? There's an audio component to each scene, so perhaps they were actually shooting short video clips?

Slowing down would probably mean the actual smoothing out the spatial difference between each camera. Since you want to create a video between all still frame, you have to fill in frames between each stills in order to create a smooth video. Tracking (stabilization) isn't perfect either since each camera are not pointing at the same point, so you would need to reposition each frame to create a smooth motion. You would need to do more work in post production and do a small in crop each photograph,

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2307 comments in total)

Not impressed with image quality so far. Photos show softness at +f8. My Sony RX100 pocket camera gives better results!

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sigma DP2 Quattro article (249 comments in total)

Why don't they make an interchangeable lens system based on that sensor??? Literally a waste of resource.

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)

The remnant of the old pentaprism design looks too artificial for me. Personally, I prefer the rangefinder retro style with an optical viewfinder from the X-Pro1. It still is a beautiful design. I would have preferred a new and improved weather sealed X-Pro1. If you have to go pentaprism design, better make it full frame like Sony did to justify the added weight and size.

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I quite like it. It looks simple but I'm sure a lot of attention has been brought into it. It really looks like a camera from the future and everyone is wearing white jumpsuits.

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On Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo Backpack Review article (106 comments in total)


It's too easy to unzip the bag and steal the content from behind....

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On Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Review post (66 comments in total)

Photos looks awful more like a 4 megapixels image scaled up with blotchiness all over it.

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EasyClick: For me it was their return policy. On amazon and even John Lewis you could return the package after opening it and using a camera. They would take the product back no questions asked. At Jessops, it wasn't so. If you broke the seal, it was nearly impossible to get a refund unless there was a manufacture problem. That alone lost me as their customer.

@Biggestelk, Sorry but I don't agree entirely with what you're saying. There have been many occasions when what was promised or advertised was not what I was getting out of the camera. If I'm going to pay over 1k for a camera, I'd like to be able to test it and handle it for a few days instead of being pressured to buy just because some guy wants a commission. Also, the sale guy's opinion might differ from mine. I'm also happy to buy open boxed or used products. I think what small shops should offer is a chance to look at test photos on a monitor and examine the files. If you prized yourself to offer a better service than online, step up and actually do offer more than talk.

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For me it was their return policy. On amazon and even John Lewis you could return the package after opening it and using a camera. They would take the product back no questions asked. At Jessops, it wasn't so. If you broke the seal, it was nearly impossible to get a refund unless there was a manufacture problem. That alone lost me as their customer.

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JohnnyWashngo: This is the future of photography and I am looking forward to giving it a go.

Bravo to Samsung for seeing that Cameras need to be Internet connected in order to move forward. They are not the first to do so, but I reckon they will be the first to actually pull it off with any real success.

The Android OS is proving to a real jack of all trades and I think OEM manufacturers are really benefiting from the cost savings made by not having to develop their own OSes as well as the developer ecosystem that Android provides. As an Android developer myself, I can't wait to start writing code for a camera :)

As much as I love my 5DM3, and I do love it very much, I would love to have a decent, pocketable camera that I can snaps shots with and upload to my GDrive or SkyDrive or whatever. How long until Android OS makes its way into more professional cameras?

I agree. This is the future of cameras but not entirely convinced about using Android as operating system. For me, it would just be wifi/3G connectivity to upload to an account. I think innovations will have to come from connectivity and integration.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt NASA supposed to have technology decades ahead of what's available on the market? They're the guys inventing the science and breakthrough technology...By the same reasoning they should have a photo sensor that would only be available today on the market. I understand the article but I just thought otherwise... Maybe someone should send an iPhone to Mars??

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On Canon EOS M Preview preview (557 comments in total)

Why is the design so ugly??? Olympus saw success in a retro style. Canon could've easily taken an old design like the Canonet and adapt it to digital.

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)

There aren't many photo samples at F1.8... That was a main selling point. But at 649$ ??? How do they price these things... Maybe 400$ would be more realistic for a compact.

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Anzere08: I liked my DP1 but 2.8 for a prime is not a fast lens anymore in 2012

I would pay 1000$ for a 1.8 lens on that baby. The sensor is incredible and just needs a bright lens to go with it under low light conditions. Who cares about interchangeable lens if you've got a great product.

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I'm very happy to hear about this update! Only a few comments and suggestion:

1. Make the electrical mechanics more reliable
(My dp1 died after 2 years, the usual mechanical failure and it cost as much as buying a new camera to repair it!)

2. Some manual focus assist system
(The same way sony NEX series has incorporated in their system, it would be awesome to have that on a sigma)

3. Make the lens brighter!
(2.8? Come on sigma, that's so long ago, we want sweet bokeh go for a least 1.8-2.0)

If you're not going to make m 4/3 camera then at least give yourself some competing edge with very fast integrated lens!

I don't care about videos, this is a still camera so make it the best it can be. Learn from Apple. Good user friendly interface and hardware to software integration. We know you don't have the resource as other manufacturer but you have a great technology and the implementation/design is just as important.

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