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Both of the Out of Focus backgrounds are available now for $205.59 / £118.95
Hungry photogs are willing to take models on location for that sort of money. Plus those sample pics look sterile. If there is a market for this, I am in the wrong business.

the last choice for good value?

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*Photographer sells image to convicted Monopolist & NSA associate, Microsoft.
* Photograher shares image on file-sharing site (flickr) owned by NSA associate Yahoo.
* Photographer is surprised the site lacks decent security.
* Photographer seemingly unaware that a watermark could have done far more to bring people to his site.
* Photographer very grumpy about this fame business.

Meanwhile, NSA says: "we love your Fuji pic, Kris. We helped ourselves to a nice print for the office...oh and the holiday home."

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The units look pretty slick. Great to hear AAs are used (I was fearing an embedded rechargeable battery). Seems like a fair price for what it offers. Exciting times.

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On Sony drops list price of Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 article (201 comments in total)

both will be compelling choices to me once 600 USD territory is approached

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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (432 comments in total)

a good offering for ~500 USD.

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On Olympus debuts 'Anywhere Classroom' video series article (43 comments in total)
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SKPhoto12: This is soft selling, but not photo classroom videos. If Olympus wants to market it's cameras, that is fine, but be up front about it and don't call this a classroom. In 15 minutes of videos, there was precious little real and useful information for a beginning photographer, but about 20 cases of "get that OMD and get out there" phrases. Shame on Olympus for underestimating the awareness of the market! Beginners need to understand aperture, speed, ISO and White Balance. It should be so easy to do real teaching and let the spectator be impressed by the equipment because he sees a well known photographer using it.

If you like mis-labelling, you'll also love "Consumer Interviews" from none other than our friends at Olympus. Straight from the school of Honest Marketing. Someone getting paid obscene amounts to create campaigns for Olympus let out this fine, totally believable series of 'interviews' for your enjoyment.

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On Tamrac brand and assets acquired by Gura Gear article (30 comments in total)

Tamrac had a terrible website presence (amateur-like) until a relatively short time ago. This affects brand image.

Their small cases on amazon were (are) nearly always priced way too high compared to the competition (Case Logic especially). Their logo and branding could have been refreshed years ago. Dated to the extreme.

I have often thought bag manufacturers make a killing on nylon/polyester and sewing, especially in light of recent deals on camera gear (which is precision high-tech, fantastic stuff). It would be interesting to know the exact reasons they folded (less cam sales?). My perception of the company was shaped by their website. They didn't do enough to sell their gear, some of which I own & am happy with. All manufacturers make good & not-so-good bags & it's silly to have exclusive loyalty to any of them. Some are obscenely overpriced. Some are 'fashion slave' bags & some are just impractical (or practical) for certain tasks. I nearly always consider most overpriced.

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On Olympus debuts 'Anywhere Classroom' video series article (43 comments in total)

0:44 "hey thanks Becky". This sounds very disconnected. Becky comes across as being completely somewhere else so it didn't sound like a very natural cross.
3:41 16 megapixels today sounds prehistoric especially with the talk of detail & landscapes.
2:49 Fiddly lens swap footage.
4:29 Backslash? Why was this let out?

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1282 comments in total)

Limit your lust so that the price may be reduced to 500 or so in short order. Thank you. Remember, this is 'just another superzoom'. Mum's the word. Wink, wink. Nudge nudge.

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Any photoshop watermark removal tutorial is clever. I see no moral reasons for outrage in the big scheme of things, but I see a person thinking out of the box, as 99.999% are not allowed to do by The Moral Police. In any case, 99.99999% of the population wouldn't bother.

It would be refreshing if the students were allowed to bring their own camera gear and take a class photo one day...instead of the schools doing their own deals and profiting. That should be arranged by the students themselves and be completely voluntary. Camera gear isn't expensive, nor is lighting gear, nor are those stands you stand on.

I fail to see why "home grown" class photos are not a reality these days, aside from the fact that the schools are not profiting from our participation, that is.

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Raist3d: Nikon! I think you got the pice right for the pd kit lens but not for the dual lenses. I mean $400 usd diff?

No matter no guess people can buy the cheaper one and the other lens cheaper separately (but that doesn't make sense)

I'm happy to stick with the kit lens on the fire-sale V1 and probably a good 95%(+) of regular users would think the same. Kit lens is good; a telephoto would be nice but not essential for me personally. The camera takes better pics than your typical point & shoot, especially since mine was bundled with the SB-N5.

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On Canon recalls about 14,000 PowerShot SX50 cameras article (53 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: I wonder if Nikon's experience with the D600 encouraged Canon to be extra forthcoming. Not only did they recall the cameras (and apologize, for those who think that matters) but they threw in a chemistry lesson with the exact details of what's going on.

"US is more strict on company products that are health risk"
I guess that's why they sell so many prescriptions and have a nation hooked on genetically modified foods from Monsanto and others.

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On Am I missing something here? article (636 comments in total)
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nunatak: the microSD isn't a show-stopper, but if they wanted to make it a customer friendly option, they would have included a second slot for SD.

the smaller, less powerful, third variation battery limits both video and stills, and is just another barrier they placed in the way of purchase.

the price is what it is, and for those whom need speed, it's also not a show-stopper.

however put all these barriers together, and Nikon will sell a small fraction of the number they might have sold were these artificial barriers lowered. a real shame. JMO.

This'll teach me for not reading properly. For some reason I read your first sentence as MicroSD being a showstopper! Discussion about MicroSD deleted :)

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On Am I missing something here? article (636 comments in total)

Who isn't impressed by just how much has been done here compared to previous releases? I am trying to remain composed, but I'm pretty blown away at the work they have put into this one (at least from what I'm seeing so far).

My only real disappointment is of course:
1) price
2) accessory port is still being used for the flash.

The flash is the big one. If this had a standard hotshoe, I'd be VERY eager to jump on one at the inevitable $600 price as its successor is announced. As stated by more astute observers, the Nikon 1 system does some things very well and is really in a class of its own in those areas. If you aren't interested in these areas, well then you can grab a $500 DSLR or mirrorless instead.

Now the only question is how much the V2 will go down :)

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Dear Olympus engineers
Thanks for Pixel Mapping.

I first used Pixel Mapping about 15 years ago and I say thanks for giving this to the public so early in the digital camera revolution. I can't believe I bought a Nikon DSLR last year that didn't have it. What's worse, it came with bad pixels from the factory. I feel like I have been transported to some prehistoric place.

Thanks for dropping SmartMedia too :)
I have some great memories of Olympus cameras (C-4000 and E-520, which I still use) thank you to all involved.

Thanks for this too :)

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On Rare photos of Rolling Stones emerge from estate sale article (106 comments in total)

Why did it take this long for the boys to start using Instagram?
Oh wait...

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On Nikon D5300 preview (278 comments in total)

Still waiting for Pixel Mapping here...

Direct link | Posted on Oct 20, 2013 at 11:49 UTC as 47th comment

I don't even own a Fuji camera but I am excited to read this news. I do need to get out more, perhaps.

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An unusually high return rate was evident in the retailers we interviewed.

"Customers thought the thing would spit out instant prints", a retailer we interviewed said. "I've been repackaging these for re-sale like a monkey all day..."

Neither Polaroid or Nikon could be reached for comment at press time.

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On Puffin cleared to land in the Depth of field. challenge (13 comments in total)


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