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On Canon recalls about 14,000 PowerShot SX50 cameras news story (53 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: I wonder if Nikon's experience with the D600 encouraged Canon to be extra forthcoming. Not only did they recall the cameras (and apologize, for those who think that matters) but they threw in a chemistry lesson with the exact details of what's going on.

"US is more strict on company products that are health risk"
I guess that's why they sell so many prescriptions and have a nation hooked on genetically modified foods from Monsanto and others.

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On Am I missing something here? article (563 comments in total)
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nunatak: the microSD isn't a show-stopper, but if they wanted to make it a customer friendly option, they would have included a second slot for SD.

the smaller, less powerful, third variation battery limits both video and stills, and is just another barrier they placed in the way of purchase.

the price is what it is, and for those whom need speed, it's also not a show-stopper.

however put all these barriers together, and Nikon will sell a small fraction of the number they might have sold were these artificial barriers lowered. a real shame. JMO.

This'll teach me for not reading properly. For some reason I read your first sentence as MicroSD being a showstopper! Discussion about MicroSD deleted :)

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On Am I missing something here? article (563 comments in total)

Who isn't impressed by just how much has been done here compared to previous releases? I am trying to remain composed, but I'm pretty blown away at the work they have put into this one (at least from what I'm seeing so far).

My only real disappointment is of course:
1) price
2) accessory port is still being used for the flash.

The flash is the big one. If this had a standard hotshoe, I'd be VERY eager to jump on one at the inevitable $600 price as its successor is announced. As stated by more astute observers, the Nikon 1 system does some things very well and is really in a class of its own in those areas. If you aren't interested in these areas, well then you can grab a $500 DSLR or mirrorless instead.

Now the only question is how much the V2 will go down :)

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Dear Olympus engineers
Thanks for Pixel Mapping.

I first used Pixel Mapping about 15 years ago and I say thanks for giving this to the public so early in the digital camera revolution. I can't believe I bought a Nikon DSLR last year that didn't have it. What's worse, it came with bad pixels from the factory. I feel like I have been transported to some prehistoric place.

Thanks for dropping SmartMedia too :)
I have some great memories of Olympus cameras (C-4000 and E-520, which I still use) thank you to all involved.

Thanks for this too :)

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On Rare photos of Rolling Stones emerge from estate sale news story (106 comments in total)

Why did it take this long for the boys to start using Instagram?
Oh wait...

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On Nikon D5300 preview (278 comments in total)

Still waiting for Pixel Mapping here...

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I don't even own a Fuji camera but I am excited to read this news. I do need to get out more, perhaps.

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An unusually high return rate was evident in the retailers we interviewed.

"Customers thought the thing would spit out instant prints", a retailer we interviewed said. "I've been repackaging these for re-sale like a monkey all day..."

Neither Polaroid or Nikon could be reached for comment at press time.

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On Puffin cleared to land in the Depth of field. challenge (13 comments in total)


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On Nikon 1 AW1 preview (587 comments in total)
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Beachcomber Joe: This camera is the result of Nikon misunderstanding their market research. Their research question was "What would you like to see us do with the Nikon 1 system cameras.?". Those queried overwhelmingly
responded "Throw them in the ocean."

I like the Nikon 1 system but your comment was hilarious all the same. Well done.

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It's really simple.
Social networking sites are a marketer's wet dream and a dream for central planners and profile-building global spying agencies.

You (and your kids) are the product. Make no mistake about it. You are exploitable to the maximum extent of the law. In case you haven't noticed, there is no law. EVERYTHING you do online is being recorded, including your phone calls and Skype calls.

Your details, pics and associations are shared with many companies in back-room deals; you have agreed to this. If you are OK with your associations and content being exploited by marketers and shared with government, insurance and god-knows-what-else, continue using these 'free' services.

If you're OK with these spies spying on you, that's fine. Just don't say anything critical of your so-called leaders or you may find yourself on the receiving end of a big stick real quick.

You are not in charge of your content. Your content and activities are there to be sold and exploited.

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On Nikon unveils tiny Coolpix S02 for 'trendy individuals' news story (63 comments in total)
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Mirrorless Crusader: This has got to be one o the worst ideas for a camera I've ever seen. It's a camera phone without the phone.

* cameraphones rarely have optical zoom & xenon flash

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Langusta: Sony has been actively developing some really strange gadgets recently, yet HDR-MV1 looks pretty cool.
Flip out screen problem solved with something like this probably. This whole market segment is very reliant on overpriced accessories.

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HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder looks intriguing. Sound is often overlooked and Sony make great recorders, like the PCM-M10.

I'm interested to see this reviewed.

The action cams and others like it always tend to bend the horizon in a very exaggerated way. It surprises me that more people are not put off by this. Maybe I have just watched too many remote-control drone videos on YouTube lately but I'd rather have the view not so obviously warped as the camera dips above or below the horizon.

I'm rambling a bit...

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On Nikon unveils tiny Coolpix S02 for 'trendy individuals' news story (63 comments in total)

Aren't DPREVIEW staff trendy individuals anymore?

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On Man breaks own World Record, now owns 4,425 antique cameras news story (109 comments in total)

The twist is that he has an aversion to .... film!
He only shoots digital.


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On Canon announces PowerShot N Facebook ready edition news story (48 comments in total)

NSA infested cameras. Excellent.

Direct link | Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 12:48 UTC as 26th comment | 1 reply

Excellent stuff.
We can start making our own camera museums now, if we haven't already. In 10 years the cmaera market will be quite different and it will be great to look back on our old friends.

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tkbslc: Casio? Are they still around?

If memory serves, they were first with high speed shooting modes which other manufacturers eventually copied.

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On Camera shipments continue to fall news story (136 comments in total)
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HawaiiVolcanoes: Some of you people are missing the point. Understand this: Increased Cell Phone Camera use = HIGHER prices for cameras...NOT lower. Thank You

I've seen nothing but copious discounts on both compacts and mirrorless in the last 2 years, despite a massive drop in demand for traditional cameras.

Maybe in the longer-term what you can be true. In the short-term, my experience has been the opposite. If they have too much inventory, it will be discounted heavily.

If we look at VHS VCRs; they were being sold 'for a song' for so many years before their eventual 'demise'. Prices actually came down on these so much while demand dropped.

Same with MiniDV camcorders. Demand dropping badly and manufacturers dropping prices like crazy (for years).

The only downside to both of these is that manufacturers starting taking out the more enthusiast features from these models.

Anyway, those are just 2 examples of where peak demand meant peak prices and lower demand meant far lower prices.

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