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Pentax K3
Pentax K5
Pentax K5ii
16-45mm f4 Pentax
50-135mm f2.8 Pentax
50mm f2 Pentax
50mm f2 Pentax PKA

Metz 58AF-1

Alien Bees Studio flash (one 1600, one 800, one 400)
Canon SX1is

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  • Buy local is the lesson there, I guess! Phil
  • Endless war is nothing new but I make a fuss about that. Same goes for McDonalds and Mitt Romney. It may be nothing new but to someone who hasn't ever bought in advance (I don't actually care ...
  • Oh yes. Charged to my Paypal Credit and paid it off and everything. Good luck with your software! Phil
  • Hi all, I ordered and paid for the K3ii and B&H said it would ship last Friday. That was then pushed back to today and today it has been pushed back to the 28th. I just did a chat with Ricoh via ...
  • Just to keep you all updated... Adorama is currently refusing to supply the tripod mount or to refund me the $30 to buy even the one on eBay though they will send me a $10 case (woohoo). I am ...
  • OK. I think that the eBay one looks like it has a broader base. I think I'll try that one first and see how I get on. Of course, first I want to try and get Adorama to even respond. Thanks so much ...
  • Thanks for that but that doesn't really seem to make any difference because the area that is attached to the plate is the same as it would be if it were just on the plate except that there seems ...
  • Just in case people read this thread and think this is the case, the tripod mount is removable so the fact that it isn't there is not a sign of it having been broken off but more likely a case of ...
  • Oh, I see what the Swiss System is for. I guess I hadn't seen that. OK so, as long as attaching that LF1 directly to the Manfrotto QR plate supplies sufficient strength I think I'm good to go. Thanks!
  • So if I got the LF1 and just attached it straight onto the Manfrotto plate that would supply sufficient strength and stability to hold the K3 and lens up even when extended to 250mm (thus pushing ...
  • Thanks for the ongoing help here. You are truly a guru! I ama bit confused as to why I need that plate. I use a Manfrotto head with a quick release plate like this. Plate Can't I just attach either ...
  • That is fantastic news! Do you have a preference? The one on ebay is cheaper but I am happy to spend the extra if you think the other might be of higher quality. It's a pricey lens after all! Thank ...
  • Created questions Looking for a tripod mount
    Hello all, I just bought a used 60 to 250 mm F4 DA* Pentax lens used from Adorama. When it arrived it did not have the case that it was supposed to have and I have taken this up with them. This is ...
  • No. The card looks fine and nothing can be seen in there. But it seems to be functioning OK so who knows? Thanks Phil
  • Oh boy, that sounds scary! Will do. Thanks for the idea. Phil
  • Uuuummm. That was the first thing I tried. It's not a problem with the card but with the internals of the camera. Thanks, though. -- I like turtles.
  • Has anyone else experienced this? I took the card out to transfer pics and then, when I went to put the card back in and it would only go half way in before jamming. I managed to get it to go in ...
  • Thanks all, that's just what I needed to know! Appreciate it. Phil
  • Created questions Charging an RX10
    Hi all, possibly silly question but I don't want to fry my RX10. Can I charge it with just any old micro USB cable such as the one for my Android phone? The one that comes with the camera is ...
  • Replied in Turtles
    Ah, I thought he was quoting (almost) a Magic Roundabout book from the 1970s. Ah well.
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