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Pentax K3
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Metz 58AF-1

Alien Bees Studio flash (one 1600, one 800, one 400)
Canon SX1is

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  • No. The card looks fine and nothing can be seen in there. But it seems to be functioning OK so who knows? Thanks Phil
  • Oh boy, that sounds scary! Will do. Thanks for the idea. Phil
  • Uuuummm. That was the first thing I tried. It's not a problem with the card but with the internals of the camera. Thanks, though. -- I like turtles.
  • Has anyone else experienced this? I took the card out to transfer pics and then, when I went to put the card back in and it would only go half way in before jamming. I managed to get it to go in ...
  • Thanks all, that's just what I needed to know! Appreciate it. Phil
  • Created questions Charging an RX10
    Hi all, possibly silly question but I don't want to fry my RX10. Can I charge it with just any old micro USB cable such as the one for my Android phone? The one that comes with the camera is ...
  • Replied in Turtles
    Ah, I thought he was quoting (almost) a Magic Roundabout book from the 1970s. Ah well.
  • Thanks for that. I was hoping there might be a way to make it zoom in a little bit at a time rather than all the way in that far and then have to pull out again. Is that not an option, I guess? -- ...
  • Created discussions RX10 Playback zoom levels
    Hi all, I just got a lovely RX10 and I love it but I have one question. When I hit zoom in on an image (in playback mode) it zooms way in to full crop. I am used to and prefer being able just to ...
  • I know Canon does a service contract. I am not aware that Pentax does anything similar. Do they do such a thing?
  • I'm actually beginning to wonder if you're replying to a different thread altogether. I would recommend going back and re reading what I wrote as you appear not to know some vital facts of the ...
  • Yes, it's so odd. They keep claiming they don't have the wherewithal to repair and don't send out parts and yet here is this repair company repairing it for me. They warned me that it takes an eon ...
  • I'm sorry but you are entirely wrong (beyond using '2nd' when you mean 'second' (the unit of time as opposed to 'not the first')). The place did use original parts from Pentax to fix the main ...
  • Indeed though it's only one of the two parts that they have received. I guess Ricoh got tired after putting one rubber ring in an envelope and needs to lie down for a few months before sending the ...
  • Ye gods! I do know that Canon does that thing where they will lend you a body while you get yours repaired but it probably costs a trillion dollars to join!
  • Ha. I just spoke with the shop and they HAVE received the part. So weird. Ricoh hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!
  • Created discussions Just a warning.
    Hi all, I am a professional photographer using a K3, K5ii and K5 and I have a warning for others who might want to run a business with Pentax gear. I love my cameras and have used Pentax since ...
  • Oops, yes. Stupid Android auto correct! That's what I meant. Phil
  • Thanks for that. The problem seemed to be that canvas is not a flat surface and as such has multiple angles. Still, it seemed to work out and my client was very happy. Phil
  • There is NO Checking.ini file there or elsewhere and, having uninsulated and reinstalled presumably would have replaced a corrupted file anyway, wouldn't it?
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