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BobFoster: A few years ago my friend and I each purchased D80's. The next year Nikon discontinued this model and stopped manufacturing batteries. Now we have cameras that are useless paper weights.
Nikon is a company that doesn't give a ....... about it's customers. They do this on purpose so as to make you buy the next model over and over again.

@ecube, whyamihere was being sarcastic lol

And yes, stay with original batteries as long as you can. Non-original batteries can give you headache. I know my non-original EN-EL5e batteries do!

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On article Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows (1394 comments in total)
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Chanthis: Junk.

Well, don't blame the tool :D

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On article Canon PowerShot S120 real-world samples (UPDATED) (70 comments in total)

The colors are dull and lifeless to my taste. Really missed IQ from older Canon PowerShots like my old 4MP Ixus SD10 from 2003.

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On article Nikon AW1 First Impressions Review (590 comments in total)

Sounds like a very handy camera. Love it. Now if only I could swim. :)

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I was hoping for photos like these, but yeah

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Doing re-art of an art is an art by itself IMHO. And I like her work too. :)

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ogl: Smaller sensor compared to other interchangeable lens systems.
DPREVIEW! It's P&S camera with interchangeable lenses. Please, compare with P&S cameras ONLY. I see that RAW result is very good for P&S camera.

While DPR is having difficult time categorizing this little gem, people will just buy and have fun with it. Me want one!

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On article Just posted: Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review (127 comments in total)

If I own this I'll just use it and have fun. I love making pictures.

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On article One Million impressions per month (1 comment in total)

I'm posting first comment for the oldest news at DPR..
Thank you DPR and keep up the excellent work.

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dark goob: All my DX lenses will crop on this camera! My 10.5 fisheye will only get a part of the pixels...! When will they finally make a camera that will be full-frame with my DX lenses?! I'm tired of waiting

I'm afraid you'll have to wait forever

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