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  • That is probably true, or may be an unwanted side effect. I have notised it both on the nikkor 70-200 VR (I and II) as well as on the K5 body, maybe one or two shots on occasion, normally not a ...
  • Mike, SR will on regular occasions mess up what should have been a perfectly good image for some unidentified reason. Sometimes it may only imact background blur characteristics of an image, the ...
  • Replied in Medium Format.
    leaf and phase one backs are open systems and can be used with a mirror when attached to such a camera or mirrorless when attached to say an alpha camera. pricey yes, but definitely mirrorless. I ...
  • We do agree that people with previous medium format experience may know what they want or need, but whether a given sensor is going to deliver still is hard to know before hand. Phase or one of ...
  • Almost ;)
  • The pentax 67 most definitely have a mirror slap, but also a viewfinder of very decent size :) Agreed. i do not find the 67ii as bad as its reputation. MLU is mandatory on a tripod though :)
  • Dont think there has been a lot of cameras in hands yet. Coming from occational use of a few different P1 backs. My guess (and we can only guess at this point) is that it will give the CMOS backs ...
  • Replied in A sad day
    What a shame. The limited were and still is very unique lenses and while i shoot different systems today The FA43ltd in particular stand out as the finest rendering lens I have ever used and it is ...
  • In general they tend to wok better than we humans do especially after extended periods of time. I have had pentax and Nikon DSLRs out for sometimes multiple days in temperatures as low as -46C and ...
  • I agree there is some vignette with it, I tend to use 77mm filters or square filters, which more or less solves the problem.
  • Best mini rant I have heard for years. I agree completely. Carl http://www.photographic-central.blogspot.com (Gear reviews) http://www.carlgarrard.blogspot.com/ (Best work compilation) Also ...
  • Replied in For FX or DX?
    There must be an awful amount of sample variation at paly, at what subject distances have you been shooting it? True the D800e shoes its strengths and weaknesses, but it still performs rather well ...
  • I do not have a corner crop online, but I will see if I can find time to post one later.
  • It is a very mixed bag from the reviews, however I have always been very happy with my particular sample of the lens and have had very little to complain about. Very sharpness corner to corner from ...
  • Well I guess everything boils down to expectations and perhaps sample variation? I adore it for both portraits and as a medium telephoto lens. Very sharp from wide open and with a very plesant ...
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