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  • Part of the problem is the manufacturers call it different things.  I think I read Samsung has an e-shutter and it sure sound like an electronic first curtain followed by a physical  second.  Sony ...
  • I think Mike said it in his second to last sentence.  If you use tracking AF or need to crop heavily, start looking at K3 series.  Otherwise, you're good to go.  And the 16MP has ISO80 for a bit ...
  • I agree it's not perfect (screw drive AF) and the hood is kind of 'old school'.  Interesting a 77 cap might fit over the hood.  I might put a CPL on instead of the hood for outdoors and leave the ...
  • How is it considered a lucky charm?
  • How can they raise price on the D FA* 70-200 & D FA 150-450 when the lenses haven't even been available at the retail level yet?
  • Thank you.  I've got a soft spot for out-of-sight sharp lenses.  As I go through to see what gear I can part with to, hopefully, enable buying the FF next fall several including this one are ...
  • Created discussions Shooting with the Sigma 70 EX
    Not that there aren't a lot of choices in the 50-100mm range in K-mount.  This is a good one though, IMO. lilac also smells nice. Thank you for looking.
  • K3II also has a mirror to deal with. But since Sony only went as far as EFCS, Electronic First Curtain Shutter (and not GES, Global Electronic Shutter) in their A7II model at 24MP we think Sony ...
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    The physical SR could remain active during video on the K5 series. It will be interesting to see what the reviewers say about this feature on the K3II.

  • Mark,  I think they might be oversampling to create a more accurate colour number (probably 16-bit - less noise) for each site.  Otherwise, we won't get the claimed noise benefits over foveon.  It ...
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    I sent back my first copy of 60-250 because the box had clearly been smashed during delivery.  I thought I heard the 'squeak of death' from the lens motor and saw a lot more PF than I expected in ...
  • I didn't see EFCS in Ricoh's official specifications for the camera.
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    Don't know.  The 1.20 can be backed out according to some who have tried it.  You could try it and see but I don't know the answer.
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    Let me explain the question better since 'You haven't understood it."  I read this about the sensor shift high rez limitation in the mirror-less Oly implementation of this tech. "There are obvious ...
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    Did anybody read what Ricoh has to say about the minimum exposure time possible with sensor shift high rez?  It depends on the chip readout speed I know, but I bet Ricoh knows the answer already.
  • Commented on Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II article

    Yes, it was off for the 150-450 & 70-200 but I thought the shots looked pretty good anyway. IMO anyway. It said it was on for the 55 maybe the 100WR but they also had diffraction correction on...

  • What you said. Also, Samyang/Rokinon make a 24 f/1.4, 36mm fov & fast on aps/c & 24 & fast on the new FF.  Win win.  Caveat, I've never tried it, just going by the FOV & speed .
  • Agreed.  The physical 2nd curtain on a K3 can shut off 1/8000 sec. exposures.
  • Commented on Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II article

    DStudio; And put the same tech in their FF camera this fall. (Including the high-rez sensor shift depending how well it works)

  • Cacti ?  :-D
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