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  • Commented on photo PC017292 in the Abstract Portrait Photo challenge

    I love this. How did you get this effect?

  • Agreed. You make good points that I mostly agree with and it was never my intention to go off on such an enormous tangent. As disturbing as I find the content in the post above mine, I think it's ...
  • Me. I went from Canon to Samsung and back to Canon. Samsung has been an absolute disappointment as a brand. With news of its impending doom I researched other mirorless brands but none appealed to ...
  • lol suicide professionals? Thanks for confirming yet again that there's no need to view your posts as more than a bad joke.
  • Your posts continue to betray such an irreversible level of ignorance it's disgusting. https://www.flickr.com/photos/125072070@N08/
  • I don't think "Westerners" are at all ignorant of the price Asians pay for their so called achievements. There have been numerous clinical studies done on the impact of overly strict parenting. A ...
  • um ok? I don't need to hear your life story thx. Also I'm not a parent and never will be. Kids make me vomit. My parents were always solidly middle class when they raised me but income level is ...
  • lol What the hell do Asian parents have to do with this? As an Asian person, I can tell you that many are far from ideal parents. There's no need to go into the detrimental effects of a parenting ...
  • I agree with every comment that's telling you to back off on the helicopter parenting and let your spawn grow up.This whole thread would be funny if it weren't symptomatic of how a lot of parents ...
  • I love the sl1. For a while I ditched the DSLR in favor of mirrorless but the sl1 has convinced me that I really need to just stick with entry level dslr's. In the past I owned a 60d but I now ...
  • And you had fun? I can barely stand its Midwestern blandness during the non winter seasons. lol
  • Replied in baneling
    Downtown for about 3 years near St George Station while I was in college.
  • Replied in baneling
    Seeing stuff like this always makes me want to beat myself over the head for not being more interested in photography when I lived in Toronto. I had no idea so many photogenic sites were within ...
  • They have a mirrorless line already - the EOS M's. Why would they want to make the rebel line mirrorless? I like my ovf's and phase detection tyvm. I've tried both dslr's and mirrorless and while ...
  • Commented on photo Autumn colours in the Your Best From the Panasonic LX100 challenge

    Looks like a beautiful oil painting more than it does a photo. Nonetheless, I like it a lot. If only I could paint like this.

  • Get a refurb directly from Canon. They are generally indistinguishable from new.It comes with a one year warranty. Also, I've never had a 70d but I have had a 60d, which is the precursor to the ...
  • I second this. This is much easier than focusing on an object first and rushing to stand in the same place. I have the canon brand remote trigger but I'm sure amazon's will work just fine. You can ...
  • Commented on photo smile in the Too Cute II challenge

    Obvious cheater is obvious.

  • Commented on photo smile in the Too Cute II challenge

    gee...this isn't suspicious at all. A poor quality, poorly composed photo gets first with an abnormal number of high votes. Good job you cheating lowlife. Just so you know, this thing isn't cute;...

  • Commented on photo Triple the Cute in the Too Cute II challenge

    Omg, this much cuteness should be illegal.

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