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Love my D300, 18-200 VR, SB800

Formally a Canon manual focus T90 user.
Still love that camera. If only it had a digital back!

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  • thanks for that i will look for the same think in our uk outlets. though i am chating to a B&H live chat man ow so i may open an account if they can ship to teh uk.
  • Thank you all for the information and suggestions. I have the Hot Shoe Diarys on order. I will start with some reflective umbrellas and take it from there. Now all I have to do if find some ...
  • Created discussions Umbrellas or Softbox
    Hi, Re: flash modifiers - Umbrellas or Softbox I am just a hobbyist not a professional I have 3 flashguns for my Nikon D300 Nikon SB-700 Max GN 28 Nikon SB-800 Max GN 38 Nikon SB-910 Max GN 34 I ...
  • you can custom crop you simply grab the handles on each side and move appropriately. The cropping is a but peculiar. unless I am missing something! I select crop and move the handles as required. h ...
  • thanks - seful maybe they will make it work in the main image in the next release.
  • I have only played with them a bit so far, but up to now, I don't find any real issues with them. There are things that could be done differently that would make them much much better from a users ...
  • Thank you. the update solved the problem. i wasn't aware that there was an update. I'm sure i checked not long ago and that there were no updates. must have been longer than i thought. thanks
  • Created discussions ViewNX-I and NX-D
    ViewNX-I and NX-D  running on Windows 7 64 bit I thought I would give ViewNX-i and NX-D a run for their money. When in ViewNX-I and I have a RAW photo selected above the film strip and I click the ...
  • Just to mention the obvious. if using a tripod then optical stabilisation if present (VR in Nikon speak, OS in Sigma speak etc.) should be turned OFF I would take some test shots using a flat test ...
  • Replied in D300 sensor
    just had another go with my blower brush (no brush attached - just the blower part) it made no difference so i will try and find a shop that offers the cleaning service. Thanks for all the help ...
  • Replied in D300 sensor
    Thank you Most illuminating. You learn a lot in here. So they are called Dust Bunnies are they - I like it ;-) Just used my blower and it has improved maters a lot, not perfect so I will have ...
  • Replied in D300 sensor
    Thanks for all the response. I will give it a blow first then if that doesn't solve the issue I will find a camera shop that offers a cleaning service. I agree with Murphy… I'll only make matters ...
  • Created discussions D300 sensor
    Hello, Re: D300 sensor, purchased new in 2008. Could anyone confirm that the problem I have is a just a dirty sensor and nothing more serious? blobs on door, dirt or faulty sensor? I have taken two ...
  • i had that thought after i posted and was sure it was diagonal. thanks
  • Thank you. i had it all backwards that is a billiant web site now the qestion is what are the field of view figures that nikon quote in the user manual and their web site? hoizontal, vertical, or, ...
  • Created discussions Lens focal length confusion
    Lens focal length confusion I keep getting this correct in my head but then I get confused again!! Must be getting old :-) I have a D300 (APC-C type sensor) Q1 I have the Nikon 105mm macro (Full ...
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