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CameraLabTester: The humble Housefly had a better design for thousands of years. What a brilliant creator.

Yeah Righ...........t I've never seen anything make itself yet

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mbpm: I am sorry that I am nitpicking here, but "North Carolina" is spelled wrong in the second sentence of the introduction of the article.
I should know, I live in NC.

You obviously like to nitpick even when nothings wrong.......... Proof!!!! it is spelled properly!!

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why ?????????????? it's a panasonic lens..................olympus didn't design it so why should they fix anything

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Cool pay $5000 for a camera and they don't even use duct tape to fix it tsk tsk

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)

There you go .......the reason this camera was cloaked in so much secrecy was because it was and still is a dud. Obviously they couldn't sell enough of them so they rebadged and repriced it. I wouldn't take one for free!!

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who cares sigma..................nobody wants your over rated camera that you hyped up for months with strategically timed dropped " hints", lies and blatant BS. I seriously considered buying one til you started playing headgames. You have seriously infuriated me so that I will never ever ever buy any camera from you for that kind of business strategy!

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On Book Review: Vivian Maier, Street Photographer article (150 comments in total)

For The most part photography is all about how well you can lie or enhance a scene given the quality of equipment you have. I however find a stark truth in her photos that is unsettling because, truth can be so ugly, and lies can be so lovely. Professionalism is nothing but doing your job in a cold calculating manner while remaining emotionally detached from the subject so you can mentally and physically focus all the powers you have at your disposal. That's my flap on it!

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On CES 2012: Sigma Interview article (152 comments in total)

No One cares about your cameras....thats why you come sucking around now mr. yamaki

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On Just published - a quick Pentax 645D sample gallery article (132 comments in total)

Boring...............why don't you take pictures that really show what the camera is capable of

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On Preview:sigmasd1 (56 comments in total)

with the amount of slithering and supposedly leaked info that was supposed to generate interest in this camera it reminds me of the pre-election hype thats supposed to whip the people up into a frenzy and vote/buy without reason! Past history says a lot about nothing.............so whats new this time around..more about nothing!

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hahahahahahahahahaha why would you have todo that to a camera unless it was "all show and no go"

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