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On Oppo Find 7 features QHD display and 50MP images post (61 comments in total)
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peterwr: "With a 13MP *1/3.06-inch* Sony Exmor CMOS sensor..."

FFS. When are camera manufacturers going to start quoting sensor sizes in millimetres? This 1/x.x business is needlessly confusing. OK, so maybe that's the point - big numbers sound more impressive to the inexperienced, even if they have a 1 over them - but still, millimetres (or even millimeters) would make imaging chips a lot easier to compare. It would make it easier to estimate the 35mm equivalent focal length of the lenses, too.

C'mon DPReview - how about you start doing it unilaterally? You're influential enough that maybe you could change industry policy.

I can see this technique would increase color resolution, since due to movement you could have different color pixels overlap, thus compensating for bayer demosaicing losses.
I am also wondering if Fuji will make a phone sensor with small and large pixels, let's say 8M+8M, thus increasing low light performance and DR without multiple frames. Small pixels could also be used to increase resolution with multiple frame techniques too. Any opinions on this?

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