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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II article (513 comments in total)
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crashpc: Canon killer. Grass definitely IS greener out there!

P.S.: also, a little intriguing is the 1/180s sync; what's up with that? Even entry level cameras from basically any other brand can do more.

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II article (513 comments in total)
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crashpc: Canon killer. Grass definitely IS greener out there!

Long time Canon heavy user here (and until a year ago, Kx user too with two tiny standard zooms). I've tried time and again to „switch”, but one of not-so-secret things about Pentax are... lenses. Sorry, you might boast about long legacy, but the fact is that common bread-and-butter lenses (convenience or enthusiasts-going-pro) are more expensive, and sometimes a „consumer” K lens costs more than the classic pro EOS equivalent.
For at least 12 years I tried various ways to bite the bullet and switch (and for 3 years I actually used both), but... Sorry, nope. I liked the cameras and the out-of-the-box thinking for features, but the lens prices are deal killers. And I need to mention it: really not interested in old/used ones, but in the sparkling new stuff, right anyone can buy from a store. And on the telephoto ones (my main $$$ investment) it's even worse.

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On Opinion: Canon EOS 750D and 760D article (318 comments in total)
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CNY_AP: Worrisome that a pro (the author) would think 18MP is "middle ground" when 24MP came out not very long ago and is way more than 99.9% of us need. The D70 is "only" 20MP yet costs more, so he must really dislike that camera. Only newbies buy cameras based solely or mostly on resolution, but there are a lot of those buyers, so in that regard, it was a wise and necessary move.

WTH? The author mentions (repeatedly!) that we all know better than to judge a camera by its megapixels number. Is this the new hipster trend, to bash in on a piece of writting? If yes, go be hip elsewhere. Especially since you acuse the author not only of something he did NOT do, and also specifically and repeatedly mentioned the other way around. The first paragraph, mentioning the MP case, ends like this:
„Readers of DPReview will know that pixel-count is far from everything and that volume of pixels alone does not a professional camera make, but it is a truth not universally acknowledged.”

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On Opinion: Canon EOS 750D and 760D article (318 comments in total)
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mahonj: It is about giving as many options at as many price points as possible for the minimum amount of extra engineering.
The innovation is the 24 Mpix sensor, which is available in 2 different bodies at prices $100 apart.
You don't have to get angry about it, just buy the one which best suits your budget.

Thanks, Donnie! Your sidetracked comment brought a smile, and it's like an oasis of humanity amongst all the commenters obsessed with DR or mirrorless supremacy. Good luck with those kids :)

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On Opinion: Canon EOS 750D and 760D article (318 comments in total)
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mgrum: "Canon has never offered us two cameras with the same sensor and asked us to pay more for one, to get some extra features before"

That's pretty much all Canon have done for the past 6 years ;)

I beg to differ, and I felt like I *had* to reply to that so people (especially the decision-makers at DPR) won't think that opinions are of less use.
The wording style is more than OK for me, and what really matters is that opinions like these are the main reason I come at DPR; for specs and stuff like that it's enough to check the BH listings.
While I agree that the „same sensor - never before” was an oversight, the more important part would be that exactly this opinion clarified some of my thoughts; I had a similar opinion, but way less crystalised and this article helped me.
Coming after 10 years of DSLR use, I felt like it would be the time to get a new camera (after 350D and 30D, and current user of two other oldish ones: 40D and 5D). I was kinda thinking to spring $$$ just for the 750D, since I already have two Canons with the „complete” control scheme. After reading this, it became quite clear that the price difference for the 760D would be money well spent.
Keep it up!

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (685 comments in total)
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Eric Glam: They forget to mention the fps when shooting 14bit RAW.
I heard that the burst can last up to 26 RAW shots, then slows down.

To me, that is the more important metric.
And we'll just have to wait for good comparisons to judge IQ.

Also, they don't mention if only the first shot gets AF, or the entire burst of shots gets AF.

I shoot (mainly) airshows, and there you have a lot of sky (of which you want at least a bit of colour, so over-exposure must be kept in check) and usually the plane belly contains at least parts with very dark shadows; 14bit RAW is a must, and every bit counts (pun intended).
More important... If the RAW files from A77II are "cooked" (noise reduction, or compression) then it's a dead camera already.

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historianx: LOL love the we need autofocus comments, they crack me up. If you need A/F for a 12mm wide angle, then you should probably not be in photography LOL

Well, I've taken photos of kids only once, and that was for a friend.
But I've been dozens of times in the middle of the dancers (paid photog), and that was since before anybody could get their paws on a full-frame under 5000$; hence, the Tokina 12-24 use.
BTW, even if I have no use for video footage (or I can't be bothered by it; leaving it to the young guns), still I can see a flaw in the logic for a stabilization system for UWA: of course, it's... video. Even with a fisheye, you still see the small jerks ;)
(and no, using a mFT or a Pentax with IBS for video isn't really a solution).
Anybody trying to bash Nikon for puting AF on their 14-24? Or stabilization on their 16-35? Crickets? :)

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historianx: LOL love the we need autofocus comments, they crack me up. If you need A/F for a 12mm wide angle, then you should probably not be in photography LOL

Actually, from a gross oversight, he proves his point... but not quite. While yes, you *can* count on a super-wideangle to provide a very large DOF, at f/2.0 all bets are off. And while kids play nicely at a distance, in the sun, the huge DOF covers the problem. But... and it's a big BUTT ;) here: <b>the oversight</b>.
Meaning, with my Tokina 12-24 (almost always glued to 12mm), at f/4.0 I kinda need to push the ISO to more than reasonable, while being in the middle of a dance floor, for example. Action at one to two meters away, semi-dark... f/2.0 would be damn welcome to get at least 1/100s while still under ISO3200. And at f/2.0, short distance, you can bet your amateur photographer licence ;) that you NEED to be in focus. Wide open and zone focusing is just begging for the right moment to be thrown away, in the pile of junk "almost focused" photos.

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photofan1986: 1000 bucks for a 70-300 4.5-5.6 lens? What exactly do they smoke at Nikon's? I might be what they smoke, that is :D

And, more importantly, all people forgot something: while it's an incremental update from the full-format (FX) 70-300VR, it still has to cover only a much, much smaller sensor (2.7x smaller). So why the fsck is it NOT at least f/2.8 constant, and why still so big?
The price is not that outrageous, if (and only if) it offers at least as good quality as the newish 70-200 f/4VR. Still, 500$ would be the max price that would get me to buy it (and a V3 camera, but at a quarter of the official price).
And yes, price does everything... An unproven system, way too small sensor (I love DX, wouldn't really buy FX again), and they don't try to get it in the hands of the shooters; they basically try to stop you from buying it... So, while I might be interested to at least try it, I would *never* give even half the marketed amount of dollar$$.
P.S.: while we're at it... They insist on converting dollars to euros at an outrageous parity. For that difference amount, one can buy a plane ticket!

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (596 comments in total)
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Blackraven: Lordy lord! There are a lot of trolls out today! The camera looks great and is extremely-well sensor, fast focusing, touch-screen, wifi, articulating LCD, EVF, new lenses......... WOW
Those of us who are keeping up with technology will know that the IQ/sensor size ratio is improving with each generation. The V1 had pretty good IQ that is good enough for most "consumers". It certainly could print 16x24" size prints without any problem. This new sensor will certainly be an improvement on the V2's.
The styling is many many notches above the V2. If the materials and surface finishes matches the high-level of styling then we're talking about a premium product.
There's a good lens choice from regular speed to fast lenses that are small and good to excellent optical-quality.
The price is a little high for me now but i hope this will come down over time. I'm keeping my eye on this one for sure.

IQ/sensor size: any improvement in a tiny sensor would be applied to a large(r) sensor too. Sure, we can go all the way to ultra-large sensors found in satellites (not stoping for puny medium-formats), but... Let's face it: while the Nikon1 cameras are good enough for facebook, they were artificially kept down under APS-C/DX.
And as someone mentioned already... They will go the way of the Pronea bird ;) (google it, it's a revealing story about another resoundig fail line from Nikon).

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (596 comments in total)
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Jim Salvas: From the minds that brought us the Pronea.

Perfect equivalent! Less is more now, exactly like it was then: less camera for us, more money for Nikon.

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On Am I missing something here? article (626 comments in total)
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jonikon: Richard,
You missed the Nikkor 18.5mm f1.8 in your list of enthusiast lenses.
It's hard to take your opinions seriously Richard, when you don't even bother to vet your research before you go about bashing a camera system you don't use and know so little about.
You are missing something else Richard: Journalist objectivity.

Ad hominem, the best way to bring the argument to a whole new level! Low, that is.
And I highly doubt that anyone could really consider 18.5/1.8 an „enthusiast” lens. Let's check... classic field of view (but „normal” would be more like 35mm, FX equivalent) but the light-gathering ability (a.k.a. „real aperture”) less than the crummiest zoom for DX...
So: nope, he didn't forgot anything. We actually have to give a standing round of ovation; never seen the flaws of a camera so clearly exposed on DPreview since mr. Askey took a step back.
I really do hope that more of the „new” cameras will be called under precisely this light, more and more from now on. After all, they sell our visit to the camera makers, but if we're less and less interested in continuous praise, what will there be to sell?

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On Am I missing something here? article (626 comments in total)
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Mike Brunette: I love my V1's small fast and most importantly for me, the evf. I'm 54, a photojournalist of 30+ years and my eyes need the evf, or glasses. The V1 has 4 weak points, overheating, blacked out shutter after 1 shot, clunky menus and the strange flash. Yet, it's awesome for street photography, can't wait to see if 3 of 4 are fixed. These cameras are full on pro quality, the lenses are pretty sweet also. Who cares about exposure compensation, shoot manual, it's way easier to batch edit. I bet the big lens will be a huge hit for pro sports shooters.

And you say that as... a videographer. All the respect for oil+water investigations, video documentaries and stuff, but some of us actually want a *photo* camera.

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On Am I missing something here? article (626 comments in total)
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samfan: For some reason, Nikon is believing they are a luxury brand and they can charge anything.

Nikon is dead. On one hand, they are chasing after the bottom ground (lowest-end DSLRs), on the other hand they want to sell very decent products with a 50% markup.

In the meantime, the prosumers, who have always been the core of Nikon customers, are being left in the dust.

That is no strategy. That is pure insanity.

Wait, do you actually think that they have *only* 50% markup? Maybe for ages-old D5000s that they still find a warehouse, half across the globe...
Try 400% from the bill-of-materials, or (at least) 150% from the moment you count the man-hours, factory building, paychecks and the (very) tiny bit of research that they do for the grand total of 3 (three) buttons shuffled around the screen.
50% markup... yeah, sure. From the moment that a camera enters in your country. Even fsk-old rejects still have at least 25% markup...

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On File0023 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (3 comments in total)
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DoctorJerry: TWA flying a prop plane? Very grainy image with the appearance of a much earlier time.

Looks like a vintage/museum flight (it's a DC3).

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Frederik Paul: Could it be that Canon finally got their things straight? I'm curious about the noise performance.

Take a look:
The ISO3200 one looks impresively clean.
P.S.: can someone help me? How can I write a clickable link in DPR comments? :)

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On Just posted: Our Canon EOS 70D hands-on preview article (355 comments in total)
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rodney in brisbane: Let's wait until we see the reviews. For many stills photographers, the 70D will only be interesting if its high ISO performance and dynamic range is significantly better than those of the 60D and 7D.

I found the samples:
I'm shocked by the ISO3200 pic... It's as cleaner than ISO320 (less than ISO400!) coming from my 40D, and that is PER PIXEL.
I hated the 50D, and while I enjoy 7D (and using from time to time 600D), I still struggle with high ISO from the 18MP sensor.
5DmkII was clean enough at ISO3200, but you still had to fight per-pixel noise; from what I can see in the few sample images, this looks to be the first really nice sensor in the last 5 years. I wouldn't be amazed if it beats the legacy reputation of Nikon D3S, sensor-wise; but it's a big IF, and only if those samples really represent the actual quality.

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On Preview:sony-cybershot-dsc-rx100-m2 (189 comments in total)

<< Since correction is part of the camera's design, we'd conclude that any converter not applying the corrections doesn't fully support the camera. >>

It's an *opinion* and I can respect that; your site, your rules. Still, it's no excuse to let it slide and NOT offer a test with a RAW converter that (at least) has the option to disable the automatic distortion correction.

Posted on Jun 27, 2013 at 07:46 UTC as 66th comment
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Alphoid: Fantastic news. This was ask for before by other folks, and I'll ask again: Give samples on full-frame. Why APS-on-full-frame? You can crop. If you're doing a square crop, for instance, you get more image than you would on APS. If you're okay with a bit of vignetting, you get more image. Etc.

The lens is also likely to perform differently on full frame at different focal lengths and apertures. There may be some combos where it does quite well.

C'mon, mr. Butler! A full test is outof the question, but at least a few pics can be snapped even by your cleaning lady, if you give her a FF :)

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 article (252 comments in total)
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davidonformosa: I'm currently using Lightroom 3.6. Is it possible to upgrade directly to Lightroom 5? Do I get to upgrade for the reduced price?

If you're from Europe, beware of the price gouging: $79 = €79.
Try to use a proxy, it's unbelievable that Adobe still practices this mindless price difference, for the exact same download. Oh wait, there's also English to English translation... :D

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