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bwana4swahili: An improvement over some of the WWII ideas of replacing the whole eyeball with a false eye / camera. The stuff of spy stories...


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star shooter: Not having a tiltable screen like the 60Da has, is a bit daunting if you are imaging near the Zenith and have to get down on all fours to look at the image. I use an USB connection to the PC, control my exposures.

The biggest factor in any camera is the 'noise' that builds up as the sensor gets hotter. So unless you are imaging at temps no more than 20C or lower, no matter what Iso you use, the image will take on noise. But, having a FF sensor this may not be a problem. Either way, I'm getting one.

My 60Da has been doing great for over year now and if the D810A can match or do better, then its winner no matter what others say. Let's see some test images Nikon!

"The biggest factor in any camera is the 'noise' that builds up as the sensor gets hotter. So unless you are imaging at temps no more than 20C or lower, no matter what Iso you use, the image will take on noise."
Fortunately that's not so problematic here in Finland, where astrophotography is mostly limited to winter anyway (summer nights aren't dark enough) and temperatures are more likely to be -20°C than +20°C. :-)

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kpaddler: "Not built for extended use in cold conditions"

As usual, DP doesn't disappoint with its useless points raised.

The camera lasts in cold weather longer than the people who carry it.

My old Panasonic GX1 sure failed in cold well before I did. First to go was its clock, which reset itself already at around -20°C (-4°F). Also, small cameras are generally hard to use when it gets so cold you need to use gloves, let alone heavy mittens - but some are harder than others (for example, I found Canon G11 surprisingly easy to use even with mittens on, despite the small size of some of its buttons).

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I've used a Really Right Stuff MPR-CL nodal slide for balancing, it or something similar shoud work well here, too:

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You can also use the * button instead of shutter half-press. That is, have one zone in AF-ON and another in * and shutter doing metering only. Or AF-ON for zone and * for 61-point, or vice versa.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to have one zone in AF-on, another in * and a third one in shutter half-press. That could be quite useful: separate buttons for left, center and right zone.

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christiangrunercom: Why is the Ricoh GR left out ? It would have nuked all the others...

Incidentally, I chose the GR over X100S not because of the focal length difference but because the GR fits in my pants pocket and the X100S does not. I think DPR seems a bit too obsessed with focal length and zoom as camera selection criteria.

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Harold66: This is a misleading title for a list of cameras which does not include ricoh GR, Nikon A, sigma dpm. I have seen the reply from dpr but if this is high end what becomes of these cameras not listed : super high end ??

The only reason I can think of for excluding Coolpix A and GR is that they lack zoom. But there are many people, especially among those looking for high-end pocketable camera, for whom that's not a key criteria, certainly not over image quality.

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sbansban: Will Nikon Coolpix A and Ricoh GR be included in the high end pocketable compact category? As far as I know, at around $1100 and $750 respectively, these two are the absolute top pocketable (or near-pocketable) cameras that money can buy.

Seconded. I wanted the best camera that I can actually carry in my pants pocket, period, and settled on Ricoh GR. I really can't see why it (and the Coolpix A, which differs from it mainly by ergonomics) are not "high-end enthusiast compacts", although arguably they would fit in the pocketable compact category as well.

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On article Tamrac 5592 Big Wheels SpeedRoller 2X Bag Review (44 comments in total)

It weighs 4.5kg? Not much fun when hand luggage limit is 5kg... even with 8kg (most common these days where I travel) the bag would take most of it.

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dbateman: This is good. I do hope more cameras come with DNG. I only know of Pentax now that has DNG. It would be great if all cameras had the choice of DNG. Then you don't have to upgrade your adobe software so often :)

Ricoh also uses DNG (in the GRD series at least).

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I've no idea where that Tokina info came from, the picture was taken with Olympus 15mm f/8 body cap lens.

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On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Stephan Schulz of Leica (195 comments in total)

By my reckoning the Leica S sensor is about 2.24x smaller 6x6 (which has ca. 55x55 mm² image) or 1.7x smaller than 6x4.5 (55x42mm²). So not quite three times smaller than medium format, but still definitely closer to full-frame 35mm.

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Henrik NJ: I'm excited to see what will happen to the rest of EU.

In Denmark D800 is listed at DKR 17995 - 18745 = UKP 2023 - 2108
In Sweden D800 is listed at SEK 24990 = UKP 2341
In Germany D800 is listed at €2899 = UKP 2424

It can't only be in the UK they have made a "mistake" on the price if that's their excuse, it will be in the whole EU.

> Anyone know where you would stand warranty/repairs wise with taking the EZ route (based on buying it on the high street)? I.e. would I need to ship it back to the country I bought it from to get repairs?

In theory, the legally mandated warranty, i.e., what consumer rights laws give you in EU, falls primarily to the shop you bought it from, not the manufacturer, and so you might have to ship it back to wherever you bought it. And as for any warranty beyond what the law requires, well, it's can be anything - you'll have to read the small print to know.

In practice, however, big manufacturers generally take care of their own. Canon promises to honour their warranty within EU but not beyond, i.e., stuff brought from the USA is not covered - but in practice it may still be - I have personal experience here, taking a US-bought Canon camera to a local Canon service facility. I have also heard that Nikon is just as good with their repairs - but the law doesn't require it.

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On article Canon ventures back in the water with the rugged D20 (48 comments in total)

Freezing temperatures down to -10C? It's just about that cold here now and it feels like a heat wave... the warmest temperature my EOS 7 saw last week was -18.6C, coldest -30C (I didn't bring it in all week) and it kept working just fine.
Let's hope that's just Canon being conservative in what they promise.

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Some people take weddings too seriously. $15000 for a wedding sounds outrageous to me; ours cost about one tenth of that (EUR 1200), with photos taken by my brother-in-law at no charge - although I'd photographed his wedding earlier - and they were perfectly adequate.

While I'm no wedding photographer I've shoot some relative's weddings and everybody's been happy with the results - but that probably tells more of the expectations than of me. The talk about "regret the rest of their lives" and whatever sounds just weird to me; if my brother-in-law had gotten sick or had his camera stolen before saving the pictures it wouldn't've been a disaster to us.

But otherwise, if you want the kind of service the photographer in question apparently provides, the price seems fair enough. Why anyone would want it is what I don't understand.

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On article What we want in a macro shot - Detail (56 comments in total)
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Adrian Harris: Nicely written, but I think you should have clarified 'Auto focus doesn't work well with most dslr's', because most other types of cameras auto focus uses the CDAF principal and work stuningly well for macro work. Thats why I bought a Panasonic G1 M4/3 camera, which never mis-focus on macro work. And of course another bonus is that smaller sensors do not suffer from the same DOF limitations as a full size dslr.

Sometimes you have to settle on great. :-)
For example, flying insects won't wait for long exposures and then autofocus can be useful.

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Ed Richer: Thank you for a good review but...
don't you think it is a little late? Summer vacations are winding down here in USA since schools starts in just a few days.
I needed this review back in June when I was looking for a replacement for the Canon D-10. Maybe it was for the better since the D-10 still works very well, so I saved some money.

Are they really freeze-proof?
I'd actually like to see a winter-camera review, how well they work in cold, how cold they work in and for how long, how they handle exposure in snowy scenes, how controls work with heavy mitts &c.
(Canon G11 turned out surprisingly usable last winter all the way down to -30C.)

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Somewhat disappointing review, in particular it gives very little idea of picture quality underwater - why no underwater picture comparison??! Also, Ricoh PX is criticized for poor underwater image quality because it defaults to high iso with flash! Surely that is a matter of ergonomics, not picture quality. I want to know how good pictures it produces underwater if you set low ISO manually (or in general, what's the picture quality for each camera at its best - ergonomics are a separate issue).

And I can't help marveling how Sony can be so praised when it's in fact all but useless in the target environment, under water.

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