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How can one copy another one's work and still have respect for oneself...

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If only it would have been shot with an 11x14 glass plate with a USW pano lens; We could then say without a doubt : "That is a real photograph"

But seriously, Tony you did good.

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keepreal: This is yet another example of capitalism gone mad and some people having money way beyond their actual needs to spend frivolously. I had this lens in the early 1970s in a mount for Exakta Varex and, for a triplet design, it was surprisingly good. However, $1,699 is a ridiculous price. About a tenth of that would make sense, little more.

I, for example, make prints of my best photos in A2 size (16.53 x 23.39 inches) and my Nikon D300 bought in 2009 with the Sigma 12-24mm f4.5-5.6 EX DG bought in 2006 are fine for landscapes in good light, even if there is better available today.

I would have been interested in the new m.Zuiko Pro 7-14mm F2.8 on Micro Four Thirds because that too would have been good enough. However I would not pay over $1000 for a hefty bit of glass, however good, when the saving in bulk and weight compared to APSC is so small.

Very few people need a Nikon D610 or better but the fact that so many people buy them usually attests to their greed or stupidity.

keepreal : "Very few people need a Nikon D610 or better but the fact that so many people buy them usually attests to their greed or stupidity."

You know crap about what people need...
Stop making a fool of yourself by talking out of your a$$.

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Markol: Frankly, every other dpr challenge winner looks like a painting.

HaHaha.. so true.

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On Promotional fiasco injures 20 at LG event post (35 comments in total)

Well, we(meaning you) are talking about it.... Free air time for LG.

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I was going to say things but I don't like writing.
I feel like 'Untitled #96' by Cindy Sherman regarding this news.

Take a look at what "one of the most bankable 'art' photographers in the world" does. http://www.cindysherman.com/art.shtml

In conclusion: It could be you!

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