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  • Yep, still do! i use the 10-30, 30-110, i had the 10mm and the 18.5 also. The 30-100 i think is a real gem, very sharp, very small. The 10-30 for me was good enough and i sold the 10mm and 18.5. ...
  • I am afraid you're not missing something. You will have to trust your eyes! (and set the diopter adjustment on the evf beforehand) tip: set the same variables in movie mode what you like to shoot ...
  • I looked up your signature "anti-art" and understand. cameras are made to see the world and that's indeed exactly what you did. I like that.
  • I again do. i started digital phtography with a new D40x and 'upgraded' to several camera's and brands. Nowadays i use a D7000 and V1 but also bought another D40 (<3000 clicks) for 120€ actually i ...
  • I compared several of my lenses (75-150 serie E/80-200 af-D) and found the 30-110 to be one of the sharpest... even my 18.5 prime is not that sharp.
  • Do not doubt. order quick and have fun, it is the 18.5mm that made me really go for the system. It is fast, quick to focus, light and a perfect allround field of view.
  • First up, i have to say that after selling off all the other camera's i owned last month, the nikon V1 is the only one (2) that I have now. I like it that much. but, without knowing, on original ...
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    I really like your results. And as you mention, you have a fine collection of gear. I also would advice to keep the V1. But i assume you would get results like these with any of your camera's. But, ...
  • Thanks for sharing these excellent pictures. Guiseppe, you have an excellent eye for composition, you make the v1 shine! I also like your "wintermood processing" .
  • Old thread, I know. But remains actual. Since there seem to be a love or hate thing going on with these camera's it for us -lovers- pretty easy to obtain an extra lens, an extra battery and a extra ...
  • The ever so annoying program selector comes in handy now (on my V1)  if you set your iso the same on moviemode, you will get a what you see is what you get. I always use that feature to check ...
  • Thank you for showing us, i like the close up of the wheel a lot. the challenge yourself in one focal lenght is a very good exercise, good luck with it!
  • Commented on Kodak_anastigmat_002 photo in myzel's photo gallery

    I think these images of your anastigmat lens are very beautiful. They show character and emotion. The black and white one also is very very nice. Is there some other place where you post your...

  • I think it is really encouraging that third party sellers/producers start selling cx mount lenses. It is 'prove' of a certain trust for the system. At least from a marketing point of view, there ...
  • Coming back to this older thread because i really like your effort/experiment. indeed, it is so easy to add 'grain' in additional software, but i like the fact that it is possible without. Using ...
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    I spent my first ever holiday on texel this year, so i recognize the story you are telling. Very good use of the 28mm which i also love. Very nice Daniel-- http://www.flickr.com/photos/ronaldbunnik/
  • Bumping this older thread after buying an 18.5 and indeed becoming more impressed. Can you please recall where did you buy that lovely wristwrap and or half case? i think it looks really good!
  • Replied in Italy
    You are a talented photographer Daniel, thanks for showing us Italy. Love the second one! Question: do you print sometimes and what print service in the Netherlands does not over sharpen our lovely ...
  • Thanks a lot for that link, very good rainy sundaymorning reading!
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