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Nikon! I think you got the pice right for the pd kit lens but not for the dual lenses. I mean $400 usd diff?

No matter no guess people can buy the cheaper one and the other lens cheaper separately (but that doesn't make sense)

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On Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2 R real-world samples gallery article (272 comments in total)
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The Name is Bond: An 85mm is not for headshots or even head and shoulder shots.

It's for head and half torso at the most.

You need a 135mm equiv minimum for headshots.

If you don't believe me then try it with your consumer zoom. It makes a huge difference.

That depends on the intent of the photographer. You can totally do a headshot with an 85mm focal.

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On MIT algorithm predicts photo popularity article (97 comments in total)

Basically sex and p*ssy sells :-)

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2295 comments in total)

I have to applaud Leica for including 16GB ram built in. This means you never forget to take that menaced with you.

I always wondered if anyone would do this and I have to say 16Gb is pretty usable generous even for raw+jpeg shooting.

This may sound stupid until that day you have the camera with you and you realize you have no memory and you have some killer shot in front of you.

Very few things are more frustrating to a photographer than seeing a shot s/he can't take in front of him or her.

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On Lytro announces Illum light field camera article (346 comments in total)
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samfan: It is a nice toy, but how often do you really need to change the focus after the image is taken, unless it's misfocused? There have been some nice examples, but honestly if I am viewing photos, I like to look at them and not play with them. For interactivity, we have videogames.

Plus the largest issue of this system is the proprietary format. Without uploading those image-thingies to Lytro web site, you can't share them. I'm not sure if you can even view them. If the company goes bust, you basically lose the option to use the original images.

And there's the resolution thing... And the new price thing. Original Lytro was at least inexpensive.

Napil- full stop faster is meaningless if the ISO performance of the Sony is still better, which it may very well be.

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On ISO1600MoneyAtSunset - Nikon 1 V3 test photo in Raist3d's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

DPreview as I just found out re-compressed JPEGs. The original JPEG is even more detailed.

I can't use my website at the moment as it uses type pad which is under a denial of service attack.

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Looks like image hosting/licensing sites competition is heating up.

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On Google applies for contact lens camera patent post (29 comments in total)


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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (650 comments in total)

If I was a Pro Landscape Photographer, as in selling big prints, etc. of landscapes and having a nice cash flow I would totally go for this.

I tried the first camera before this one and it is quite amazing. Pentax has a long history of medium format 645 film series, and this one supports all those lenses too.

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On Sony Alpha 7S in low-light: See video at ISO 409,600 article (244 comments in total)
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fortwodriver: <sarcasm>
Great, now we have a camera that takes photos in practical darkness. Here come the thousands and thousands of flickr entries showing dark rooms, dark corners, and general darkness without any attention to lighting technique. Why? Because you can now do that, and it will be good because those photographers will call themselves "pro".

Yes because the average flickered/flickerette has so much disposable income as to buy a $2k+ camera with a $600+ lens.

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On Sony Alpha 7S in low-light: See video at ISO 409,600 article (244 comments in total)
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km25: Big deal. Frist it is a movie, that is impressive, but for stills? Second the lens on adapter is F2.8. Just think a lens that is F1.2 would use iso 105k. Where would tht put a D4s. 12MPs has been past up years ago, a specially in FF. In APS-C and M43 we know of the two cameras their. It woud have served Sony much better to have cut the MP of the 36MP sensor in half for 4k movies with 18MP. Like the D4s Nikon and Canon camera. This super low light is a one trick pony, after you do some real low light stuff, then comes what. No lens and narrow use, Sony do you think before you leap?

Yes, you know much better than Sony engineers and the potential for photographers/videographers.

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peevee1: It would be hard to sell it in the USA for $700 (or whatever they want in other countries?) when Oly E-PM2 goes for $249 with kit lens.

It all depends what you want as a photographer. The J4 has an auto focus the EPM2 can only dream about. And the EPM2 makes a clicky noise by the shutter while the J4 has pure silence. The video capabilities of the J4 are also better.

Not saying the EPM2 is bad or a bad deal, but it's hardly the slam dunk you propose.

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beavertown: NX Mini will sell like a hot cake comparing to this J crap.

You are not making much sense here Scottelly other than Samsung has come out with some cool models. Ask yourself for a start what sensor you think the NX Mini has?

And Sony not innovating? Oh please. What leading sensor manufacturer is being used more and more with excellent Dxomarks?

And sorry- but Apple doesn't do what? You think more processors is automatically an innovation? Man.

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Master Yoda: First, the new Canon M and now this new Nikon 1 . . . both "NOT FOR SALE IN THE USA". Personally, I wouldn't buy either one but it would seem they are waiving the white flag with the USA with these kind of cameras and probably doing us a favor LOL. Meanwhile, Fuji, Oly and Panny continue to move forward.

Mark- I was being sarcastic. Look at how many nationalities are around in these forums. So yes, I can totally argue with that. In fact, looking around in the forum proves your point wrong.

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Scottelly: What's the point? The Nikon 1 system is a dog. Nikon has allowed it to languish, not offering a decent range of lenses. Even though they've had years to develop a half-dozen new lenses for this system, they have not done so. Why? Because they really don't give a rat's ass about the Nikon 1 system. People who buy this camera are ignorant. It's a stupid system to buy into. If Nikon had treated it more seriously, I would not be saying this, but they have made a toy, and that's basically the way I see it, because that is the way they seem to see it too.

So sad. It COULD have been a cool thing. It looked promising at first. The small (but large) sensor means that excellent lenses could be made for this system at a fraction of the price of full-frame lenses, and significantly cheaper than the lenses made for APS-C system lenses. But Nikon hasn't done it. They have dropped the ball.

While I would agree that Nikon could have had a better vision for the system, I don't think the system can be called "a dog." And the lenses keep coming so.. I mean, it took a while also for m4/3rds - Fuji is really the only recent company that came out of zero to a lot of lenses pretty fast.

As for people who buy being ignorant, I am going to have to disagree with such market statement. I am looking into the system now because m4/3rds does not offer what I would like at the moment.

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Nukunukoo: 1 inch sensor. Not even BSI. If Nikon REALLY wanted the mirrorless to take off, they should have taken a page off Sony's RX10: Full frame video capture and uncompressed video over HDMI. The movie making enthusiast market is GROWING, but alas, the execs are clueless again. The only saving faith would be this mythical D9300... I'm happy with my D600 and D7100 but that does not mean I'm happy with their direction...

The Nikon 1 system supports movie taking reasonably well. What you mention is not the real issue with this system.

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binauralbeats: Interesting Canikon are not even making an attempt at competing in the US. I guess they know their mirrorless offerings are subpar.

That doesn't make sense. The V3 is announced to sell here.

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bgbs: Nikon 1 failure.
It's simple, if you cannot sell it in the USA you've failed.

Anthony - there are many logical counterpoints to his, but what you say makes absolutely no sense. If it was for that Nikon wouldn't even be selling the V3 here.

Simply put the J1/J2/j3 didn't sell as well as Nikon hoped and there's an inventory surplus. Has nothing to do with return policies.

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On Olympus sued for $273 million over accounting scandal article (42 comments in total)
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RichRMA: Banks, upset at business malfeasance. That's a good one, since we just went through a near-depression thanks to their "flamboyant" business practices.

So it completely justifies further fraud by a capitalist company. Right?

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That's for the consumer to decide, not the marketing department!
I'll think they are way wrong. Its not a sports camera, nor does it have enough appeal to be a winner in the mirrorless section.

Have you actually tried aven a j1? Te autofocus is absurdly dslr pro class fast and that was the first version of the system

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