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obayedh: @ steven_k

It will depends on high ISO noise - looks like a great cam for CaNikon to afraid of!!

Lens options restricted and cant be rented ? How much do you know about the Alpha lens eco system really

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On Sony RX1 Hands-on Preview (624 comments in total)
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dark goob: It's 135 format... Not "full-frame."

X100 is full-frame. So is X10 and every other non-interchangeable lens camera. It goes without saying that the sensor and lens of a non-interchangeable lens camera is full-frame.

Quit calling 135-format "full-frame." where is your journalistic integrity or grasp on language?

OM-D is full-frame. EOS-M is full-frame. They are all full-frame because full-frame describes a relationship, not a size. Use language correctly please!

Whats your beef ? Can you name a camera system of which its native lens doesnt cover fully the image circle of the sensor ?

Fullframe is well known enough to also mean the 135 format. Stop looking for bones in an egg. Period

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Jens_G: No 24mm prime. No Focus peaking.

I think those rings on the lens are wired operated , the mf speed remains to be tested

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itsastickup: The Sony system is very attractive but for one issue: none of the pro/semi-pro zoom lenses have great bokeh, and some are downright awful. Canon lenses thrash Sonys at bokeh.

I really do want to buy in to Sony but this issue is a show-stopper.

This is huge statement to make. You obviously dont own any of the lens.

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