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Nice lens. What are we supposed to put it on?
Real photographers need REAL VIEWFINDERS.
Selling off my a900 and Zeiss lenses. Sony and Zeiss told me they don't want my money and that, like it or not, I would have to go buy Nikon.

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No doubt he will be the first wedding photographer in history to get sued by 50 newlywed couples at once!

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On Interview - Phil Molyneux, President Sony Electronics article (133 comments in total)

What I want/need is very, very simple.
I need a box that stores a bunch of megapixels, 36 minimum, 50-60 would be better.
Three or four high quality lenses, nothing exotic.
A good, 100% optical viewfinder.
Apertures and shutter speeds, along with built-in metering.
An upgrade path for the future so that I can have exactly the same camera (more or less), with ever-increasing image quality.

Isn't it amazing that Sony built a new camera (a99) with lots of bells and whistles but STILL managed to fail me even on this very simple list?

Anybody want to buy an alpha 900 with some really nice lenses?

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T-Rex is dead!
Does this mean all Kodak camera films are done? I guess so.
This may go down in history as the biggest mismanagement case ever.
After all, photography is not dead, just Kodak.

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If this is a copyright violation then every wedding and yearbook photograph is also. So is every painter of the same school who followed the first painter in that school.
Obviously, photographer #2 stole the style of photographer #1. Stealing style is not a copyright violation. It is simply a violation of taste and the wannabe rule.

The judge is out of his mind; but then, we kind of expect that from the whole upside down leftist British system.

The judge should instead have fined BOTH photographers for poor taste and boring us with their photographs.

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On Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy article (398 comments in total)

C'mon guys. Don't be so hard on Adobe. What else could they do? They don't have a Steve Jobs they can fire or a New Coke they can try to peddle. They have to do something monumentally stupid!

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