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    and insects do not taste bad.
  • Pat Condell has quite a few video's on Youtube, where he expresses his point of view on this subject. Is he stupid, or is he brave?
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    It certainly is a special day for everyone in the Netherlands. Most people have a day off from work. There are music festivals everywehere and I just watched 120 WWII vehicles pass by (escorted by ...
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    I do not deny that. The problem is, that masses like bald and simple statements /oneliners, and he's a master in these (therefore very populistic). No nuance (don't know if this is the correct ...
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    I know he has spend years warning people about this. In these years he had and has to be protected by bodyguards everywhere he goes.
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    Geert Wilders...who was invited to speak and gone before the shooting took place. In a free democracy you can say anything you want (freedom of speech)...but you do not have to.....
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    That's absolutely correct...I should have added that the place I live, was liberated by Canadians, Americans and British soldiers (as was  almost all of the Netherlands). Polish men and women also ...
  • Created discussions Liberation
    Today it' s exactly 70 years ago that we where liberated from Nazi German occupation. Every year our country remembers the victems of WWII. Thousands and thousands of American, Canadian and ...
  • Great! I do NOT like the looks of skinny women; not attractive or beautiful at all! I love plus sized women. Just my opinion.
  • ?? Agree with Wellington..who said anything about Jews? Certainly not KEVZPHOTOS. Why do you specifically mention Jews?
  • No problem to use a  standard user account...not as admin.
  • Created discussions "rootpipe" vulnerability Mac?
    http://www.macissues.com/2014/11/04/how-to-protect-os-x-from-the-rootpipe-vulnerability/ http://www.geek.com/apple/mac-os-x-rootpipe-security-vulnerability-discovered-but-theres-no-fix-date-yet-160 ...
  • I'm not dragging it anywere. Just hypothetical. What would be a good reason for military intervention abroad in your opinion? thank you.
  • Never? Not by anyone (or any country),under any circumstance?
  • Do you advocate military intervention abroad? Yes, I left out the US part on purpose.
  • I think it' s completely insane that in some countries, civilians can buy guns for  "personal protection".  Too many people get killed and it doesn't contribute to more safety (on the contrary). Th ...
  • Sorry if this has been posted before..hilarious:-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOXQo7nURs0#action=share
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