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Navy hospital corpsman, In VietNam, 1968-69. Crna (ANESTHETIST) since then. Very happily married x 41 years, Now retired. Pentax & Canon guy..


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On 2014 DPReview Readers' Best Shots: Things article (25 comments in total)

I would have been happy to claim owner-ship of any of all three TYPES of pics.

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On Pentax K-5 In-depth Review preview (5 comments in total)
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eclat: What I find so disingenuous (and irritating) about these otherwise wonderful reviews is dpr's clear bias toward Canon and Nikon. The exact same specs can be found on a Pentax, but what we'll get is a measured, sometimes even tepid nod, while with the Canon/Nikon, there will be an enthusiastic thumbs up for the same feature. The Pentax line (as the most obvious example) is held to a different standard, it seems.

Take the Pentax K5 review, for example, which is called a "serious amateur's" camera and yet is compared to its "direct competition," the Canon 7D and Nikon D300s, cameras that are for "keen enthusiasts, professionals and aspiring-professionals..." and "semi-pros" respectively. Apparently Pentax "serious amateurs" are equal to Canon and Nikon "pros and semi-pros." We always knew that, of course, but still... try to be a little more objective in your reviews and a little less biased, one way or the other.

S0 true, and so aggrevating.. Always has been, though!!

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On Have your say in our 2014 Readers' Polls article (64 comments in total)

If you are going to "RATE" a camera, in a list of CAMERAS, why not give a rating number for all the cameras on your list?? I'm just asking, Dpreview??? It is not fare to any of the cameras to only rate some of the cameras, using a random number or "percent of perfect" kind of system, PhotoRamone..

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On Ten things we learned this week article (91 comments in total)
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ManuelVilardeMacedo: "Penticoh"? "Ricax"?

Brain-dead, nit-witty! you funny guy!!

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no tokina for pentax??

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I had a heck of a time getting off of FACEBOOK. And I'm embarressed that I was ever there. I have discovered that people that don't like me or how I think, don't like me, or how I think, in snail mail, or email or any OTHER form of on line social networking. Going on line and hoping to find love and kindness is the greatest form of DELUSION. I have suspected, all of my life, that I wasn't what very many people would like. and now in my OLD-AGE, I'm gettin jiggy with it...Leave F.B. if it's lewd and distasteful to you. RJM

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On Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century article (248 comments in total)

I bought a K-01 and though it seemed a bit BIG and did not have an optical viewfinder, I loved everthing else about it... Built in-the-camera shake reduction, and HDR, et al. Amazing photos with the pancake 40mm lense, and I was hooked. So all of the pentax lenses fit, and I was having fun again, taking pictures..So then I bought a "K-5" and decided to let my canon system go. I'm not going to worry too much about whether-or-not RICOH takes PENTAX down a uncharted path, I'm gonna go along regardless. Cuz I still like their GLASS... RJM

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Honey-combed litters..

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On Best DSLRs and ILCs for less than $1000 article (277 comments in total)

I am now limited to a canon digital elph and then strictly PENTAX cameras and lenses. Gave my canon eos 30D and lenses to my son. Pentax lenses have always been Better-than-Good". and the price of their glass was reasonable. It always thrills me to read reviews of the K-5 and I agree with the cudows given. I also agree when dpReview states, " Once a pentax enthusiast always a pentax enthusiast". I'm not a Pro..... obviously, but I know what I like....PENTAX.... RJM

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Does ZEISS make lenses to fit most brands of cameras?? I would love to see a discussion of lens manufacturers, and lens quality of various name brand lenses. I'm a rather serious enthusiast, and really don't claim to be well informed. I would like to read opinions of these more advanced and more opinionated lens buyers/users. Ramone.

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first, and formost, the pictures are a series of seasonal shots (note the green green grass, then the brown brown grass, etc.) Second, it is a compilation of photos of a much-loved DAUGHTER, cooperating with the photographer/father. How one could be nasty/critical, is beyound me.... I must say that all too often this forum is a display of hyper-ego ed and condescending comments by nare-do-well photographers, who think that "condescending to the rest of us, makes them look superior. It does not. and its the same nay-sayers every day.....So if ya can't say something nice or at least FAIR.....stay home

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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (591 comments in total)

How much G.A.S can one accumulate with the mirror-less stuff? Realistically G.A.S. is still not a sin, and many of us are still wollowing in it's euphoria. I bought a mirrorless camera without much thought, I just believed the rumor/addage, that small travels well, and a camera that's with you, gets used... The great big problem was....."No Optic range-finder"... I couldn't seem to get well focused pics looking at a SUNNNED Screen, ya know what I mean? fortunately the K01 can use all the pentax lenses that I have since bought for my FABULOUS K5.. I admit to loving the GEAR Accumulation Syndrome I live with. Life's grand RJM

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On 50 lessons learned about mobile photography post (74 comments in total)

I like very much # 50... Shoot for you, and no-one else.

Direct link | Posted on Jul 19, 2013 at 13:57 UTC as 17th comment

are they going to start ignoring us pentax fans.??

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Oh!! It just occurred to me, Is this still his FIRST truck???

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Do you suppose that it's LEGAL, or Friendly, even?? I once took a picture of four ladies in a shopping mall, all were dressed in middle-eastern garb (Burkas) and you could see nothing more than their EYES. I was incredulous that they were very angry that I had taken this picture of them, out in public... My response to their complaint was, I'm very sorry, I won't do it again... But later, it occured to me that , How could they Prove, in a court of law, that it was the four of THEM??? BUT, I believe that, with-out getting their PERMISSION, I shouldn't have "done that Drive-bye" thing.. I'm just sayin!!!

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On Focus Stacking in Macro Photography article (129 comments in total)

How in the heck do you make all the changes, take all the shots, at differing F-stops, and NOT lose the subject to a "fly-away" ??

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On Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo Backpack Review article (106 comments in total)

Bought one while visiting friends, in Savanna, last week. It's twice the size of my previous back-pack, but now I can carry two cameras, eight lenses and the metz flash. Big, but safe and well worth the money.. RJM

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On Nikon D5200 Hands-on Preview preview (213 comments in total)
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GP2012: Hi, Can someone please clarify the D5200, EV auto bracketing ability. As Nikon User manual does not say +-2. Only says 3 shots at 1/3 or 1/2. I also checked a camera in store, but have to say i'm not great with the nikon menu system..and i found the EV bracketing setting, but only has on or off.
Couldn't find where you could set it to +-2. There seems to be mixed information about this specification online.
Any clarification on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

I wonder why it is that DPreview doesnt give a number value when they review canons and Nikons?? Like the recent 83 for the Pentax K 5 or the 69 for the Pentax K 01??

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On World Press Photo announces 2013 contest winners article (298 comments in total)
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jadmaister2: Photojournalism showing the power it has to make us feel.
In many cases, sadly, making me feel ashamed to be human.

Now I liked that. And have "LIKED" a number of your postings, until you get to thinking that you're the only one thinling, then it gets Squoooie, very screwy indeed..And by compareing your grand postings to my very few postings, I have to assume you're into competitve Squoooie!! RJM

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