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okay they are going to need a new CEO very soon...


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mike kobal: @samuel dilworth
comparing Chloe's work to Elena's is like comparing a non fiction novel to fiction and declaring only non fiction should be valued

hence you are not very good at photography because you tend to use words to describe feeling rather the other way around.

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Samuel Dilworth: This rampant kitsch (which runs amok on sites like 500px) is destroying our ability to see. It’s like the ‘loudness war’ in music: everything is turned up to eleven to attract attention. More is without exception more in this world.

So it follows that if a dog is good, and a pot-bellied toddler is good, putting the two of them together at sunset on a misty farm is even better. (Duh!) If you formulaically combine:

• fluffy pets
• children
• sunsets
• snow
• backlit mist
• flowers
• bucolic artefacts
• fabrics blowing in the wind
• blurred backgrounds
• very warm, highly saturated colours

… you arrive, as Shumilova did, at the apogee of this aesthetic – the equation can’t be denied! – even though you’ve truthfully created an absurd parody of beauty.

As this garish view of the world becomes normalised, it becomes harder for people to see other, better possibilities.

your hatred against someone's success is blocking your eyes that's what i see..

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)

copy of Contax RTS III?

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On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (921 comments in total)

no film advance lever.....this is not vintage
no film rewind crank.....this is not vintage

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olympus made it?

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Sergey Kostrov: Guys, visit a very popular city, like San Francisco ( go to a Lombard Street, for example ), and look what kind of cameras are in hands, or in pockets (!), of hundred of tourists. I don't understand who really needs all these long-zoom and super-long zoom "monster"-cameras especially if I take into account that more then 40% of all money spent on electronics in 2014 will be spent on smartphones and tablets. From my point of view that is a complete waste of money on R&D and production because during last a couple of years we saw so many long-zooms with 200K LCDs, limited functionality, questionable IQ, etc.

wide angle for tourists
super zoom for window peepers

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On Samsung NX30 First Impressions Review preview (357 comments in total)
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Meuh: Looks like an interesting camera but I'm not a fan of the canon style control dials :/

I much rather have the front and back dial as in pentax/nikon where the front dial is in front of the shutter and the rear dial behind it instead of the front dial being behind the shutter and the rear dial around a dpad.

I know its a silly thing to not like but its how I'm used to shooting :).

My first DSLR was infact a samsung gx10 (a pentax k10d clone). which I still enjoy to this day due to its lovely 10mp ccd.

I don't think the dail is even an issue...technically you can use your index finger for the dail and middle finger for shutter for Canon users....alternate this option for Nikon's just about body cooridnation.

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On In photos: The beauty of bees article (49 comments in total)

this is amazing!

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On FroKnowsPhoto's Video Guide on sale article (143 comments in total)
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Styleimaging: I for one admire what Jared has done and is doing for the photography world. Not many people have the skill and talent to rise up and let their voice be heard. branding is key and jared you are def a recognizable figure in the online photo world today. "I shoot Raw" t shirts. thats genius man. next time ur in SoCal hit me up. we talk shop.

For all you dead head old school photographers out there with your shitty negative attitudes. keep fueling this man's flame. every single negative shitt you throw at him, he's just gonna get stronger, wiser, and better. ahahhha negativity is needed to succeed without it life would be boring and bland.

v -

oh please! are you keeping me?

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On Nikon Df Review preview (1613 comments in total)
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the Mtn Man: I love the retro styling. This might be the perfect anti-theft camera design. What thief is going to want to steal what at first glance looks like an obsolete, 35mm film camera that wouldn't fetch more than $10 at the pawn shop?

they use dpreview you know....geez

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Review preview (351 comments in total)
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ragmanjin: I always said the first camera I'd buy my daughter would be the Pentax Q, but now that this GM1 came along at the same size as the Q7 but with a bigger sensor and (presumably) better IQ, I'm conflicted...I could order the Q7 in Pink/Purple for her.
Or maybe I'll go for this and just get some colourful spray paint for it instead?


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On Fujifilm announces XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS wideangle zoom article (172 comments in total)

someone complains about the weight? oh please~~~why don't you hire someone to carry the camear and lens for you then.

and please don't even have a doubt in fuji's optical performance.

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On Fujifilm announces XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS wideangle zoom article (172 comments in total)
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$$Policy$$: I'm enjoying everything about the X-Series. With this lens, my bag will be largely complete: 10-24/15-36mm zoom with stabilization, 23/35mm prime which lives on the XE2, and 55-200/84-305mm zoom with stabilization.

good for you

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On Enter the 2014 World Press Photo contest article (23 comments in total)
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InTheMist: These comments are ridiculous. These are working pros turning excellent, dramatic work daily, sometimes under extreme conditions.

If I go out and shoot all day and I delete all the images because they're crap, oh well, I had a fun day. These guys may not get paid that day!

Take a look at last few year's winners. If you can't say that they are excellent images, you need to reconsider your hobby.

Or, it's just jealousy.

jealousy of course....

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On Nikon Df real-world samples gallery article (224 comments in total)
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retro76: If there is one thing I have noticed for last few months is that every camera whether it's a FF or APC Canon / Nikon, Sony NEX, Micro 4/3rds, the Nikon 1 series, or Fuji all produce very similar IQ (under the right conditions, there are some exceptions). There just isn't anything special about the IQ from a given camera anymore, everything has reached the point of maturity. A few years back I would have given my left arm for the Nikon DF, but I really feel that Nikon waited too long (and their price point is too high). I have moved on and entered into the mirrorless camera realm where everything I could possibly need is available. I am sure this camera will be a success either way, it's beautiful and Nikon is definitely the king of sensors at this point and continue to push out new lenses faster than any other manufacturer.

camera itself is just a box that capture light...all cameras are the same the only difference is who is using it and how.

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this camera won't even sell! stupid nikon...

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On Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan article (613 comments in total)
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Donnie G: No surprises here. Canon is wisely selling the camera in Japan and Asia only, since those are the only places where mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras have had any kind of sales success. Unlike the competition, Canon doesn't have to bet the company's future on a camera form factor that has only proven to be commercially successful when they were sold by the millions as small, pocketable and cheap fixed lens P&S. Smartphones own that ground now, and so far, the idea of adding a larger sensor and interchangeable lenses to that point and shoot form factor hasn't paid off for any camera company. If the EOS M cameras ever turn a significant profit for the company, then there will be incentive for further development of that system. Until then, it just makes sense to stick with what works for the overwhelming majority of camera buyers on the planet, and that's Canon's highly profitable line of DSLRs. Business 101. :)

thsoe girls pursue IQ over beauty touch up and easy operations so don't count them in. the majority of asian girls just want simple operation, slim design and app that touches up their skin.

look at the success of casio tryx....

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peevee1: The existence of such prices for useless stuff is a indication that some people have TOO much money, and taxes can be safely raised.

be careful for what you are wishing for....riches never pay taxes doesn't matter how much you raise. it is just gonna hurt the middle class.

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On French newspaper publishes issue with no photos article (208 comments in total)
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offtheback: Now I'm waiting for a newspaper issue with no text and no photos.Wait wait....I have one already.

what is that?

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