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last struggle before bankruptcy?

Direct link | Posted on Sep 18, 2012 at 00:49 UTC as 62nd comment | 2 replies

holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is REALLY SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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Drexlor: Is it me, or when you look at the back screen, the 6D LCD no longer has a light sensitivity detection lamp? Which mean the screen brightness will no longer auto adjust. If this is true, we will have a problem getting a clear view in sun lights. Just this issue along might turn away pro shooters. I currently use Mark III and Mark II, and often shoot weddings in the sun.

stay away from 6D and don't compare it with Mark II and III....Mark III is the beast and 6D is....oh well

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)

i think DP should put up a warning sign next when such a mid-level DSLR comes out..."Pros are strictly prohibited"

honestly...this ain't for pros so please don't compare to 5DIII..this is just a 60D packed with a FF sensor without built-in flash.

I own 5DIII so I am laughing my ass off...but if I were a 60D user I would step up and buy this. It will do a fine job : )

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)

no way this would be $1500 and no way 6DX will ever come out...just no way and you should know Canon better.

better AF, 100% viewfinder, auto LCD brightness adjustment, 1 CF slot.....that's 5DIII

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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timshel: Guess I'm the minority here but I'll probably be buying one, if not two of these. I'm a pro photographer who still shoots the original 5D because I'm still happy with the results it gives and so are my customers. I often wish I could upgrade the screen on the back to be actually useful, a few stops of sensitivity, and some weathersealing.... sounds like canon made my dreams come true and saved me (and my back!) a pound between two cameras. That said, I'm disappointing by the SD card but more so the lack of the joystick. I'll probably have to replace both cameras just to keep consistent and make life simpler for me.

Maybe this isn't the right camera for bench racing, but I think a lot of other event photographers may be happy with this feature set.

buy 5DIII if you are a pro
buy 6D if you are tired of APSC and wanna try FF

otherwise...stay away from these 2...

oh dont' even bother with 2nd hand 5DII...

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)

6D is merely a step up for amateur to have a taste of the FF magic (but really what's the magic)...don't expect too much from a pro's perspective because you'd rather kill yourself. I was laughing over 6D when I saw the announcement.....HOWEVER....this is not for pro so for an amateur this is WAY better and it does more than 5DII...WHY NOT?!

it better be around $2,099 know the drill~~~

Direct link | Posted on Sep 17, 2012 at 19:19 UTC as 279th comment | 2 replies

this is GREAT NEWS! but...where is 3D?! I want a 3D!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 17, 2012 at 19:13 UTC as 14th comment
On Toronto summer night skyline in the Toronto challenge (4 comments in total)

omg...i live in toronto and i have never seen an angle this way...AMAZING!!!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 16, 2012 at 03:25 UTC as 2nd comment

this sh** is sick...really it!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 12, 2012 at 15:13 UTC as 24th comment
On Sony announces Alpha SLT-A99 24MP full-frame camera article (92 comments in total)

this is one hell of a mofo...look at that grip!

where are the anti-nikon, anti-canon boys? where are you guys?! come out and celebrate!

no~~ this is not a D800/5D3 killer. yes~~ i am laughing at sony fans now...LOL!!!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 12, 2012 at 14:07 UTC as 14th comment | 1 reply

please stop f-ing around already! please! this is a joke in photography! my god! my eyes! they are burning!

give me the MD-SD, K1, K3 whatever you would like to name it....I WANT A FF PENTAX!!!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 11, 2012 at 00:12 UTC as 46th comment | 1 reply

yawn....i am falling asleep just like pentax.
please give me the full frame body MZ-SD....please!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 10, 2012 at 23:41 UTC as 75th comment | 1 reply

oh god...

Direct link | Posted on Sep 10, 2012 at 23:38 UTC as 22nd comment
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plevyadophy: FAILURE!!
Well, this item isn't as good as it is claimed to be.
I have tried it TWICE, once with old firmware, and second time with new firmware. It failed to work on both occasions.
I was testing it with a 1D (Mark 1) and a 580 Mark II flash gun.
The list of problems:
~FEC that you set doesn't show in the viewfinder (as it does with the flash in the hotshoe)
~ FEC is not reported in the EXIF data during image playback
~ You can't use the transmitter (tx) to fire flashes at desired power level so as to take meter readings of individual lights. Instead, pressing the TEST button on the tx results in a very weak test pulse being fired irrespective of power output set on each flashgun. So you must trip shutter to get flash to fire at desired power.
~ Chnaging flashes to Manual Mode does not work
~ When tx zooms flash heads it causes error message on the flash after the flash has been fired.
~ Setting FEC on the tx has ZERO effect
~ Finally, EVERY shot taken results in GROSS overexposure

1Ds Mark II is on your wish list...would you like to buy it from me?

Direct link | Posted on Sep 5, 2012 at 16:56 UTC

i think it's time for DPREVIEW to launch a new test -
STE3 vs Pixel King vs Pocket Wizard...

you may add yongnuo to the list too. the other day i saw they came out with a new tranceiver as well but ain't quite sure about the specs. the old RF602/603 were like @%#@$#@%#@$ though

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METROMODEPHOTO: anyone have any idea on the cost of this unit?

yes it is expensive damn you pixel makes good products and sucks the money out of my wallet...LOL!!! good job though!!!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 5, 2012 at 16:51 UTC
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inevitable crafts studio: Part IV:

The maximum wordcount is NOT so that its funnier for you to write posts in three parts, its so that people like you cant annoy the sh out of others by posting their wisdom in posts that take two browserpages to read.

people are laughing over your comments because another ID10T tries to be funny but failed

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i have the same conclusion for Vertax BG-11. well built but the feedback from the buttons aren't the same as Canon legit copy and yeah Vertax is of plastic so it does feel different. is still great value for its price.

Direct link | Posted on Aug 30, 2012 at 17:32 UTC as 47th comment | 9 replies

i want a phone that can keep my coffee warm or microwave my lunch. yes, samsung you can do it!

i also want the walkie-talkie feature back's @#$#@ing stupid to make a phone call while my wife is just a few aisles away in the supermarket...

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