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JDThomas: Sigma has proved before that they have the ability to outdo Nikon with some of their prime lenses. The 50mm f/1.4 being a good example. I have no doubt that this lens will at least be equal with the Nikon version. Sigma is stepping up to become a major player in the lens market.

Of course this Sigma lens has a polycarbonate body as opposed to a magnesium one like the Nikon, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Lighter weight and lower price. Most people don't seem to mind that most entry to mid-level cameras are made out of polycarbonate. The stuff is strong.

This will be my next lens purchase. I hope they come out with a 24mm f/1.4 soon.

i dropped by sigma 50 1.4 on concret multiple times and this @#$# is still good. just a small chip on the lenshood hinge.

also, i don't think any wedding photographers would be willing to choose heavy equipments over light ones and again we don't need weathersealing~~ i just need a light, fast, AF reliable lens...

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Mr Fartleberry: Garbage. I'll give you $299 for a f2.8. Providing it's better than the 25 year old Canon and Nikon offerings.

okay give me one

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i want this lens...i want all Sigma lens could be calibrated by using the USB dock so we could do it at home.

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Rooru S: Is it safe to think that Sigma is going to redo many of their current lens lineup and bring them into the new Global Vision Lineup? (with the S, A and C thing?)

don't worry...sigma's design normally has a short life..

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On article Samsung NX 12-24mm to cost $600, 45mm F1.8 around $300 (119 comments in total)

only fools buy samsung...

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topstuff: The moaners are pretty predictable, but I think they miss the point.

Amazing best in sector AF. Very fast operation. Tiny lenses.

And IQ which is perfectly excellent for most uses, especially the use of ipads and LCD panels which so many people use these days to view their images. For such people ( and there are many ) the little Nikon is perfect.

Besides, the original 1 series has sold pretty well. This will build on that.

People carping on about wanting a bigger sensor in a Nikon mirrorless are missing the point - this camera is not for them and was never intended to be for them.

And if you tend to use an ipad to view your images, then complaining about the small sensor and IQ is pretty moot.

DOF was my only criticism of the small sensor, now ameliorated to some extent by the new fast portrait lens.

Its not a bad offering. Bravo Nikon.

Still wish it has a flip up rear LCD though, as per OMD and NEX

soccer moms won't buy this...

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i actually like the retro look but definitely don't like the 2020 hyper-inflation price tag with 2004 performance.............................sigh~

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Denton Taylor: Hopefully 5Dmkiii comes right behind...

just about to say it too....please~~~ do it for 5D3!!!

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On article VSCO Keys offers shortcut to Lightroom efficiencies (65 comments in total)

......................................this is......rediculous?

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On photo clelia2 in the Cruise Ship challenge (1 comment in total)

this is number 1 in my opinion.

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On photo Sun Princess visits Wellington in the Cruise Ship challenge (5 comments in total)

this is ISO 100?!

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On (712 comments in total)

5D3 all the way!

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tommy leong: Class 10 is about the SD memory
NOT the wifi transfer speed.

is that correct?

so, while it CAN transfer RAW files, it didn't mention how many days that will take.....

class 10 is wayyyyyyy to slow. even at 45mb/s is still too low....

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Louis Dallara: You can buy a whole Samsung camera with built in wifi for $129 on Amazon
Why would you spend $99 on this card?
IMHO.My Eye-Fi X2 never worked right, so why would I gamble on this card, besides it doesn't work with a D800

Eye-Fi would hate you if they see this....shhhhh....

16GB is not even enough!

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audijam: what's the relationship between Benro and Sirui?

or share the similar blueprints (with many other whatever brands too)

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what's the relationship between Benro and Sirui?

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Jogger: Waste of time since these are taken with the kit lens. The limiting factor is the lens not the camera. Not sure why DPR doesnt use the same lens across bodies so that proper comparison can be made. Something like the Zeiss 50/2 Makro can be used on Nikon and Canon bodies. For the m43 cameras they use a macro lens.

DPR's test is more meaningful for average photographers. Pros shouldn't even look at D600 from the beginning anyways. If you are a pro, buy D4/D800, period.

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Photato: Funny that the iPod Touch outsells the iPhone yet it is ignored.
The new Touch version has the same lens as the iPhone5 but bigger pixels (5MP), so I wonder if it is going to be better for low light than the iPhone5. The touch is basically an iPhone5 minus the cell phone, but still can make wifi calls.
In regards to the screen, I see a lot of problems with all the rest of the iOS devices apps showing letter boxing because of the 16:9 new screen ratio. 16:9 might be great for movies (new ones) But for everything else a 3:2 screen ratio is a better compromise between movie ratios, better for web browsing, photos and apps.
I like that the screen gamut got bigger though, a feature everybody will enjoy.
Dont like the new 9pin proprietary connector, it seems like a step backwards since it lacks analog audio and video, and it renders all your 30pin accessories obsolete or impract.
Battery life has not improved and remains annoying almst everyone on a daily basis.
I think Ill skip a generation

for someone doesn't even know Ricoh or Pentax, such as you...i think you should stick with iphone and stop coming to DP. seriously. your comments are always provocative, meaningless and stupid.

sorry if you were just a teen...i shouldn't be so harsh on someone only recognizes iphone.

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On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon (216 comments in total)
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SunnyFlorida: what a bunch of softball questions! Why didn't you ask him

a-) How come Nikon Coolpix Cameras are such crap compared to Canon, Panasonic and Sony?


b-) Oly and Sony are eating your lunch in the mirrorless segment, how much longer will you stay with the CX system

no offense....but i think you are the ID10T here

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On Canon EOS 6D Hands-on Preview (1035 comments in total)
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Sad Joe: I plan to attend next months Open day at Calumet - the Canon staff will of course be there - anything you Canon fans would like me to tell them face to face about the c**p 6D and how we all wish our lenses would fit the Nikon D600 instead ?

sales of 6D will beat D600 because it fits the need of the market and satisfy the need of many serious landscape photograhers. and no i don't want to stick my L lens into the mouth of Nikon...

plus, you don't represent us - Canon fans. thanks.

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