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Tradional cameras come in monchrome, mostly black and silver. So now we will have a monochrome camera which comes in "eye catching colors" like red. This to me is a rather incongruent concept, and I wouldn't think an expensive item like this camera to need gimmicks to sell.

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The white background is very hard on my eyes. When i first saw this yeaterday i searched for a way to turn it back.

Why is there this constant theme these days to constantly change things for the sake of change. Apple has a new operating system almost every year. I gave up trying to adjust constantly and currently a few generations behind but have no issues.

Stick with what works. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Especially when you have a signature look!!!

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Al Valentino: Perfect lens for astrophography on a M4/3 system

You really don't get it. It is a 12mm lens for m4/3 sensor/bodies which has a FOV of 24mm for a 24mm lens on FF. That field of view is about 85mm. All this is listed on specifications for the lens. Look up the Olympus 12mm f/2 lens om BH and it will give the FOV angle

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Al Valentino: Perfect lens for astrophography on a M4/3 system

12mm is about an 85 degree field of view which is why the FL and speed makes it perfect on the 4/3 system for astrophotography

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Perfect lens for astrophography on a M4/3 system

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Owen: Does the firmware support focus stacking like the GX8?

I think stacking is only on Olympus bodies

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Bravo!!! Outstanding job.

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On article Road tripping through New South Wales, Australia (31 comments in total)

Excellent set

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On article DxO OpticsPro 11 brings advanced Raw noise reduction (106 comments in total)

You would think that by now DxO would acknowledge Fuji cameras/raw are not a short term fad and worth investing some time in how to cook their raw files. I understand their initial reluctance to consider Fuji but now, 4-5 year later they are still ignored. Many Fuji shooters would seriously invest in DXO if DxO would take them seriously. It's a shame ☚ī¸

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On article Striking: Photos from a lightning hotspot in Venezuela (34 comments in total)

Magnificent work.

Who says lightning never strikes in the same place twice 🤔

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I think they should have went with a 1.7x TC instead. Better compromise of reach, light and IQ.

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On article Rice Hill: Shooting in Riisitunturi National Park (30 comments in total)

Excellent work in a harsh and beautiful environment

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Wow. Some extraordinary photo opportunties captured very well.

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Breathtaking 👍

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On article Readers' Showcase: Phil Garcia (71 comments in total)

Wonderful images.

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Few advertisments ever make me lust for a camera, this one does. I love to photograph landscapes and high dynamic range and old fashion, tripod mounting... This camera would fit that bill and never feel the need for more. Although i think 50mp would be plenty and wish that had the 15 stop DR like the 100mp version - buth that's how they get you!

Sadly, that is just a dream since i have tiny pockets :)

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I own the Lee Seven5 system if filters, 2 stop hard, 2-stop soft, and the Big Stopper. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I have also used three other major brands. The key is always proper handling and storing to insure thenever scratch

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On article Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review (2126 comments in total)
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Yxa: Nikon D7200 silver award
Sony A6300 gold award
Some Sony bias here for sure

XPro2 got a score of 83 but only recieved Silver Award.

Also, the 6300 should have been compared to the XPro2 but it was compared only to a DSLR.

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Retzius: Looks like ISO 400 on my good old Nikon D200 :)

Well, maybe closer to ISO 1600 on my old D200 :)

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2471 comments in total)
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Dr_Jon: Since ACR doesn't do a great job with X-Trans how about adding a page with a comparison of SilkyPix SP7, Capture One and Iridient to ACR? Otherwise the Raw results seem less reliable.

It is a very cool camera to use, although I'm not quite convinced by the AF. I trust some more information on lens-dependent AF performance will be added once final firmware is available?

Add my favorite,Photo Ninja to the list. Okne of the best for detail and dynamic range

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