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  • A point of curiosity; Whatever happened to the rumored Nikon P8000 "large sensor" camera?

  • Go to: Photography Blog.com, to see preview pics taken with the Panasonic LX100. This is a camera capable of producing very good images.

  • Re; all the critical/super critical comments about the LX100: The average person taking photos does not enlarge a picture to a point that they are viewing only a very very small percentage of the...

  • Looks like Panasonic has a winner and sales will probably be brisk. Very good colors and definition. Very usable high iso with this camera and video to boot.

  • From a non-Fuji owner: If you can live with a 35mm lens equivalent, then the very good images from this camera could make a very tempting purchase a go. Fuji does not forget their earlier customers...

  • just to echo cgarrard, every camera has setting adjustments for a reason. The fact that DPReview uses standard out of the camera settings for preview pics is perfectly logical. For any camera, if...

  • Man! Did a lot of people have a bad night? This is just a camera. Hate? That's OK! Then don't buy it. The fact is that it will appeal to a segment of the population. It can and will produce very...

  • With the Sony RX100mk111, Panasonic FZ1000, the Samsung NXMini, Nikon V3, it looks as if nthe 1inch sensor cameras have a lot to offer anyone in the market for a new/different camera. Results are...

  • I have this lens and am very happy with the pics i can obtain using this lens.To have wide angle , image stabilization and STM mechanism along with a $299 price tag, the market can use more...

  • Go to 43Rumors and click on the website "Soomal' and take a look at S-1 pic samples. Very nice pics.

  • If the Kodak name and lens availability from Panasonic and Olympus along with their own standard lens rings a bell, then this company could be onto something. Love it or just look at it with...

  • People!!!! You are looking for the "perfect" camera and it doesn't exist! If it did, there would be no more innovation and new"imperfect" cameras. Whatever turns your exposure switch, go for it....

  • Thx DPR Staff! Must be doing something right with all the comments and interest displayed. It aint perfect but it sure can take some nice pics. Certainly juices up the super zoom category....

  • this camera may have some setting quirks but, first impression of the sample indicates this camera can produce some very nice images.

  • while raw pics may provide the "ultimate' best image, there is i would guess a substantial portion of photographers that depend solely on jpeg images and as such these images are not as crisp,...

  • Commented on Site Update: notifications article

    Thanks for your efforts. Look at you site numerous times.! Hard to beat a site that is so informative and free!!!

  • Looks to me as if Samsung has the capability to please many individuals that may be in the market for this camera form. Very good definition, vibrant colors and high iso shots that appear to be...

  • For the average non-pixel peeper, pretty darn good images for a small sensor point and shoot camera.

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    If some people are so upset with DPReviews method of reviewing cameras, quit reading and find another site! This ain't a perfect world and there is not a perfect camera.

  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review preview

    DPR team: hang in there! Just because some see you as not perfect, that does not mean that you do not do a good job. You do!

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