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That whole press release is some of most meaningless BS I've read in a long time, even more so than that BS from getty images the other day. Unbe-fooking-lievable.

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On article Corbis Images content to be distributed by Getty (29 comments in total)

“As the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world, Getty Images is always innovating and investing to bring customers the most comprehensive and diverse offering of quality content,” 

That's the biggest load of BS I've read in years anywhere at all on this planet...

And anything in any way related to dealings of psychopath billy boy gates is only ever bad news.

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papa natas: ok, let's see about "BEST"
SONY a6000: puny screen pixel count for it's price and hoopla.
NIKON D5500: so, but so poor video quality.
FUJI X-T10: I no LONGER look at FUJI as a serious camera manufacturer ever since that horror story about FUJI laughing at customers who were trapped with their X-10 model "ORBS"
Camera manufacturers stopped being COMPETITIVE about 10 years ago.
All they offer & sell now is NOVELTY and LIMITED over priced progress.
PHOTOGRAPHY is a religion.
Camera manufacturers are the sects.

Actually, the replies to your post are silly and your post a lot more insightful than they think. The real innovators in cameras are Sony and Samsung. Samsung quit because people are following the leaders, or are in a cult. The cult of 'the brand' which can be Nikon, Canon, or Fuji. Fuji's attitude was made quite clear in their response to a question in which DPR asked a question which also included a comment about Samsung. Apparently Samsung camera's "something is missing. Heart, or emotion.". And that is exactly what Fuji gives, an emotion, but certainly not a camera even close to esp. the NX1. Then the other guy commented "a camera is more than just a processor. It’s a lens, sensor, processor, ergonomics and operability and also [customer] service and everything." yes and in just about all those points, Samsung is least as good. Fuji fooked up with the orbs, right, so whatever Samsung does/did, almost pales into insignificance to how they originally 'solved' that...

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mediasorcerer: this is a subjective opinion based on personal observation and use, however, im finding the 5 axis i.s. in my sony tends to make some photos have a doppelganger outline around the edges of foreground subject matter and i now dont use it much at all even handheld in the evening because of this aftereffect i have noticed in arw files onscreen.
i think images are sharper without out it, just have to develop the skill of holding the camera very still-technique.
It tends to show up even more when using editing effects like contrast etc.
its not as handy as you would think, maybe it works better when there is slightly more movement rather than less, ie if you are holding the cam very still the ibis creates the effect, thats all i can think of, but its there for sure.

> By RubberDials (6 days ago)

> The double image you're describing (dopplegänger outline) is called camera shake. Sony knows about it. We all do. Except you guys.

Oh great, someone who thinks he's smart, and that everyone else is stupid, and yet 'Rubberdials' doesn't even know that image stabilisation itself can cause ghost images. Sony knows that it's not only camera shake, just like all camera companies know this, as they all say to switch off image stabilsation when shooting on a tripod.

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1500 comments in total)
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Jim Radcliffe: Sigh..... some things just never change. Glad I got over Leica several years ago.

Not quite, I'd say from your picture :) (avatar, whatever)

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1500 comments in total)

Uhm, yeah, so you still haven't created the 'news for dentists' section so normal people can just ignore this stuff. And by the way, I think that body looks unbelievably crude and ugly which makes it look even bigger than it is. It's similar to fonts: Scale them up and they look ugly, wrong, the dimensions need adjusting. Same here... Then again, perhaps it's meant for the same people who liked the Pentax K-01.

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> > What's unique about the perspective he brings to his photographs?

> One of the most obvious things about them is that they are from 3 feet off the ground! It's an angle no one ever sees.

Nonsense. If I understand these archaic 18th century units correctly, then people who are not tall and use a neckstrap to photograph (I am surely not the only person who does this for streetshooting in particular) will shoot from an even lower vantage point. I'm not small and with a not very long neckstrap shooting height is about 1.1m.

Perhaps he means even lower?

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I read this article keeping in mind manufacturing issues such as:

- When a competitor shows off a camera it was already designed years ago
- They know what must be improved and how in e.g. sensors, but they simply haven't got the ability to improve that quickly, or it costs too much at the moment, and really it's often not that important but even if it is, it's not something they 'learn' from other manufacturers.

then what he says makes a lot more sense but this guy is not particularly smart in saying what he says, in a way that makes it look like he is a psychopath (people who think they are amazingly smart, but in reality are not, who are not good at their job, don't understand people though some can pretend to etc. Not so different from being autistic in many senses). Perhaps he is one...

In any event, I would rather not see such vacuous interviews where people are not willing to tell anything, or barely anything, interesting.

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On article World Press Photo revokes prize from Giovanni Troilo (100 comments in total)

To me a lot of photos from pro photographers look so good that they are almost fake. I don't mean to say they are making such unbelievably good pictures, but that they use some post processing that make colours more vibrant than experienced in reality, and/or unrealistic HDR, for example. Same with his pictures, and those with people were obviously staged (well, at least 1 but I think more). To me it didn't look to portray Charleroi in a negative image, but simply to show (a) unrealistic images, and (b) perverts. Perverts you can find in any city I'm sure, and unrealistic images, see what I wrote earlier. To me the pictures seemed thus pointless, stupid, but hey, I'm no judge in a competition, and they surely know it better than me! (Hint: No they don't)

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Mike FL: "La semplicità è la sofisticazione finale" Da Vinci.

Whoever said it first doesn't matter. It's nothing special, it is in fact something quite logical esp. in engineering where you want a design as small, simple as possible but not simpler., or even travelling where you want to take the least amount of gear with you, the selection is also a minimalisation optimisation. Less is more, Goethe's "sorry for this long letter, I didn't have enough time it write it shorter" etc. are all examples, nothing special about any of them except that to optimise is hard... The criticism you gave that his pictures are not worth looking at because he uses what you think is a quote by Da Vinci (could be much older, reinvented independently etc.) is pathetic. Your comments about another poster needing a college education are equally pathetic. I'd suggest before criticising others you check your use of English (or even American) in those comments.

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Something like the Seagate wireless plus looks more useful (not Canon specific) at least if you don't need to show photos on your TV nor NFC, and a lot cheaper.

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People who can afford this, won't need this contest. People who can't afford it, will need to pay for insurance it seems from a comment below, but also, they will get to experience what they can not quickly experience again, and become surely disappointed with their own gear. What is the point of this competition?

But then, the same is done with cars, where people get to ride it for a while, or get a drive in a super-expensive car. Some people find that worth their while, I think with cameras that's less likely, but possible.

I will pass!

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Why was the comment of the "bunga bunga edition" removed? It was (despite some inane reply this is 'racist') very funny and with the explanation given that made clear how clever the joke was, even funnier...

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tiberiousgracchus: All the hard work the photographer put into getting there for the monkey to have his hands on the camera in the first place means nothing then? Its the photographers property. The large organisations are using a loophole to 'own' what could be an all time classic image.

Copyright is about creativity, not about 'hard work' nor about the amount of money that someone spends on making something. If the result is not 'created' such that it is considered a creative work which is protectable with copyright law, then all the effort done and money spent won't change that.

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straylightrun: Breaking news just in: It has now been confirmed that If your photo is captured using the camera's self timer, it is legally not your photo any more but is the property of your camera.

> It has now been confirmed that If your photo is captured using the camera's self timer, it is legally not your photo any more but is the property of your camera.

The creative part needed to make a photo to have copyright rights for the photographer was done before pressing the button: Selecting how to aim the camera with what background, and imagining where one would want to be in that. So the self-timer changes nothing.

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AbrasiveReducer: Get a Gitzo, a good ball head and an Arca or RRS release. Costs a lot, but they last a lifetime and unlike cameras, don't become obsolete after a couple years.

Yes, the front fan. You know there are multiple fans in a turbine engine and any where the fuel is ignited are made of titanium.

Ti edges of a carbon fibre fan could be for impact resistance with small 'stuff'.

All I wrote is correct.

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On article Manfrotto announces carbon fiber BeFree tripod (111 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: Get a Gitzo, a good ball head and an Arca or RRS release. Costs a lot, but they last a lifetime and unlike cameras, don't become obsolete after a couple years.

Titanium is used for heat resistance in turbines. You can't use epoxy there...

Otherwise carbon fibre is far superior. Titanium is not a wonder material, it's not very resistant to scratching, nor all that strong (in weight and strength it lies between steel and aluminium and it's not really better than either, well depending on type of application, tube diameter etc. one or the other is preferable). Ti can handle bending well and deals well with vibrations. Which is why ti-bikes are very comfortable.

If you want really strong and light, ask for beryllium! (but it's toxic :)) Or the aluminium-beryllium alloy that a bike maker once considered. I guess cancelled because of the toxicity of beryllium.

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2255 comments in total)

There's a missing option in the part 'Gear in this story' which shows how many people own it / want it / had it.

But what about the number of people who "Do not want it"?

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Manfred Bachmann: again a new akku? slowly i think nikon needs a break!

Akku is not German slang, it is normal German and it means 'rechargeable battery". Just like in Dutch in German there are different words for non rechargeable battery (batterie) and rechargeable battery (akku).

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> as a legal alternative to image theft.

It's copyright infringement, not theft.

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