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Cameras: Kodak SLR/n x 2

Nikkors: 17-35 f/2.8 AFS,
28-70 f/2.8 AFS,
50mm f/1.4 AF-D
Sigma: 24mm f/2.8 (manual)
MF Lenses:
Carl Zeiss Biometar 120mm f/2.8 MC with P6 adapter
Mamiya Sekor 80mm f/1.9 with chipped adapter
Pentax 67 45mm f/4.0 on Mirex T/S adapter for Nikon

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  • Sure - its nearly finished. The Windows version is simpler, on Mac it is much more involved and I cannot promise anything soon there. Sometimes I wish Kodak would opensource this (even is under ...
  • Replied in Kodak colours
    Nop - that's a myth pursued by manufacturers. Early cameras had AF affected but I am not shooting sport so it does not matter to me. Linear is simpler, cheaper to make and more effective. Kodak ...
  • The driver is 32bit and xp style so it doesn't work on vista onwards
  • You mean the firewire driver actually works? It was not working for me at all so I am writing a new one...
  • Replied in Kodak colours
    I use matrix metering most of the time (and Tuscany one was made with manual so it gets ignored). In that mode, since SLR/n is F80 under the hood, I think it has a tendency to expose for shadows ...
  • May be. In SLR/n sensors there are multiple stickers on both sides of the board and the ones with serial usually have it in format IBnnnnnn (Imager Board if I had to guess)
  • Replied in Kodak colours
    Thanks for the kind words. The Tuscany one - ISO 6 (or 12 - can't recall now) on tripod, Nikkor 17-35 lens, Lee filters universal hood + 0.9 Lee graduated filter. The rest - handheld, Nikkor 28-70 ...
  • The cover in Nikons (SLR/n) is pretty good in this respect I have no trouble with overcast sky and the coating is as non reflective as it gets. For what it worth my telescope flocking material is ...
  • Never seen it this way - had opened 4 SLR/n and 14n as well, all use plain screws and no washers on top of the placed frame. I would understand washers below the frame between the camera to ...
  • Its not that crappy - all Nikons have it even modern ones. It reduced reflections much better than just a paint. The SLR sensor howevr is using statically charged circuitry to reduce blooming ...
  • No but if they claim Nikon support then they need Nikon F80 (N80 in US) and do not really need Kodak.
  • Not sure I still understand - the imager board frame is placed on the holes and screws inserted into the frame and tightened up. Having a washer under the screw does not make sense? Or are they ...
  • As I said the linearisation gains are there (in TEST.IF - Tag 2404 PatternCorrectionGains) but it is not a pixel map. Typical Proback will have about 700Kb of data there and the length varies. I ...
  • Massimo, as Iliah said you probably need 32bit version and since it is beta it only has 64bit. Runs fine on my mac (10.8.x).
  • Hi What washers would those be? My SLR/n does not have any and the imager board is held by 4 screws only. Regarding the frequent clean - I would not advise that. The screws holding the sensor will ...
  • Before you do anything, take both batteries out (camera one and button one for the clock). Also make sure you have antistatic mat to work on. For SLR/n: 4 screws on the sides (2 at each) and 4 ...
  • Thank you and Andrey for quick implementation of that! After a day of using RPP new Auto WB for Kodaks, I can say my raw development suddenly became a lot easier...
  • Nikon uses depth gauge (a kind of micrometer) to measure distance between mount and 4 points at the sensor plane. Can't say for SLR/c but on SLR/n it is made in such a way that its impossible.
  • For everyone who uses RPP with Kodak - with the efforts of Iliah and Andrey (and with a very small input from me) this beta version now understands Kodak white balance . The WB for your camera ...
  • Replied in Kodak colours
    That's why I use Kodak ;) I love film transparencies but in the last few years it became increasingly difficult to get hold of them. Kodak is now out, Fuji still remains but who knows for how long... ...
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