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  • Can you imagen what kind of horrors past through that lens? it gives me shivers.
    My Leica IIIa looks a bit better tho.. ;)

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    @Scottelly, It does improve workflow just a bit when putting it into a archive. But keep in mind that when you work properly, you can simply add the location and make it findable in any database....

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    Wouldn’t trade my D800 for a D4(s) because I think the D800 is just the best in Studio, landscape a no bursting mode photography- DSLR. The D810 with 9MP compression and 7fps DX mode make it a "ok"...

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    A CMOS sensor does not suffer from blooming, this is because it sends individual signals from the sensor to the processor instead of a combined signal as a CCD does.

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    hopefully they improved the grib as wel, the only thing I don't really like about my D800.

  • I'm not a fan from nowaday Nikon lenses, I think they feel to much like plas...oh wait, it is plastic. Anyway, as the old saying might be, the old lenses, like the D types preformed superior over...

  • Some bad graphic design here in the vid, Why use the same v -shape for the good an bad things? Anyway, for beginners this is a nice video go get there gear in good shape.

  • No, UV and Polarized filters do not improve quality. They are used to get different results. Light is a electromagnetic wave (radiation) and a photon (energy particles). Being a photon and passing...

  • Even the very best glass has to obey the laws of physics. Every lens element added will take away quality. But we can't live without. In some cases we want to get rid of lets say, chromatic...

  • Just get the lens that does the job YOUR WAY. the best lens is still useless if it doesn't get you the image. I like fast primes, but I also got a zoom with me just in case i'll be running all over...

  • Yeah, its a great feeling pushing the limits of my computer with a75mb raw file! But the MKIII kan fire twice the speed of a D800 so your hdd space will be gone in a blink anyway ;)

  • There have been a S1 for over a year now. It is a striped down version of the J2 with a 11-27 optic instead of the 10-30mm. This as the cheapest option and had 10mp just like the J2. Note: the s1...

  • Some people prefer smaller sensor because it has a bigger depth of field and this is a advantage in more journalistic type of work. But leaving 4k out is a no go this far into 2014..

  • Not in terms of ergonomics. Shooting video is different from shooting still due the movements you need to produces and reduce. A lot of people shooting mostly video will prefer these type of...

  • You think so? I think Sigma will lose a lot of profit if they dropped the Nikon mount. That among with the bad sales of m4/3 it might be a really bad choice to do so.

  • Commented on Nikon D5300 Review preview

    With a 140mm you probably have a aperture of 5.6, what might bring some problems in PD, they focus better with bigger apertures like 2.8. That being sad. CD will always work, because the mirror...

  • Ok, so this is just a 1100D with the also old 18mp sensor? They didn’t even bother to put in a new possessor.. This is just another way to get rid of their spare parts and to make some money on...

  • Because some people still prefer to adjust aperture by hand, and as a Leica user I prefer it to be on the lens rather than a dial. And yeah, it is retro looking!

  • raztec, guess you don't like the D800? even it has great dynamic range and great noise performance due there 36mp sensor. If you crop those images to, like say, 16mp? You’ll get image results close...

  • Commented on Canon EOS 70D Review preview

    Get yourself a new PC first, 4K video will be a pain in the ass to render at just a consumer level computer. To do this at a accepteble speed you'll need a PC dubbel the price of this camera, at...

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