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On article Real-world test: Nikon D750 at the Museum of Flight (281 comments in total)

Not sure what to think of this video. It's a hardsell for Nikon.

I would prefer a sober evaluation, e.g. by Thom Hogan ( and critical comparative image evaluation (e.g.

The video disappoints: 1920 x 1080. Perhaps next year Nikon will match the Panasonic GH4 (4096 x 2160 (24p), 3840 x 2160 (24p, 25p, 30p)).

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DP Review would do well to find new grades of photographic competence, the integrity of which cannot be imitated. Yes, so I went overseas, took some pics, gave my opinion to someone at a bus stop on a certain camera; now I'm ALSO an international traveler, street photographer and lecturer, and this is backed up by my links on Twitter/ Facebook.

The title of this 'essay' is misleading, and the pics are horrendous. Any integrity of this piece goes to the book he's reviewing, not himself. The subject of choice, purchase, cost and benefit is important, but must it come in this packaging?

I suspect this article will find its way into the same basket as 'Professional advice on Street Photography' because it's been on DPReview, and this is grossly insulting to the damn fine contributions made by other photographers in the field.

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stratplaya: Tomato, tomahto.

Tomato, Jomato

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Graphics Interchange Format is abbreviated to GIF, which is also an acronym.
The purpose of abbreviations and acronyms is, inter alia, to promote efficiency in referring to concepts, but the general rule is that the sound of the letters in said abbreviation goes back to the words compiling the concept.

As much as the world is grateful for the GIF file, it is not Wilhite's (pronounced Jones) place to redefine pronunciation. His Jif-pronunciation messes with the efficiency of the acronym.


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On article Canon launches PowerShot SX40 HS 35x CMOS superzoom (160 comments in total)

What is the actuation lifespan of this camera?

If anyone knows, please post this somewhere under a simple findable heading, e.g. "Actuation Benchmark SX40".
I'm referring to the sensor corrupting, and they do corrupt and the repair cost might outweigh the second-hand market value.

I'm still smarting from my Canon SX-10, for which I bought the lensmate attachment, the filter adaptor, extra lenses to fit onto the filter adaptor, multiple sets of batteries, dedicated camera bag and other extras, all worthless when the sensor corrupted after the 1 year warranty expired.

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On article Canon launches PowerShot SX40 HS 35x CMOS superzoom (160 comments in total)
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Lupti: 1080p24? The old SX1 IS had 1080p30. Geez, shove 24p up your ar*e, Canon. FZ150 offers 50/60p and you come up with 24p? Fail.


SX 1 - what happened to that angle - did Canon find it to good for the competitors and decided to wait for a more developed market?

SX 20 also has 12 MP, and takes penlight batteries.

It seems Canon brings out a good model and then releases micro changes to suit the market demand. E.g. Canon G10 - then G11 and G12, talk about going backwards.
Real competition is needed. Let's hope Sony can offer it.

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How many actuations before the sensor is corrupted? Higher sensor sensitivity increases the risk. The first manufacturer that offers a benchmark guarantee, e.g 20 000 actuations within a 36 month perion, wins my loyalty.

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