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  • I still use the 80-200mm 2.8 w/ my Nikons and the Kodak.  It is heavy but makes great images...and a bargain at today's prices.
  • Replied in Firmware 5.4.9
    I was replying directly to this thread, via a direct email link.  I only check DP Review news when I have time...which has not been lately.  I will not upgrade to LR 6 (LR cc) for a few months at ...
  • Replied in Firmware 5.4.9
    Have I "actually" looked at dpreview today?  No. Just working.
  • Replied in Firmware 5.4.9
    Good deal. I just downloaded it.  Question - you're referencing it working w/ Lightroom 6.  As far as I know, Adobe has only released LR 5.7.1 (my current version).  What am I missing?  Thanks
  • Replied in Firmware 5.4.9
    Tell me about 5.4.10.....
  • Replied in Firmware 5.4.9
    Thanks to both of you for the info.  Peter, for the slr/n, do you see any advantages to 5.4.9 over 5.4.6?  I know some have had a few issues in the past when they upgrade, so will leave well ...
  • Created questions Firmware 5.4.9
    I've had a copy of this beta firmware for some time but never saw the need to move beyond 5.4.6  Just wondering if anyone has been running it long-term and, if so, do they see any advantages over ...
  • One pre-selected focus point. The lens flair shown here really has nothing to do w/ autofocus.  It is the result of the Sigma's penchant for flair, as interpreted by the Kodak's sensor.
  • Agree...not a problem for me either. I've had 14nx and slr/n bodies.  No power saving was evident in my 14nx but not my slr/n's.  I'm referring to continued battery drain when the camera is turned ...
  • Replied in Bad Sensor
    Interesting idea....but then I'd have to pay someone to do that sensor work. Not sure I want to relegate such a pristine camera (other than the sensor) to a b&w only world ;-) Will ask for the ...
  • Replied in Bad Sensor
    Thanks all for the feedback. I suspected as much and will send it off to Midwest for sensor replacement. Is it worth it? Hmmm...I took some comparative shots yesterday...SLR/n, Nikon and Sony w/ ...
  • Replied in Bad Sensor
    I decided to go ahead w/ a purchase for a low, low, low cost.  Anyone have any leads in the U.S. for sensor replacement? Midwest will do it for $395 + fgt each way.  The camera only has 4,600 ...
  • Replied in Bad Sensor
    I've heard of that but never seen it.  Wondering how it happens? I'm still in the purchase approval stage so will have to decide if it is worth it... even at a vastly reduced price.
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    Anything is possible, I'm just not sure what kind of corrosion it would be.
  • Created questions Bad Sensor
    I was considering purchasing a back up SLR/n and found one that looked decent. Then I did some image tests....very dirty sensor. I cleaned it twice but this still what remained: https://www.dropbox ...
  • Created discussions Funky Lens Flair
    Kodak SLR/n w/ Sigma 15-30mm 3.5/4.5 EXDG (a lens known for this kind of thing) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0y7zm5g4c99fh75/Screenshot%202015-03-07%2009.05.11.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tju3j ...
  • Welcome. We're not many here but we're hardy ;-).  Know you will enjoy shooting w/ the Kodak.
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    Are you in the U.S.? If so, where was the Nikon repair center that fixed your Kodak?
  • Thanks for the info.  Doesn't sound good.  It was working fine today...hope it stays that way.
  • Only started yesterday....intermittently, the viewfinder gets dark after a shutter click and autofocus does not work. Similar to an ERR message, only w/ darkened viewfinder. Shutter will operate ...
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