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  • Replied in Oh...
    W-O-W ! Viewer tip: Be sure to click "Original Size" to see the moons clearly. To cool... Thanks for sharing. Cheers... M
  • Replied in Rain Maker
    By definition, 'brand fans' (your words) already know the score. So, how does your observation advance anything? Again, just curious... M
  • Replied in Rain Maker
    May I ask why you felt compelled to respond this way? Just curious... M
  • Agree. Your key word is "good" would you *not* agree? For me, this 'bout sums it up... http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/06/new-times-call-for-new-decisions.html Cheers... M
  • Replied in Huh...?
    Perhaps, Pentax photographers have more "daring do...", are more passionate about photography (per se) and are willing to take on the challenge offered by the most difficult subjects. If they used ...
  • Replied in Face Palm
    Help me understand... The title of this thread (your words) suggests Pentax is selling a flawed product. Your proof is a string of bad experiences you are having using an unsupported lens paired ...
  • "... might be considered below average..." as determined by your measurements are your words, *not* mine. If "You're starting to confirm the lens fault suspicion..." (my wods) is *not* a fair ...
  • I'm looking forward to hearing more, too... In the meantime, what's the 'work around'? Cheers... M
  • Thank you... You're starting to confirm the lens fault suspicion I raised earlier. Perhaps Sigma may have cut corners in areas other than screw drive design, too. Originally, their mechanical ...
  • Again... when you respond this way, it tends to suggest that my point may be valid. I just asked a simple question. Your responses seem so over the top defensive... and for no real reason. OK... so ...
  • Wow... that ol' baby's been around the block a few times (and a zoom to boot)... eh? A serious accusation... Outside of church, belief is not proof. Perhaps you may wish to rephrase? Again, sure ...
  • May I ask why you feel Pentax owns the problem solution and not Sigma? Since when does Pentax have an obligation to support third party produced accessories/lenses like Sigma? Could it be that the ...
  • The Nevada/California State line runs through the Men's room. One can stand in one state and pee into the other. A carefully composed image could become iconic... https://ssl.panoramio.com/photo/91 ...
  • Replied in Not fair !
    Warning... :-x Your photographs are only successful because you have talent and know how to make use of it. For others, like me, there's no hope... ;-) Cheers... M
  • Try this in LR (should take less than 10 seconds)... 1. Open the DNG file in the DEVELOP module. 2. Open the DETAIL dialog box and go to the Noise Reduction set of sliders. 3. Press the "Alt" key ...
  • ...devastated and victimized. Thank you for the clarification as your first description totally escaped me. So, help me understand... You, being the consummate professional... May I ask why you ...
  • Thanks for sharing. On my monitor, the basket weave of the lamp shade appears 'crisper (?)' as does the overall image with the Pix Shift version. Both images look pretty good. Guess the ol' K-3 ...
  • http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/55855177 Cheers... M
  • Replied in Follow-up...
    So, you have a K-3 II? Was the link more reliable? Just curious... M
  • Created discussions K-3 II Manual Available...
    ... via the Mother Ship. http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/english/support/man-pdf/k-3-2.pdf Cheers... M
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