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  • Replied in Appears...
    ... washed out and OOF to me. Really needs serious PP work to give it some punch, if it's even possible. Why could it *not* be more like a Pentax ;-) BTW: Here's an experienced Olympus OM-D user ...
  • How do you plan to use the flash, in what type of settings and to what effect? In family settings, I've found this works well as a pop-up flash diffuser... http://www.amazon.com/Gary-Fong-Diffuser- ...
  • Replied in Woks for me...
    Try following the instructions provided. Cheers... M
  • Replied in Nikon 43-86/3.5
    FWIW: Ken Rockwell identifies the original Nikon 43-86/3.5 (1963-76) as the #1 *Worst* lens Nikon ever made. The second version (1975-83) seems OK. http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/10-worst.htm Als ...
  • Replied in K-3 vs D7100
    Unless you do not know it already, replace the obvious and check out... http://www(dot)pentaxforums.com/forums/76-non-pentax-cameras-canon-nikon-etc/289892-nikon-d7200.html Cheers...M
  • Pentax S1a (1962)-->K100D-->K20D-->K-7-->K-3/Q7 (born, again, with each new iteration) ;-) Cheers... M
  • Replied in Flash fault
    So... you're willing to buy a K-S2 at the going rate, plus the (say) 25-45% loss on the amount you paid for the K-3, when the repaired K-3 is a superior camera in every way? Sounds like a plan, but ...
  • Replied in Flash fault
    "New car...?" I must have missed that in the OP's commentary. Anyway, as I understand things, the OP is considering selling the camera after it is fixed. This means the camera will be working just ...
  • Replied in Flash fault
    May I ask why you would sell a fixed camera in perfectly good working order when you could be using it to improve your eye for interesting subjects and personal skill level? Am I missing something, ...
  • Replied in Go...
    ... for it ! It's never too late to ink-up... M
  • Replied in Do the Work !
    No... You have too much time on your hands which is leading you to overthink things. Use what you have. Photography is work... DO IT ! Cheers... M
  • OK... but personnel in a service center have the tools and knowledge base needed to build workarounds for an "Uh-oh". Are you absolutely sure the proposed fix is 100% risk free *and* you can ...
  • Only if you lack imagination. Just sayin'... M
  • Yeah... right... click, then BRICK ! No thank you... M
  • One more time... May I ask why you might risk voiding your camera warranty by using a procedure that may not work? Just curious... M
  • Why run the risk of voiding your camera's warranty by using this procedure when it may not work for you? Just curious... M
  • May I ask why you are so quick to blame the K-3, then risk voiding your camera warranty over what may be a problem in the way you employed the camera's AF adjustment procedure? Just curious... M
  • ...love it ! My 55 inch accepts an SD card with images, you can program it to read the HD on your computer via wi-fi, picture is crystal clear and beyond dazzling (almost 3-D), TV sound is so-so ...
  • @57even... Can't speak to Oly, or Sony IBIS issues, but for the third (Pentax) what you claim is just nonsense.

  • Replied in Perhaps KS-2
    +1 IMHO, as suggested, above... http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/55325082 Cheers... M
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