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  • So, what's your point of doing this...? What's it for....?  How can I use the 'lesson learned' to make images that add life/atmosphere to images in ways that change the viewer? Just curious... M
  • Replied in Being Helpful
    Glad to hear you want to help improve your friend's photos. Is your friend's monitor calibrated? I would like to help my Nikon shooting friends that are struggling with their images, too. May I ask ...
  • Replied in Crisper, but...
    ... lifeless , some might venture to observe. Cheers... M
  • Replied in Cheated ?
    On occasion when a price has dropped significantly within a 30 day window after a purchase, I've made a polite request for a refund on the difference. I've NEVER been refused and the refund is ...
  • How do you think the 55-300 price got to $266 (etc.) in the first place (in Oct 2013 it listed at $500)? See... http://www.dpreview.com/products/pentax/lenses?subcategoryId=lenses Could it be that ...
  • ... in the US, during 'olden times,' pioneers were the ones with arrows in their back. ;-) Thanks for taking a few for the rest of us. :-D Cheers... M
  • May I ask "Why did you go with a K-3 and *not* K-3 II?" Just curious... M
  • Replied in Oh, no...
    ... Pentax is spelled backwards... deal breaker ;-) Looking forward to your take on 'the critter.' Cheers... M
  • Replied in IMHO...
    If you do the deal, your friend will get a great lens. Cheers... M
  • Replied in Really...?
    I fully understand your take. In the past, I've always looked forward to your work and have been inspired by the willingness to share fresh and spiritually uplifting images. Guess I'm ...
  • Replied in Really...?
    No cropping of these, at all? Given the many great photographs you've posted in the past, why should one not assume that you could easily match, or improve on these using your Pentax gear? In fact, ...
  • ...at 40 feet, you could have done just as well with the Pentax DA*300+1.4TC, or even the DA*200 +1.4TC ? Cheers... M
  • You'll be back ! :-D Just sayin'... M
  • Replied in Unfair...
    ... you know what you're doing ! ;-) Enjoy the season... M
  • Replied in Huelight... ?
    While its possible to create your own, these 'ready made' seem to work well and they don't break the bank. http://www.colorfidelity.com/pentax.htm Cheesrs... M
  • Per your usual... great photographs! Any examples that included pairing the lens with the HD 1.4TC ? If not... OK. Its time will come. Your generous sharing of time/energy/observations/etc are ...
  • Replied in Then why... ?
    Does this observation apply to you, as well? Can we consider the impact of your 'respond in kind...'? Does it enlighten, or does it just stir a witches brew of darkness/confusion/resentment? Where ...
  • Something's happening here... http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/190-pentax-k-1/317964-will-autofocus-work-between-k-1-my-sigma-70-200mm-f-2-8-ex-dg-hsm-ii-macro.html#post3592620 All it takes is ...
  • Replied in Then why... ?
    OK... May I ask why you insist on acting like one? Assuming the point of your original post is correct and you've demonstrated greater knowledge, is there a need to do anything other than let your ...
  • ...it seems, Pentax works hard to optimize its branded body to branded lens pairings. There's no obligation for them to do the same with off-brand lenses/accessories from Samyang, Sigma, Tamron, ...
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