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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1254 comments in total)
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EcoR1: Umm, many other sites report that you can actually record 5K video in super35mm-crop-mode and with full pixel readout. This sh*t is just getting beter...

It's 5K internally downscaled to 4K, is how I'm understanding it.

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On Fujifilm announces X-A2 with selfie-friendly LCD article (132 comments in total)

"Finally the Fuji camera I've been waiting for!" - nobody anywhere

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zigi_S: To all you sony fanboys out there. SLT isn't the same tech as on sensor pdaf. SLT still has a mirror! And it's nothing new. The SLT concept is old and only a desperate manufacturer like SONY would try to market it like inovation. It will be funny when mew canon M models will AF much better than the NEX system. Where will be the new tech from sony then? Sony's on sensor PDAF is inferior to CANON's. It loses light!

This is what a fanboy looks like, kids. Don't feed the trolls.

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drummercam: Pop pop pop, K-01, K-30, X-5. Clearly Pentax is on the move.

That's for sure. Trouble is, they appear to be moving right out of the market. I don't "get" Pentax.

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If you think that the Oly 12-35 f/2 should weigh and cost the same as a full frame 24-70 f/4 because the depth of field is the same, you don't even deserve to own a camera.

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Chaitanya S: I don't mind those cables as long as they don't come in the way of lens and sensor. this great news for many macro shooter as they can use their canon macro lenses to achieve higher magnification ratios with their canon macro lenses.

You should. They're at risk of damage when exposed like that. I hope that these aren't the final product, although it seems odd to take press photos of a product with its internal wires showing.

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Louis_Dobson: If I hadn't seen what other people were getting out of this lens, I'd not buy it.

I stand by my original point(s) - one of the standard MFT complaints is that the DoF is not shallow enough, yet here we have 75 f1.8, 150 f3.6 equivalent as people are quick to point out, causing endless trouble because of 'he difficulty of using it.

And I still don't understand why a lens test sample gallery has high ISO shots in - that's like a camera test sample gallery with a soft focus filter on.

But I'm sure everyone takes portraits at ISO 1600 and 1/4000s!

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Louis_Dobson: Silly me. I was just wondering why Samyang were wasting their time making lenses for a dead system that has no lenses when the penny dropped...

You're pretty much proving my point. Adapted manual lenses is a perfectly fine thing to do, but you're not buying into the E system at that point. You're just buying a camera body which happens to be a very good platform for manual lenses as long as you don't need stabilization. I'm not discounting the video shooters or the Leica glass shooters at all; in fact they're kinda central to what I said.

The camera bodies are hot sellers, but the E system as a whole is not. (Although I'll openly admit that the Zeiss 24mm sales are way higher than I expected.) Maybe that will change in a year or two.

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Jim Evidon: What do they consider high ISO. I have used my Panny 20mm on my OM-D E-M5 and haven't seen a problem. At what ISO and up does the banding occur?

Apparently the banding sets in at ISO 6400. You have to be fairly desperate to drive an f/1.7 lens at ISO 6400 I think, but there you go.

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Louis_Dobson: Silly me. I was just wondering why Samyang were wasting their time making lenses for a dead system that has no lenses when the penny dropped...

Fastest growing system? No. Fastest selling system camera, maybe. But the rest of the *system* is niche. Which is fair, I suppose... the common tale is that very few people ever buy lenses other than the kit zoom, and the NEX is a great kit zoom auto setting camera. Just look elsewhere if you want a good camera system.

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Guidenet: I think it's a good looking camera with some good specs. I could care less about the goofy features and syles, modes or whatever you want to call them.

What I like is that it has a real optical glass pentaprism viewfinder that neither NIkon nor Canon has in this price range along with a 100% viewfinder. Look also that like Nkon, the back LCD panel is directly below the optical viewfinder. I wish it were dead center, but this is close enough, unlike Canon which mashes it way over to the left.

It has a real metal frame under the plastic more like Nikon than Canon's all plastic models. The only thing missing is the top mounted LCD. The K5 has that though or the Nikon D7000. Great two cameras.

Weather stripping I think is a bit gimmicky but it sells cameras these days, so I suppose that is a good thing.

In closing, I think Pentax hit a home run with this camera. Kudos to Pentax again. Great job addressing the needs of more seasoned photographers in a budget priced model.

I think you've mixed up the words "idiomatic" and "idiotic". Understandable mistake.

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breth: Looks wonderful - too bad no pano mode, though. This is supposed to be a hiker's dream, right?
Well done Pentax.

He's right. Where's the GPS and integrated flare-gun? What a disappointment.

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emircruz: LOL. poor lens. how did a simple preview turned out to be a big debate/lecture on our favorite topic: equivalence.

on a more on-topic note: im curious how this lens would perform against the 4/3 14-54 2.8-3.5 mk2. both are weather-sealed and are cdaf optimized. its slower on the long end but its significantly longer. it's bigger and requires and adapter but its also almost half the price.

regardless, its a great day for m43! and that e-m5/12-35 looks sexxxxy!

As one data point, at 35mm the old 14-54 is at f/3.1. Not constant, but you're only down a third of a stop. I like my 14-54 a lot...

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I'm a big fan of micro four thirds in all its forms and have a substantial investment in both Pansonic and Olympus equipment. I say that just to clarify that I am coming from the friendliest possible place when I say: meeeehhhh. This is just a minor refresh of the GF3 and changes absolutely nothing about anything.

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