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On IMGP8409-2 sm photo in klavrack's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Autumn colors along U.S. 41, Baraga, Michigan

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On Pentax K-3 preview (959 comments in total)


You refer to the AF speed on the previewed body. What lens and firmware version did that have?

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jl_smith: Looks like a nice camera but 10 bucks says it still has sub-par AF. Those thinking this would replace a D300 or 7D for AF -intensive shooting might want to reconsider.

I just have to wonder about folks who judge the K-3 wonderful or terrible, based on no info whatsoever. I'm sure tests of this feature will occur soon. Word is that the DPR preview was of a pre-production model w/o final firmware. They claim great AF, and we will know for certain soon enough. Hopefully it will be, for the sake of Pentaxians and for the competitive pressure it'll put on the big boys.

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mpgxsvcd: Does this camera do AFC during video? Is the 4K video mode what everyone was calling the RAW mode?

AF yes, haven't heard yet about the other.

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mosc: There are definitely some guys at Canon and Nikon that just pulled out some hair reading this pricing announcement! Not only does it hit their lens business but it puts the entire FF sensor format on notice.

Harold--agreed that there are other FF advantages. However, having something equivalent to a FF 2.8 zoom helps to equalize one big APS-C disadvantage. The newer APS-C sensors are also pretty good with high ISO and improved DR, as well. I'm personally picturing one of these on a $499 Pentax K30 IBIS body for a really capable non-pro kit.

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Well it's understandably heavy, but I can slap it on my Pentax, get IS and focus peaking and go a long way towards eliminating my FF envy. Thanks, Sigma!

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Preview preview (347 comments in total)

Given this review's hope for a sub-$1200 price, today's news of $799 must have caused premature ejac. The announcement is especially welcome in Pentax Land, where we can put it on an affordable K-30 body and enjoy focus peaking and IBIS. It goes a long way towards easing my FF envy. Very nice!

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rgarijo: Sigma has just revived APS-C market. I am sure there is a grat party going on right now in Pentax headquarters.

Yep. I'm already thinking of getting one to replace my 17-50/2.8 for my K-5.

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arpikusz: Is it just me, or are the K-30 the K-50 and the K-500 essentially the same camera? :-/

Pentax says as much--if you don't need WR, the K-500 lets you get the package w/o paying for what you don't want.

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role_of_72: Apart from the AA battery thing this is what I call value for money!
Now let's see some good lens to come, Pentax ;)

Using AA's is an option. It comes standard with the LI109.

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Given the need for Pentax to build brand awareness, the optional colors seem smart...they would distinguish the P's from the C's and N's.

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thomas2279f: Looks like good cameras; dig the colors, good resolution at 16mp, competitively price and some good lenses.

Only wish was that they included 1 D-LI109 battery with the camera and you may need quite few sets of 4xAA batteries and higher capacity ones to have decent battery life and the battery compartment could get a tad warm as well.

It does. The AA configuration is what's optional.

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Seems like a good move. However, if I wanted one and already had lenses, I'd pick up a K-30 at B&H for $499 while they last.

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Barry Fitzgerald: Pentax show they can put out well crafted photographer geared (dual dials, 100% prism VF), great bang per buck bodies. Sadly they insist on huge price increases on their lens range pretty much wiping out any interest most buyers might have.

Ricoh are doing exactly the same as Hoya did, price gouging on lenses. It really hurts Pentax and their potential.

In the US, many of us have found that some large online retailers can quote lower lens prices over the phone. Case in point, a 15mm Limited lens is $100/20% higher online everywhere than what I was quoted this afternoon on the phone by Adorama. Whether that brings prices into buyers' wanted range is up to the individual.

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The Davinator: Earth to Pentax....no more entry level cameras. Good lord, you've got more entry level cameras then Klinger has dresses.

Still a pretty big market for those, and these models look pretty good next to their emasculated Canikon peers. Perhaps it helps not to have a corporation hobbling its affordable models in order to drive buyers into a FF market that may be best for some, but not for others. Whether lack of brand recognition keeps customers away is another issue.

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CameraLabTester: In trying to be "different" from the rest of the homogeneous running field, Pentax has strayed into Pikachu territory, thereby risking it's chances of even being in healthy competition with the rest of the pack...


You can skip the colors and just enjoy the fact that you have an entry-price camera with WR, focus peaking, pentaprism, dual wheels (LOVE TaV), great ISO performance and IBIS. Or you can skip the WR and get all those features for even less. From a marketing standpoint, the biggest drawback I see is that they undercut the K-5ii models. Hopefully Pentax has plans to address that.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 12, 2013 at 22:34 UTC

BTW, unless I missed it, this story doesn't mention that both models have focus peaking, which, together with IBIS and green button metering, makes macro shooting and use of old manual focus lenses very nice. I picked up a cheap K-01 with focus peaking awhile back and love it with a classic Vivitar 105mm Series II macro lens.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 12, 2013 at 22:27 UTC as 53rd comment | 1 reply

Not sure I'd buy into the Pentax system from scratch, but these have enough great features for their price that they should keep up the pressure on the big boys. Glad to see it!

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On Just posted: Our Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens review article (81 comments in total)
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monkeybrain: I wonder if Canon will produce any more pancake primes? It is probably possible to do more focal lengths, but then they might start stepping on the toes of the EOS M line (and we all know Canon likes to, often artificially, differentiate between its models a lot).

Pentax managed a pretty tiny 70mm prime, as well as others at 15mm and 21mm. While their 40mm is smallest, the others are close. Not for everyone, certainly, but great for certain uses. Hopefully Canon will develop others.

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On Preview:ricoh-gr (293 comments in total)

We use the TaV mode quite a bit on our Pentax. Good feature to include.

Posted on Apr 17, 2013 at 18:58 UTC as 68th comment
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