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On Nikon D750 Review preview (358 comments in total)

This is a gearheads gathering place. You can put out any, really, any camera you want, but if it doesn't have at least a GAZILLION megapixels, and UMPTEENTH stops of DR, and a FEMTOsecond top shutter speed, etc, people here will always complain because they can't possibly take proper images of their cat, or of their lensalign ruler. Infact, how could they live with such an inferior camera? Bottom line, most gearheads here wil ALWAYS see only the empty part of the glass, even when the glass is >90% full.
Just give up already...

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Ma porco dio...

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Let me see if I got this right: If I were to win this contest, Phase One would give me a one month loan on a medium format system, which I'd have to provide the insurance for and the shipping back to them. And even if I liked the camera after trying it, I still wouldn't be able to afford one, nor would I get a discount from Phase One if I actually could afford it.

This has got to be the MOST STUPID PRIZE ever in a photographic contest.

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On Manfrotto announces carbon fiber BeFree tripod article (110 comments in total)

So... the competition has travel tripods that are better built, lighter, with greater load capacity, shorter when folded, and they cost half the money. Manfrotto is not the company it used to be... And it pains me to say that, because I'm Italian and Manfrotto is Italian... Their low-end products are crap, their high end products are way overpriced... Pity. It was different 10 years ago.

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So far we've had:
18-55 with vr
18-55 collapsible edition
18-200 first edition
18-200 second edition
18-300 first edition

And now nikon gives us the new 18-300! Wow! Lighter! Slower! How can we have lived until today without yet another slow 18-whatever zoom?

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Thanks... I'll keep using my D600 and my Zeiss ZF.2 lenses for photography...

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